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Project Maths

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Project Maths - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Project Maths
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  1. Project Maths By Trifon Madas January 2005

  2. Project Maths is a library of mathematical presentations on PowerPoint containing lessons, starters, plenaries, investigations, problems/puzzles, exam questions and various mathematical activities for KS3 and KS4. The product took 3 years to create and edit the 782 PowerPoint Presentations to its current form with over 30000 animated slides, covering every topic in KS3 and KS4. The total file size of these presentations is in excess of 2 Gb. These presentations are fully animated and can be edited to new presentations by adding slides of your own or creating daily lessons by copying and pasting any of the slides you require. (licensed version only) All you require is a projector (or interactive whiteboard) and a PC with PowerPoint 2002 or later. NOTE THAT THIS IS A LICENSED PRODUCT AND ITS USE IN A SCHOOL OR ANY OTHER ACADEMIC INSTITUTION, WITHOUT A LICENSE, IS UNLAWFUL. A COPY OF THE LICENCE IS ON DISPLAY IN THIS SITE January 2005

  3. Software Requirements: • PowerPoint XP 2002 or later • It will not run on earlier versions of PowerPoint due to the complexity of the animations. • Mathtype5 is not essential as the standard MS Office Equation Editor will suffice in most cases. • However if you are experiencing some “bad slides” due to missing mathematical fonts these are downloaded for free as a zip file in this site January 2005

  4. Note: Some of the animations are complex. Please leave a reasonable pause between mouse clicks since frequently a single mouse click triggers a sequence of animations. Such animations will not be seen if the mouse is clicked too fast or clicked repeatedly. January 2005

  5. The collection is divided in 5 sections: • Starters: 245 files • Lesson introductions: 403 files • Problems: 85 files • Exam questions: 35 files • Investigations: 14 files • The starters and lesson introductions are further subdivided into algebra, number, data handling, shape and miscellaneous topics. To open any of the files if a password dialogue comes up, click on “open read only copy” January 2005