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manufacturers and exporters in india

Steel Trade Kings is india based industary. We are manufacturing of steel,steel plants, rolling mill equipment manufacturers in best quality and service in india

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manufacturers and exporters in india

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  1. Welcome to Steel Trade Kings

  2. http://steeltradekings.com/ • Steel is the most supreme engineering and construction material in the modern world. It has an essential role in meeting the challenges of development in the country.  Today, India is the ninth largest steel producer in the world and a net exporter of steel. • The Indian steel industry is highly capable of bestow almost all grades, size and excellent quality of steel products. Imports of foreign technology as well as foreign direct investment are freely permitted up to fixed range under an automatic route. • This, along with the other initiatives taken by the Government has given a certain impetus for entry, participation, and growth of the private sector in the steel industry. • While the current units are being modernized, a large number of new field steel plants have also come up in different parts of the country based on modern, cost effective and state-of-the-art technologies.

  3. Manufacturers and exporters in india • The division can offer almost all equipment for the integrated Steel Plants with specialization in Rolling Mills, Casters, and Blast Furnaces etc. It also provides the critical equipment’s for the Power Plants, Cement, and Space Research & Aluminum Industry. • There are many types of steel equipment like molten steel is cast into large blocks called blooms. During the casting process various methods are used, such as addition of aluminum, that impurities in the steel float to the surface where they can be cut off the finished bloom. • Because of the energy and structural stress associated with heating and cooling a blast furnace, typically these primary steel making vessels will operate on a continuous production campaign of several year’s duration. • Even during terms of low steel demand, it may not be feasible to let the blast furnace grow cold, though some adjustment of the production rate is possible. Adoption of newer technologies and be innovative to produce quality products with pride at the lowest level of tolerances

  4. Structural steel manufacturing in India • Steel Trade Kings deems the need to upgrade and modernize itself to cater to the ever increasing global market. • Our Vast range of service comprises equipment & Machinery for all types of Hot Steel Rolling Mill Plants to produce TMT bars and or Light/ Medium / Heavy Structural Steel Long Products. • We are successful at providing advanced quality, robust equipment to our customer. • Our innovative approach utilizing the latest materials of construction, sustained up gradation of design together with the level of automation as required and up to date drives and control philosophy result in low maintenance and minimal operating cost while maximizing customer satisfaction.

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