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Starting an HR Management System PowerPoint Presentation
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Starting an HR Management System

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Starting an HR Management System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Starting an HR Management System. Presentation Highlights. Subtitle comes here. 1. What HRM is about. 2. Getting started. 3. Organising the workplace involving employees, employee training and committees. 4.

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Starting an HR Management System

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starting an hr management system

Starting an HR Management System

Getrude Childrens' Hospital

presentation highlights
Presentation Highlights

Subtitle comes here


  • What HRM is about


  • Getting started


  • Organising the workplace involving employees, employee training and committees


  • Gathering of Facts: HR activities, employee capabilities, work-environment indicators


  • Designating responsibility
  • Group work and discussion.


Getrude Childrens' Hospital

  • Every business organization will need three key resources to support its existence and prosperity:

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resources supporting organization existence
Resources Supporting Organization Existence

Human Resources

  • Physical Resources
  • Financial Resources

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Human Resources Management (HRM) entails effective identification, selection and placement of talent in the organization to achieve desired business goals.

  • HRM also addresses:
    • Human Resources Development .
    • Strategic Human Resources Management.

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Focus on HRM is about organizational existence and competitiveness

  • HRM focuses on achievement of the organization’s vision, mission, values,
  • Creation of appropriate structures, systems and processes to support strategy
  • It is also about engagement and commitment of talent to focus on achievement of desired business goals.

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HRM entails developing a clear focus on achieving equilibrium between employer and employee needs

  • It also focuses on workforce planning, identification, attraction, engaging, onboarding, compensation and retention of desired talent.

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  • In planning the HRM function focuses on the organization’s structure, systems and processes
  • It also refers to attracting and selecting required talent possessing: Core competencies, Technical competencies and Strategic competencies to optimize value creation for the organization

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It involves engagement with the subject matter experts (SMEs) to rationalize jobs, job specifications, and performance standards

  • It addresses performance monitoring, evaluation and performance improvement.
  • HRM talent management addresses: Core competencies, Technical Competencies and Strategic Competencies

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hr practice compensation maintenance

HR Practice -Compensation & Maintenance

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Compensation is about payment of employees for their services.

  • Maintenance addresses employee motivation relations compliance with labour laws.
  • It addresses, employee benefits and rewards.

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team work
Team Work
  • Situation: Organizations that do not have effective HRM in place will experience high employee turnover and low performance.
  • Quiz: Identify and discuss three possible causes employee turnover and low performance

Team 1

  • Situation: In HRM there is emphasis on developing a clear focus to achieve equilibrium between employer and employee.
  • Quiz: Identify three areas of equity and discuss briefly why there should be an equilibrium

Team 2

Team 3

Identify one factor from each of the three HR competencies and discuss the impact of each of HRM effectiveness in organizations

With respect to employee commitment; discuss the extent to which HRM can drive employee commitment through line managers

Team 4

human resource development

Human Resource Development

Getrude Childrens' Hospital


Is about development, communicating and implementing an effective performance management system

  • A system that will help all the people in the organization to identify key performance areas, key performance indicators, set performance targets, performance standards, evaluate and appraise performance
  • A system that will provide guidelines for training to develop desired competencies.

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The basic goal of appraisal is to provide feedback to employees concerning their performance.

  • The feedback allows for objective evaluation of performance and developing appropriate performance improvement intervention programs through
    • Training
    • Coaching
    • Mentoring
    • Dialogue to articulate unclear issues
    • Influencing change of employee behavior

Getrude Childrens' Hospital


HRM professionals must develop and use an effective performance management system, devise uniform appraisal standards, develop objective review techniques, train managers to administer the appraisals and then evaluate and follow up on the effectiveness of performance reviews.

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HRD is also about alignment, engagement, committing, executing, monitoring, and determining performance gaps with a view to devising effective intervention programs to improve performance.

Getrude Childrens' Hospital

strategic human resources management

Strategic Human Resources Management

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Is about linking the human resource function with the strategic objectives of the organization in order to improve performance

  • Is creation of partnership with SMEs to optimize innovation and creativity to achieve competitiveness.

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In management, ‘strategy’ has replaced the more traditional term – ‘long-term planning’ – to denote a specific pattern of decisions and actions undertaken by organization executives to achieve desired business goals.

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HRM strategy will focus on the organization’s: Vision, Mission, Values, Performance goals, Environmental analysis, Formulation and implementation of strategy, Strategy evaluation to ensure the leadership addresses corporate strategic goals in all its activities.

Getrude Childrens' Hospital

team work1
Team Work
  • Situation: Imagine an organization which has no HRM function.
  • Quiz: Draw a plan and make a presentation on how the organization would go about establishing the HRM function.

Team 1

  • Situation: For people to work in harmony and achieve performance goals they need clear roles, duties and responsibilities
  • Quiz: Identify and discuss three challenges of job roles, duties and responsibilities.

Team 2

Team 3

What really constitutes strategic human resources management? Discuss how SHRM drives achievement of organization strategic goals?

Team 4

thank you
Thank you


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