unit 3 review colonization to royal government n.
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Unit 3 -- Review Colonization to Royal Government PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 3 -- Review Colonization to Royal Government

Unit 3 -- Review Colonization to Royal Government

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Unit 3 -- Review Colonization to Royal Government

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  1. Unit 3 -- Review Colonization to Royal Government


  3. Why did Hernando de Soto explore much of Georgia in 1540? Rumors of large gold deposits

  4. Why was de Soto’s expedition considered a failure? De Soto did not find any gold or riches.

  5. How did de Soto’s march through Georgia change the lives and culture of Native Americans? The expedition resulted in the death of thousands of Native Americans from violence and disease.

  6. The main purpose of the Spanish mission in the barrier islands was to Convert the Indians to Catholicism.


  8. Which countries were major colonizers of North America? France Great Britain Spain

  9. The first permanent British settlement in the New World was built at Jamestown, Virginia

  10. The first permanent Spanish settlement in the New World was established at St. Augustine, Florida

  11. What was the name of the first British fort constructed in Georgia? Fort King George Darien, Georgia

  12. During the early 1700’s, the French, Spanish, and British had several conflicts in the territory that would eventually become Georgia. Why were these three countries interested in this region? All three countries had an interest in expanding; France’s trade from the west, Spain’s mission systems from the south and Great Britain’s trade networks from the north.

  13. One of the reasons given for the colonization of Georgia was to serve as a buffer colony. This meant that Georgia was a military protective zone between English and Spanish settlements.

  14. Why did James Oglethorpe suggest forming a colony for the poor? Oglethorpe was angry when his friend died and he felt that debtors should not have to go to jail.

  15. What items did Oglethorpe promise to send back to Great Britain from the new colony of Georgia? semi-tropical fruit, spices, indigo, silk

  16. Which term BEST describes the kind of people Oglethorpe and his associates wanted to bring to Georgia?  poor but worthy

  17. The Latin motto of the trustees, Non Sibi Sed Allis, meant “Not for themselves but for others.” What does this mean? The trustees established Georgia for the purpose of helping the poor, not for the purpose of making themselves rich.

  18. Describe the provisions of Georgia’s charter 1) gave the king of England control of the colony 2) prohibited Catholics from becoming colonists 3) banned liquor in the colony.

  19. When did King George II grant Oglethorpe and his group a charter for the colony of Georgia? 1732

  20. According to the Georgia’s charter, what religious group was not allowed to settle in Georgia? Catholics

  21. According to Georgia’s charter which group of people was forbidden to enter Georgia? Blacks

  22. What policy did the king make to ensure that the trustees did not take personal advantage of their position? The trustees could not hold office.

  23. What ship brought Oglethorpe and the first colonists to Charleston, then Savannah, during the winter of 1733? Ann

  24. Those who were selected to settle the colony of Georgia were required to grow which tree on a portion of their land? use a portion of their land to grow mulberry trees.

  25. What Indians were led by Tomochichi? Yamacraw

  26. Who served as the interpreter between the Indians and Oglethorpe? Mary Musgrove

  27. Tomochichi allowed James Oglethorpe to settle on Yamacraw Bluff overlooking which river? Savannah River

  28. Describe Oglethorpe’s plan for the establishment of Savannah city planned around open squares

  29. How was Tomochichi significant to the development of early Georgia? Mediator between the colonists and the Yamacraw

  30. Why was James Oglethorpe important to the colony of Georgia? He led the initiative to get the Charter to start the colony.

  31. Why did German Salzburgers come to Georgia? to escape religious persecution

  32. Which country posed the greatest threat to the Georgia colony? Spanish soldiersin Florida

  33. Who were the malcontents of the early Georgia colony? people who were unhappy and constantly complaining about the policies of the trustees

  34. What was the importance of the Battle of Bloody Marsh? It was the beginning of a safe southern frontier for the British.

  35. What group came to the aid of James Oglethorpe in the Battle of Bloody Marsh? Highland Scots 

  36. What group was greatly opposed to trustee laws banning rum, slavery, and land purchases? Malcontents

  37. What impact did the departure of Oglethorpe to England have on the Georgia colony? Great impact; under the new leader most of the restrictive laws were changed.

  38. In 1752, Georgia changed from a trustee colony to which kind of a colony? royal colony

  39. Who controlled Georgia after it became a royal colony? king of Great Britain

  40. Who was the first royal governor of Georgia? John Reynolds

  41. While John Reynolds was its royal governor, Georgia established court system

  42. Which person served as the last royal governor of Georgia? James Wright

  43. When Georgia was a royal colony, how were members of the upper house of the legislature, the Governor’s Council chosen? They were appointed by the royal governor.

  44. Review Questions

  45. Into which hemisphere does the prime meridian place Georgia? western hemisphere

  46. Marcus is travelling in the northwest portion of Georgia. He notices that as he travels he is consistently going over steep hills and plateaus and then back into low areas. In which geographic region is Marcus travelling? Valley and Ridge

  47. Georgia is divided into five different physical regions. Which one of these covers the largest part of the state? Coastal Plain

  48. In which region is the Okefenokee Swamp located? Coastal Plain

  49. Georgia’s climate attracts business and industry because the state has a consistently mild climate

  50. Over the past several decades, many international companies have moved their manufacturing and production warehouses to Georgia. Since these goods have to be shipped once they are produced, why is Georgia a wise choice for these companies? he interaction of our airports, roads, deepwater ports, and railroads makes it easy to ship goods in, around, and out of the state.