cetpa the acronym of computer education n.
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Summer Training in Lucknow -AUTOCAD PowerPoint Presentation
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Summer Training in Lucknow -AUTOCAD

Summer Training in Lucknow -AUTOCAD

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Summer Training in Lucknow -AUTOCAD

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  1. CETPA, the Acronym of "Computer Education & Technology Promotion Association", believes in quality Because Knowledge Matters. Training DevelopmentConsultancy CETPA Training mainly deals in Cutting Edge Technologies for Engineering Students, Corporate and other Professionals. CETPA offers Quality Training to meet the complexities of the corporate and future requirements of the industry. 


  3. AutoCAD Version 1.0 1982, December 28 Years of Continuous Change…

  4. INTRODUCTION • AutoCAD • AutoCAD is a CAD (Computer aided design or Computer aided Drafting) Software application for 2D and 3D Design and Drafting. • It was developed and sold by Autodesk, first released in December 1982. • It was one of the First CAD programs to run on personal computers.

  5. WHAT IS COMPUTER AIDED DESIGNING • Computer aided design (CAD) is also known as computer aided design and drafting is the use of computer technology for the process of design and design documentation. • Cad software or environment provide the user with input tools for the purpose of streamlining design process, drafting, documentation and manufacturing processes.

  6. WHY to use AutoCAD …….. • Quickly create designs • Improved quality over hand drafting • Can be customized to suit the individuals needs • Reduce time and manufacturing cost • Easy to change in Drawing • We can store the drawing in electronic format for a long time and send it across the world • AutoCAD modeling is concerned with representing reality while drafting is concerned with creating traditional orthographic drawing

  7. Who uses AutoCAD? AutoCAD is the basis of every manufacturing industry be it mechanical, electrical, electronics or civil. You will definitely get a job depending upon your skills and the type of course that you have done because there are lot of modules in AutoCAD, like drafting, modelling which are further 2-D or 3-D.But once you the basic AutoCAD , you can go for advance courses.

  8. The AutoCAD Screen

  9. Autocad drawing

  10. How to create solid modeling …. or 3D

  11. How to create solid modeling …. or 3D

  12. Scope of AutoCAD • The future of CAD as a learning tool is very bright and if that is combined with virtual environments, then the costs of training and testing could be significantly reduced. • AutoCAD has one goal increase your productivity. • Cad methods are equally applicable to the process, mechanical, architectural, civil engineering sectors • People who understand how to create drawings in CAD software will instinctively be able to create and manipulate the kind of shapes that their industry demands. • Existing users have 3 times as much to learn - new software commands, as well as learning 3d geometry.

  13. MODULE І INTRODUCTION: History of AutoCAD Industrial aspect Concepts of engineering drawing. 2D DRAFTING Draw tools - Line, Poly line, Ray, Rectangle, Ellipse Modifying tools - Array, Copy, Join, Stretch, Move, Scale, Fillet External reference, Insert Drawing, properties', parameters etc. MODULE ІІ: 2D solid, 3d face, 3D surfaces Edge, 3D mesh, Revolved Surfaces, Tabulated surfaces, Ruled surfaces, UCS- І, UCS- ІІ SOLID MODELLING: Box, Sphere, Cylinder, Cone Wedge, Torus, Extrude, Revolve slice, Section, Interference, NOTE:- This is the only module. For further information please visit our website

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