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Standards of Tenant Screening PowerPoint Presentation
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Standards of Tenant Screening

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Standards of Tenant Screening - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Standards of Tenant Screening

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  1. Standards of Tenant Screening Private Investigations

  2. The tenant screening process is very much important for all landlords to assess the prospect’s ability to meet the expectations of the landlord in many different aspects. To avoid property damage, failure to pay rent, and other negative outcomes, property owners carry out tenant background checks.

  3. Tenant screening must follow federal fair housing laws; otherwise landlords can face hefty fines. • One of the standards landlords look into when checking on a prospect is his credit history. It basically shows a prospect’s means of paying his financial obligations in a timely or overdue manner. 

  4. This is one of many reasons why many property managers and owners choose to outsource their background check procedures to third parties. Companies that perform tenant background checks have often dedicated years to gathering eviction history tools, so they can usually perform this service at a lower cost. • Evictions indicate that a renter has posed major problems for previous landlords. County and federal-level databases contain information for tenant screening on evictions, but accessing this information is too time-consuming for the average small property owner. 

  5. When the prospect has some imperfections on his credit history, a thorough interview as a part of the tenant screening might be fair enough to conduct especially when the prospect was so open and honest to say it because he wants to show the landlord that not only is he interested in the unit, he is also marketing himself to never be a cause of future troubles.

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