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“Roxy, No!”

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“Roxy, No!” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Roxy, No!”. My life with a crazy Maltese. Roxy As A Puppy. Roxy In Her Dress. Grooming Roxy. Grooming your dog is not fun but you have to do it to make sure you do not have the stinky dog on the block that no one wants to pet. . Maltese Grooming .

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“Roxy, No!”

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roxy no

“Roxy, No!”

My life with a crazy Maltese

grooming roxy
Grooming Roxy
  • Grooming your dog is not fun but you have to do it to make sure you do not have the stinky dog on the block that no one wants to pet.
maltese grooming
Maltese Grooming

When grooming a Maltese there are certain things that you need to know:

  • Cleaning their ears is very important. Because they have floppy ears the hair in their ears can stink and can make their ears become infected.
  • Clip their toenails every 2-3 weeks because no one likes being scratched.
  • Maltese are prone to getting mats really bad because their hair is so fine. Purchase a good dog detangling spray to ensure that your Maltese does not have knots all over their bodies. Also make sure you get the mats out before you bathe them because it will just make the mats worse.
maltese grooming1
Maltese Grooming
  • Brush your Maltese before bathing her. Use a shampoo and conditioner. Also you might want to use a tear stain remover. Maltese have really bad tear stains if you do not maintain it. Because they have white hair when they cry the tears stain under their eyes.
  • You have to blow dry their hair because if not it will mat up while it is drying. Blow dry on a low setting while brushing it at the same time.
  • You should also brush their teeth on a daily basis because they are prone to have bad plaque build up and it also causes some bad doggy breath.
a maltese with long hair
A Maltese With Long Hair

What Roxy would look like with long hair!

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