tropical climates tropical savanna tropical rainforest
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Tropical Climates Tropical Savanna Tropical Rainforest

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Tropical Climates Tropical Savanna Tropical Rainforest - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tropical Climates Tropical Savanna Tropical Rainforest. Tropical Savanna. Hot all year round, a few months are very dry, broad grassland, few trees. Tropical Rain Forest. Description – Hot and rainy all year round, lush vegetation.

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tropical savanna
Tropical Savanna

Hot all year round, a few months are very dry, broad grassland, few trees

tropical rain forest
Tropical Rain Forest

Description – Hot and rainy all year round, lush vegetation

humid subtropical
Humid Subtropical

Location: mid-latitudes (close to tropics)

Description - hot humid summers with heavy rain; short and mild winter, deciduous trees (oak, magnolia, palms)


Location: around Mediterranean Sea

Description - Mild rainy winters and hot dry summers, short shrubs, trees, some coniferous trees

marine west coast
Marine West Coast

Location: mid-latitudes, west coast

Description – Winds from the ocean make it mild; rainy winters and cool summers, deciduous and coniferous forests

humid continental
Humid Continental

Location: mid latitude

Description: 4 seasons; winters can be long, cold and snowy but there are short hot summers, deciduous forests, grassland

subarctic climate
Subarctic Climate

Close to the polar regions; cold bitter winters but temperatures go above freezing in summer, taiga (coniferous forests)


Arctic region; “vast treeless plain” cold, harsh and dry; permafrost

ice cap
Ice Cap

Bitterly cold with giant ice sheets; monthly averages do not go above freezing


surrounds many deserts with partly dry grasslands and prairies; 10-20 inches of annual rainfall


Dry all year; gets less than 10 inches of annual rainfall

highland or mountain
Highland or Mountain

Local climates vary greatly because of differences in elevation; cool to cold climates year round; tall mountains will have a timberline.