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Cochrane Library and other Evidence Based Medicine Reviews PowerPoint Presentation
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Cochrane Library and other Evidence Based Medicine Reviews

Cochrane Library and other Evidence Based Medicine Reviews

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Cochrane Library and other Evidence Based Medicine Reviews

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  1. Cochrane Library and other Evidence Based Medicine Reviews January 2012 Michelle Leblanc, M.Bibl., Health Sciences Library

  2. Presentationoutline • EBM Reviews contents • Ovid Databases menu • Whatis Cochrane Collaboration • Whatis Cochrane Database of SystematicReviews (CR) • Whatis a systematicreview • Whatis « Database of Reviews of Effects » • Accessing EBM Reviews • Remoteaccess

  3. Presentationoutline - continued • Understand what is in each section of EBM Reviews • Ovid databases Help • Simple search • Full text review • Cochrane Review in pdf format • Search history • Searching with MeSH

  4. Presentationoutline - continued • Sections of CL indexedwithMeSH • Re-execute search in another section of EBMR • Choose another section: DARE • Results, DARE • Full text review in its original source • Exportingreferences to RefWorks • Manage your references • Save a searchstrategy on EBM Reviews

  5. Presentationoutline - end • Can I send a Cochrane Review by email? • SearchHints • Definitions and methodology • CLUG discussion list • Canadian Cochrane Network • Contact us

  6. EBMR or EvidenceBasedMedicineReviews contents: Cochrane Library, a set of evidence based databases put together by a group called Cochrane Collaboration : • Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews • Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects • Cochrane Central Register of ControlledTrials • Cochrane Methodology Studies • Technology Assessment • NHS Economic Evaluations

  7. EBMR or EvidenceBasedMedicineReviews contents - continued: In addition to the databases on the previousslide: • ACP Journal Club, whichincludes 2 journalscontainingarticle reviews: • ACP Journal Club (publication of the American College of Physicians) • Evidence-Based Medicine (joint publication conjointe of the American College of Physicians and the British Medical Journal Group)

  8. Ovid Database Menu

  9. Cochrane Collaboration “…is an international network of (…) people from over 100 countries(…)that work together to help health care providers, policy-makers, patients, their advocates and carers, make well-informed decisions about health care, based on the best available research evidence, by preparing, updating and promoting the accessibility of Cochrane Reviews – over 4,600 so far, published online in The Cochrane Library.”

  10. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR) • “The CDSR includes all Cochrane Reviews (and protocols) prepared by Cochrane Review Groups in The Cochrane Collaboration. Each Cochrane Review is a peer-reviewed systematic review that has been prepared and supervised by a Cochrane Review Group (editorial team) in The Cochrane Collaboration.” • It is the most famous part of the Cochrane Library.

  11. Systematic Reviews • Identify all relevant published and unpublished evidence • Select studies or reports for inclusion • Assess the quality of each study or report • Synthetize the findings from individual studies or reports • in an unbiasedway • Interpret the findings and present a balanced • Provide an impartial summary of the findings with due consideration of any flaws in the evidence.

  12. Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects (DARE) • Provides structured abstracts of systematic reviews (no full text) • These reviews are produced worldwide and published in various scholarly journals • They are evaluated according to high criteria of the UK National Health Service Center for Reviews and Dissemination

  13. Accessing EBM Reviews: many ways • Visit our library webpage – Key resources. • A-Z list of databases, C, Cochrane E, EBMR Reviews… • HealthsubjectsResearch guides, (Nursing, rehabilitation), Find articles, relevant databases

  14. Remoteaccess • User name=jsmit045 (student James Smith, email • Password=yymmjjxxwhere • yy=last 2 digits of youryear of birth • mm=month of birth (ex., April=04) • dd=date of birth (ex. 6th = 06) • xx=last 2 digits of yours.i.n. (ex. 463 834 255)

  15. Remoteaccess: authenticationscreen

  16. Understandwhatis in each section of EBM Reviews Cliquer Sytematicreviews on health interventions and theireffects Controlled trials reviews Cliquer References to articles reporting on clinical trials –original communications For the descriptions of other sections, click on i

  17. Ovid database help: EBMR (Evidence Based Medicine Reviews) component descriptions

  18. Online help on EBM Reviews Pointer sur

  19. Simple search By default in titles, abstracts and keywords

  20. Results-ti,ot,ab,tx,kw,ct,sh,hw The searchwasrun on severalfieldsincluding full text (tx) soitis not veryspecific

  21. Results, selection of searchfields - ti,hw,kf,sh

  22. Results, ti only Here the 2 termswereretrievedonly in the titles.

  23. Limits : Filter by Limit in time Limit to a specific EBM Reviews section

  24. Results : limit to CDSR Click for full text

  25. Full textreview html pdf

  26. Cochrane Review in pdf format Cliquer sur les icônes pour imprimer ou sauvegarder

  27. Searchhistory • You can combine sets by checking the boxes thenclicking on the desiredoperator

  28. SearchingwithMeSH • One can use MeSH to search EBM Reviews • To better target the subject • To decrease the number of hits

  29. WhatisindexedwithMeSH in EBM Reviews

  30. Re-execute your search in another section of EBM Reviews Resources thatweresearched for the currentsearch Click to change resource

  31. Chooseanotherresource Choose the resource by clicking in the box Click the Select /Runbutton to run the search

  32. Results, searching DARE Only one reference

  33. Full textreview in its original source

  34. Export references Choose one or severalreferencesthen click Export Choisir les références et/ou cliquer sur l’option désirée Makeyourchoices and click on Export

  35. Exporting - continued Connect to RefWorks or createyouraccount

  36. Exporting - continued Click and yourreferenceswillbedisplayed in the«Last Imported » folder

  37. Manage yourreferences 1. Create a new folder and nameit 2. Choose one, several or all references 3. Add in the choosenfolder N.B.for more information on RefWorksfunctions, click on Help and consult the tutorials.

  38. Reference to a CDSR review(as seen in RefWorks)

  39. Save a searchstrategy on EBM Reviews Cliquer

  40. Save the search Name the search, addcomments if desired, choose the type of savedsearch, and click on Save.

  41. Can I email a Cochrane Review ? 2 ways: Email Jumpstart: link to this page, including the pdf link Email article text: only the text, without the links. YES!

  42. Searchhints: find 2 termstogether • Prematurelabor : willretrieve exact phrase « prematurelabor »

  43. Searchhints: truncation • Nurs* orNurs$willretrieve Nurse, nurses, nursing, nursery… • Disorder* or Disorder$willretrieveDisorder or disorders, disordered… • The 2 truncationsymbols, $ and *, are the same

  44. Searchhints: MeSH • Do not use MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) routineley, since not all the documents are indexed with these terms.

  45. Search in CDSR and DARE: no MeSH field!

  46. Key Word search in CDSR and DARE

  47. Reference to a CDSR with MeSHon EBMR Note that the kw actually are MeSH

  48. Reference to the same review on Medline However not all the MeSHare kw.

  49. Search hints - continued • All issues - quarterly - of EBM Reviews arecumulative. You can limit the search to new documents (New Reviews), updated documents (Recently Updated Reviews).

  50. Definitions and methodology Canadian Cochrane Centre Resources