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March/April 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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March/April 2010

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March/April 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Organization Name. Rental Car Agreement. March/April 2010. Overview. Ames Lab spent ~$21K on rental vehicles in 2009. Lab did not have an “ Ames Lab” formal rental agreement in place. Lab uses Iowa State’s National rental agreement.

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March/April 2010

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march april 2010

Organization Name

Rental Car Agreement

March/April 2010

  • Ames Lab spent ~$21K on rental vehicles in 2009.
  • Lab did not have an “Ames Lab” formal rental agreement in place.
  • Lab uses Iowa State’s National rental agreement.
  • Lab was allowed to use Budget rental agreement through Batelle prior to 2009.
    • Objective - To achieve a lab- and user-friendly car rental agreement for Ames Lab.
project summary
Project Summary
  • Benefits:
    • To limit liability for Ames Lab and travelers.
    • To achieve competitive rates.
    • To assist Ames Lab travelers.
  • Threats:
    • Travelers are allowed to rent cars from any car company – but collision and liability insurance are unallowable expenses and may not be covered.
  • Researched rental car companies and options available.
  • Options chosen by size and national availability of rental car company, ISU preferences, and available DOE/GSA contracts.
  • Included:
moving forward
Moving Forward
  • Evaluation.
  • Decided to sign a rental car agreement with Enterprise.
    • Agreement tailored for Ames Lab. Separate than ISU contract.
    • Competitive rates.
    • Offer collision and liability insurance with $0 deductible.
    • Largest national brand – should be very accessible at most US airports.
    • No black-out dates, roadside service included.
contract details
Contract Details
  • Base Rates
  • Car Types
    • Hybrids not an economical option at this time, Flex-fuel may be available (especially in IA).
  • Enterprise is 1st choice. AL to reimburse up to mid-size/standard size with Enterprise. If Enterprise is available, and traveler chooses another brand, AL will reimburse for compact cost of Enterprise in the city of travel plus applicable taxes.
  • If Enterprise is not available, National is 2nd choice. AL will reimburse mid-size/standard car from National. If National is available, and another brand is chosen, AL to reimburse for compact cost of National in the city of travel plus applicable taxes.
contract details1
Contract Details
  • Insurance & Personal Use
    • Included in the base rate, and will not be itemized separately on billing.
    • Collision Damage Waiver - $0K deductible.
    • Supplemental Liability - $100K bodily injury per person/$300K total/$50K for property damage, limited to $1M.
    • Base rates are available for personal use, but insurance (CDW and Liability) are not covered.
    • Ames Lab recommends traveler consult private insurance carrier to determine insurance needs.
    • If traveler is in an accident and using car for personal use, Enterprise has the right not to cover traveler, and traveler may be responsible for loss.
    • May be best to rent two separate vehicles – one for business use, and then one for personal travel.
    • There is a general AL account number that includes Insurance coverage – for business use, and one account number that includes discounted rates without the insurance for personal use.
contract details2
Contract Details
  • Re-fueling
    • Pre-purchase full tank – Billed 10% below average pump price in that city. They ask if driver will be using 3/4 a tank or more.
    • Enterprise re-fills – Billed 30% above avg. pump price in that city for # of gallons used.
    • Preferred method for traveler to re-fill fuel, and to choose most economical option.
  • Surcharges apply in many locations, ranging from $5-$24 per day.
  • Sales Tax is applicable in some states, not others.
  • Contract extends 200 miles/day for airport rentals, $.25 per mile after 200 per day. (would be itemized as separate from daily rate)
  • Unlimited miles when rentals originate from Iowa, but one-way rentals are limited. Please check with travel office before booking one-way trip. One-way drop fees may apply.
  • Weekly rates are 5 times daily rate and monthly Rates are calculated at 22 times the daily rate.
  • Contract for ages 21+, may have multiple drivers as long as they work for Ames Lab and are on business.
  • Traveler still needs completed Request for Exception Approval form.
  • There will NOT be direct billing cards with Enterprise (and we will be addressing recent issues with National cards).
  • Traveler may reserve car through Travel and Transport. T&T has ability to direct-bill, but for 100% business travel only.
  • Traveler will not be allowed to direct bill for any personal use.
  • Traveler may log-in to Enterprise website using Ames Lab account log-in and book with AL contract rates. This will not be direct-billed to the Ames Lab.
    • Allows traveler to see available options, book personal travel and review contract terms and conditions.
    • Reminder: Insurance is not covered with personal travel.
  • Visitors can use Ames Lab contract for business purposes only. They will need AL account and pin, will not be direct-billed. There are mileage restrictions with Enterprise that may make contract more expensive. It will be up to host to determine whether Enterprise is the best choice. Visitor can rent up to standard-sized Enterprise vehicle without exception request.
  • Enterprise Plus Membership “perks”
    • Faster reservation process and rental transaction
    • Special Member’s line at major airports
    • On-line link will be e-mailed and available on internal website
  • Enterprise is excited to introduce our free members’ benefit program – Enterprise PlusTM! With Enterprise Plus for Business, you will enjoy the following benefits:
  • Faster Reservations – online, on the phone, with your travel agent, and at participating Enterprise locations.
  • Faster  Rentals
  • Special Members’ Line at Major Airport Locations
  • Special offers when you subscribe to Email Extras

Joining Enterprise Plus is easy; the registration page takes only a minute to complete and already has your account # and PIN # pre-populated.  Just follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Go to E+ Sign Up for Ames Laboratory Employees

Step 2: Complete the form and click on "submit".

Step 3: Print off the Welcome page that displays the temporary Enterprise Plus for Business card and unique member number.  You will receive your permanent member card within 4 – 6 weeks.

enterprise in ames
Enterprise in Ames
  • Local Rentals – Ames Location on S. Duff Ave.
    • Across from Wal-mart.
    • Many cars available in Ames.
    • One-way rental is available.
    • 24-hour drop box in Ames for returns. Charges stop when traveler drops off keys.
    • Receipt is posted on-line within 48 hours for traveler.
    • Provide free person pick-up and drop-off service within 15 mile radius. Call for availability.
    • May be good option for visitors or those who do not have personal vehicle accessibility.
enterprise at dsm airport
Enterprise at DSM airport
  • Hours - 7:00am-11:30pm M-F and 7:00am-11:00pm.
  • With a reservation - Enterprise representative will stay for delayed flights.
  • No reservation - If the traveler does not have a reservation but arrives within the hours of operation, the Enterprise location may be able to get them a vehicle.
  • After Hours - Without a reservation, a rep may be there waiting on another traveler, but there would be no guarantees.
travel to dsm airport
Travel to DSM Airport
  • Travelers should consider best, most economical choice.
leaving from ames
Leaving from Ames
  • Should Traveler rent from Enterprise or ISU Transportation?
    • Traveler may choose whichever option works best.
    • Lab encourages lowest cost option.
    • Factors affecting decision may include availability of the vehicle at time of departure, number of people on trip, schedules, duration, etc.
  • Exception Request
    • AL does not require exception request to justify the use of Enterprise or ISU vehicle when traveling to/from airport, or within the “day’s” drive from the Lab.
    • Consistent with other policies – no exception request required for using own vehicle or taking a limousine.
national car
National Car
  • Use when Enterprise is not available.
  • Use for most International rentals.
  • Continue to use ISU’s agreement with National for unlimited miles.
    • Liability and collision insurance are covered at $3K deductible.
    • ISU is working to update agreement.
ames lab travel website
Ames Lab Travel Website
  • Posting resources on Web-site by April 8.
    • Today’s presentation.
    • Modes of transportation to/from DSM airport.
    • Frequently asked rental car Q&A – especially addressing reimbursement questions.
    • Car Rental Guidance document.
    • Link to
    • Link to ISU Transportation Services rates.
    • Information about Enterprise and National agreements.
    • Also updating the Request for Exception Approval form.