cyclic climatic situation n.
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Cyclic Climatic Situation PowerPoint Presentation
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Cyclic Climatic Situation

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Cyclic Climatic Situation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cyclic Climatic Situation. Members: Nicole Acosta Valeria Condorchua Luciana Cenzano Steffano Oneto Sergio Majluf GianCarlo Mendoza Julio Solimano. Topics. Changes in temperature. Carbon dioxide in the planet. Global Warming: - Melting of the poles

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Cyclic Climatic Situation

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cyclic climatic situation

Cyclic Climatic Situation


Nicole Acosta

Valeria Condorchua

Luciana Cenzano


Sergio Majluf

GianCarlo Mendoza

Julio Solimano

  • Changes in temperature.
  • Carbon dioxide in the planet.
  • Global Warming:

- Melting of the poles

- Green House effect

The new ice age

Comparation of theold and the new world.

The other theory

why the temperature c hange
Why the temperature change ?

It change because the climate is a cycle that happened every time and it changed long time ago and it is going to happen again.

the contribution of the earth
The contribution of the Earth ..
  • A long time ago in the Earth there were months and now we have twelve months, it is because the earth is spinning faster every year. And the earth is getting warmer. IT HELPS THE GREEN HOUSE EFFECT…

Some theories said that the planet is going to get smaller and smaller, also more hot and it will produce a explosion like the big bang. The particles are going to join a form a new planet.

carbon dioxide
Carbon Dioxide

The temperature increase because of the Carbon Dioxide of volcanoes, natural forestal fires.

Other theory said that about 2.5oo million years ago, there was more CO2 than oxygen, so the atmosphere started to spoil because the CO2 brought a lot of heat. So, this theory proved that the atmosphere was spoiled before the humans started to contaminate [the people of today ALSO help to persist on the Atmosphere contamination]

global warming1
Global Warming
  • As we all know the Global warming is a serious problem that is affecting you, me ALL of us.
  • Some people say that its is ALL caused by the Humans, but ITS IS NOT, its is also caused by the naturals effects of animals.
melting poles
Melting Poles .

The poles are melting by the sun effect [green house effect].

While they are melting the sea level increase and it warm the continents to be cover by the sea .

They provocate pain of the animals… because it destroy the animal’s enviroment .

green house effect
Green House effect
  • Its caused by the destruction of the ozone layer by the carbon dioxide that come from animals, volcanos and in a little part from the humans.
  • When the sun rays come to the earth, they stay in the here because the gases keep the ultraviolet rays in earth.
the new ice age
The new ice age.
  • The world, in reaction of the Heat envolving the world, is forming a brand new ice age.
  • Within 30 or 40 years it could begin what it is known like a small ice age of the century XXI, noticed
  • 2015 will be known what so intense could be the next frozen period, when delay lowers the solar .
Comparation ..
  • The Old World : Before, the planet had a big volume of CO2 because there was not ozone layer, but when the plants appeared it regulated because they give the necessary oxygen for live.
  • The new world: Now, ozone layer is semi-destroy and the climate is passing in a series of changes.
the other theory
The other theory
  • The other posibility is that the Earth will get hot and will be totally dry.
  • This theory supposely be like the Climate Change, that happened Millions of year ago [one part of the world would be totally covered by Ice and the other one totally covered by Sand and Heat]