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Ayurvedic Oil For Arthritis Pain To Get Rid Of Joint Stiffness

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Ayurvedic Oil For Arthritis Pain To Get Rid Of Joint Stiffness - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This power point presentation describes about ayurvedic oil for arthritis pain to get rid of joint stiffness\n

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Ayurvedic Oil For Arthritis Pain

Arthritis brings joint problems which may be mild, moderate or severe and may get worse with time if not treated well. Pain and stiffness in joints limit the range of motion and create problems in doing routine activities like walking, holding objects with proper grip, climbing stairs, bending, etc. This problem may deform structure of bones which is visible.

Ayurvedic Oil For Arthritis Pain

Limited movements affect normal functions of body too as one is not much physically active. Osteoarthritis is the most common problem in which poor condition of cartilages causes problem and leads to friction between bone ends at joints. During mild problem in joints, one can get relief from arthritis pain with natural tips like -

Tips To Reduce Arthritis Pain
  • Doing physical activities or exercise regularly.
  • Using hot and cold therapies often.
  • By maintaining healthy weight according to BMI.
  • Taking proper rest between activities.
  • Causes of arthritis -
  • Increase in weight due to which pressure increases at joints and causes pain while movements.
Causes Of Arthritis
  • Main cause of osteoarthritis is damaged cartilages which act as cushion and prevent friction or grinding between ends of two bones at joints.
  • Undernourished fibrous tissues (ligaments, tendons, fascia and synovium) which interconnect bones and muscles and support bones while movements.
  • Bone weakness due to calcium deficiency in body.
Ayurvedic Oil For Arthritis Pain

Osteoarthritis shows symptoms like sound of cracking when joints bend, stiffness and swelling at joints, pain at hips, limited range of motion, pain and tenderness in ankles and feet, etc. Arthritis pain can be controlled effectively with the help of herbal oil that gives long term relief without causing any side effects.

Rumatone Gold Oil

One can use Rumatone Gold oil which is effective ayurvedic oil for arthritis pain. Herbal ingredients of this oil go deep inside skin and improve blood circulation by clearing blockage from blood vessels. This increases supply of oxygen and nutrients in joint area which activates dull cells and nourishes fibrous tissues.

Rumatone Gold Oil

With proper nourishment, ligaments are able to hold bones, tendons connect muscles to bones and fascia interconnects muscles properly with optimum strength. This eases movements at joints, prevents deformation of bone structure in body and helps one to get rid of joint stiffness naturally. Due to tight grip of fibrous tissues, chances of displacement of bones are less.

Ingredients In Rumatone Gold Oil

Synovium also improves which release fluids which cartilage use to provide cushion between bone ends at joints. Rumatone Gold oil consists of Gaultheria Fragrantissima, SesamumIndicum Oil and MenthaSylvestris. These herbs of this ayurvedic oil for arthritis pain possess the following benefits:

Ingredients In Rumatone Gold Oil

SesamumIndicumoil - It is rich in zinc, copper, vitamins B1 and E, magnesium, protein and dietary fiber. Anti-inflammatory property of this oil reduces inflammation in the affected area. It is also rich in calcium which provides strength to bones and prevents weakness which prohibits one from doing movements or activities.

Ingredients In Rumatone Gold Oil

Gaultheria Fragrantissima- This herb possesses anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties which effectively reduce pain in joints. Due to its antiseptic property, this ingredient prevents growth of disease causing micro organisms also.

MenthaSylvestris - This ingredient of ayurvedic oil for arthritis pain can relieve inflammation and cramps.

Rumatone Gold Oil

Regularly massage the affected area with Rumatone Gold oil for 3 to 4 months consistently to get long term relief from arthritis pain. Also, maintain routine of walking for an hour to keep joints in working condition.

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