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Plumbing industry update

Plumbing industry update. Chris Harris Director – Plumbing Legislation and Standards Branch. Overview. Department of Housing and Public Works – what’s on the agenda Licensing for plumbing inspectors – where to from here Notifiable work Plumbing Industry Council.

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Plumbing industry update

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  1. Plumbing industry update Chris Harris Director – Plumbing Legislation and Standards Branch

  2. Overview • Department of Housing and Public Works – what’s on the agenda • Licensing for plumbing inspectors – where to from here • Notifiable work • Plumbing Industry Council Plumbing industry update

  3. Department of Housing and Public Works • The Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 is now administered by the new Department of Housing and Public Works • New Minister—Dr Bruce Flegg • The Plumbing Industry Council (PIC) licensing counter remains at 63 George St • All PIC contact details are unchanged Plumbing industry update

  4. Departmental priorities • Notifiable work • Queensland Plumbing and Wastewater Code • Review of the Queensland Development Code • National licensing Plumbing industry update

  5. Plumbing inspector licensing • IPIQ is seeking the creation of a plumbing inspector licensing class to: • Align plumbing inspection with other similar industries • Determine a minimum skill set for plumbing inspectors • Recognise the distinction between plumbers or drainers and inspectors • Establish a career path for plumbers and drainers • Current legislation provides for a plumbing inspector to hold a relevant qualification or licence that the local government deems suitable • Consultation on the proposal will be starting soon Plumbing industry update

  6. Plumbing inspector licensing Percentage of plumbing inspectors with licences and endorsements Plumbing industry update

  7. Notifiable work From 1 November 2012, a new category of plumbing and drainage work known as ‘notifiable work’ will start. Plumbing industry update

  8. What is notifiable work? • Notifiable work and minor work will be prescribed under a regulation • Expands the current categories of ‘notifiable minor work’ and ‘other minor work’ • Notifiable work can be performed without local government approval or mandatory inspections • No notifications or inspections are required for minor work Plumbing industry update

  9. What is notifiable work? • Expected to include all plumbing work undertaken after the initial construction of a house • eg. Fixtures installed in bathroom and kitchen refurbishments • The public consultation period for the proposed schedules of notifiable, minor and unregulated work has closed. • The finalised schedules will be released shortly Plumbing industry update

  10. Exemptions from notifiable work • any work that is the subject of an application for compliance assessment • plumbing and drainage work for installing a new fixture for a building with dual reticulated water supply provided by a relevant water service provider • plumbing and drainage connected for trade waste • plumbing and drainage work necessary for a new detached building on a lot with an existing building • plumbing and drainage work necessary for new attached Class 1 buildings on, or proposed to be on, a separate lot • plumbing and drainage work necessary for installing new fixtures on a lot connected to a combination drain • plumbing and drainage work involving an alternative solution. Plumbing industry update

  11. Notifiable work schedule—part 1 Plumbing industry update

  12. Notifiable work schedule—part 2 Plumbing industry update

  13. Minor work schedule Plumbing industry update

  14. Unregulated work schedule Plumbing industry update

  15. Changes to the current system • Inspections of notifiable work are not required • However, licensees may still request a local government inspection • Local governments may charge an additional fee for inspections that are requested. • Consistent fees and lodgment system across Queensland • Form 4s must be lodged with the Plumbing Industry Council • benefits plumbers working across different local government areas. Plumbing industry update

  16. Lodgment process • Currently, when a licensee performs notifiable minor work a Form 4—notifiable minor work must be lodged with local government within 40 business days • Under the new process, when a licensee performs notifiable work the new Form 4—notifiable work must be lodged with the PIC within 10 business days • Forms may be lodged electronically or manually. Plumbing industry update

  17. Manual lodgment • First obtain a Form 4 book from the PIC • copy: to the consumer • copy: submitted to the PIC within 10 business days • copy: retained by the licensee • Proposed $35 fee for manual lodgment • A receipt is issued to the licensee when the payment is processed. Plumbing industry update

  18. Electronic lodgment • Form 4s can be lodged online • Once the work is completed, the licensee must issue a receipt to the consumer and complete the Form 4 within 10 business days online • Proposed $25 fee for electronic lodgment. Plumbing industry update

  19. Audit process • Licensees must ensure that work is performed in accordance with relevant legislation, codes and standards • To ensure that licensees are meeting their obligations the PIC and local governments will run concurrent audit programs. Plumbing industry update

  20. Audit program—Plumbing Industry Council • The PIC will audit lodgment of Form 4s, and will have powers to: • require licensees and employers to supply certain documents • take disciplinary action against licensees who fail to provide documents • Failure to lodge a form may result in disciplinary action, prosecution or the issue of a fine • Significant penalties also apply for making a false statement to the PIC. Plumbing industry update

  21. Audit program—local government • Local government audits will ensure licensees are performing work to the correct standard • Local governments will receive funding to audit 5% of notifiable work • May target categories of work considered higher risk • Both local governments and the PIC will monitor compliance levels and direct auditing priorities over time Plumbing industry update

  22. Local government defect notices • Where local governments find that plumbing work is defective they may issue a defect notice • provides 5 days for the licensee to rectify the work. • if the work is not rectified, the local government may issue a show cause notice and then enforcement notice • where the licensee does not respond, the local government may arrange for the work to be rectified • If the defective work is found to be dangerous, the local government may issue an enforcement notice without a defect notice Plumbing industry update

  23. Roadshows • The PIC will be conducting roadshows state-wide to ensure all licensees are aware of the upcoming changes • More information on roadshows will be provided as soon as possible • For more information on notifiable work call 1800 264 585 Plumbing industry update

  24. Plumbing Industry Council activities • Licence checks • Investigating complaints – 4 stage process • Quick Audit • Investigations • Referral to the Plumbing Industry Council • Prosecution Plumbing industry update

  25. Investigation statistics • Current open investigations: 16 • Number of PINs issued: • 205 in 2011/2012 financial year • 101 so far in 2012/2013 financial year • 180 of these PINs were for unlicensed work • 8 appeals have been made recently to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) against PIC decisions about solar hot water installations. • All of these decisions were upheld by the Tribunal established to hear the case Plumbing industry update

  26. Plumbing Industry Council Connect • Quarterly newsletter providing a direct link from the PIC to the industry • Includes updates on major policies such as notifiable work and technical matters • The newsletter will be emailed to licensees and available at the website www.dlgp.qld.gov.au • To join the mailing list email plumbers@dlgp.qld.gov.au Plumbing industry update

  27. Pool sand filter used in treatment system Plumbing industry update

  28. Defective roof penetration for vent pipe Plumbing industry update

  29. Installation not inspected by local government Plumbing industry update

  30. Unapproved wastewater treatment system Plumbing industry update

  31. No separation of water and electrical services • Unlagged flow and return lines • High risk of electrocution Plumbing industry update

  32. Unapproved hot water system stand and defective pipework Plumbing industry update

  33. Contact details 63 George St, Brisbane PO Box 15027, City East QLD 4002 Tel: 1800 682 021 Email: plumbers@dlgp.qld.gov.au Website: www.dlgp.qld.gov.au Department of Housing and Public Works 80 George Street, Brisbane GPO Box 2457, Brisbane QLD 4001 Phone: 13 QGOV (13 74 68) Email: feedback@publicworks.qld.gov.au Website: www.hpw.qld.gov.au Plumbing industry update

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