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Cath Kidston: Vintage-Inspired E-Commerce for Global Market Expansion

Discover how Cath Kidston, a British brand known for its vintage prints, implements e-commerce to support its rapid market expansion, providing cost savings, better customer service, and improved business operations.

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Cath Kidston: Vintage-Inspired E-Commerce for Global Market Expansion

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  1. E-Commerce Strategic Management Analysis By Group 24

  2. About The Company Founded by its namesake in 1993, CathKidstonis a distinctive British brand best known for its vintage inspired prints and arrays of homeware and fashion products . Outstanding design, the brand is appealing instantly to the world. Rapid growth has encouraged the company to implement e-commerce, enabling better market responses.

  3. SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses • Virtual Quality • No direct interaction • Easily to compare and walk out • Availability is essential • Payment system is critical • Delay in receiving goods • Shipping cost can increase product cost • No need of physical store • No geographic limitations • Low operation costs • Lifestyle Store 24/7 • No standing queues • Specialisation • Better customer service • Robust supply chain management

  4. SWOT Analysis Threats Opportunities • Global exposure/expanding • Strong B2B networking • Trend towards internet shopping • Privacy concerns • Counterfeit • Parallel import

  5. Five-Forces Analysis Low Buyer Power Supplier Power Threat of Substitution Threat of New Entry Competitive Rivalry Low Medium Medium Medium

  6. Key Strategic Decisions ‘s Blue Ocean Vintage, Colorful Prints Durable, Branded Products Signature Design + + Quality, Fashionable, Affordable, Unique

  7. Key Strategic Decisions ‘s Blue Ocean

  8. Key Strategic Decisions Global Strategic Decisions Products offered Geocentric Schema Markets Worldwide Entering Strategy Foreign Direct Investment Speed of Entry Timing Right

  9. Implementation Challenges Regulations, Control & Tax Policy Political Economic Sociological Technological Pricing, Exchange rate, Credit Availability Language, Trends & Preferences System Flexibility & Compatibility, Logistic & Delivery

  10. Conclusion CathKidstonhas implemented e-commerce system to support its rapid market expansion. E-commerce provides considerable advantages leading to significant costs saving, better customer services and business operations. E-commerce has some drawbacks, but those can be overcome with little efforts.

  11. Recommendations More product pictures Trust Ensuring Messages Promotions & Campaigns FAQ & Customer Voice Brand Loyalty Reinforcement Social Media & Mobile Technology

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