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The Stock Market Game.

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The Stock Market Game. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Stock Market Game. Hootie Stock Market Game. By : Bailey Talbert. At the beginning of the Stock Market Game, Mrs. Huggins and Mrs. Lucas split us into groups. I was in group 1. Mrs. Lucas showed us how to keep our information in spread sheets. Then we started buying and selling.

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The Stock Market Game.

Hootie Stock Market Game

At the beginning of the Stock Market

Game, Mrs. Huggins and Mrs. Lucas

split us into groups. I was in group 1.

Mrs. Lucas showed us how to keep

our information in spread sheets.

Then we started buying and selling.

we invested in the stocks of dupont dd wall mart wmt duke duk and csx
We invested in the stocks of Dupont(DD), Wall- mart(WMT), Duke(DUK), and CSX

Out of the listed stocks above, CSX did the best and probably helped guide us to the 3rd place finish in region.

invest write
Invest Write

During the Stock Market Game we had to write an Invest Write paper, which is an essay that explains how the news can effect stocks. Researching this essay really helped us understand the stock buying process.

Investing Made Simple

By: Bailey Talbert

I am writing this essay to try to help explain how simple and difficult investing in today’s stock market can be. I have chosen two companies for my essay; AT&T a well known phone company, and Morgan Stanley an investment banking and global financial services corporation. Now investing in today’s market is very difficult because, it fluctuates so much from day to day. It seems like every day you turn on the news there is bad news about the economy and stock market, but that doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t invest in it. The stock market has been around for years and since the great depression there hasn’t been anything too serious to keep the prices down. So I think it is a good idea to invest now and always.

There are several things that can influence the market the news has a big influence on it. I believe this is because the way word spreads in the American public. If some people hear on the news or read in the newspaper the market is doing well they will want to be a part of that, the same can be said if they hear the market is doing bad they will not buy shares or they will want to sell off the shares they already have. So that is how the news may influence stock prices.

There are also several events internal and external that will influence the price of a stock either for better or worse. Some examples of positive internal scenarios would be changes in management, a merger with another company, growth in sales, and the launch of a new line of products. Some negative internal scenarios are a scandal involving management, sales loss, a scandal involving shareholders, and failure of new products. These internal scenarios play a huge part in the price of stocks for the company, but in some instances external scenarios can be just as bad or worse than internal scenarios, or just as good, or better than internal if it is a positive scenario.

Some positive external scenarios that can happen are lower interest rates, less inflation, the folding of another company, and positive news stories about the company. There are also several negative scenarios that can happen which would greatly hurt the price of your stocks. The economy could worsen by way of interest rates or inflation; there could be a rise in competition level among competitors, the country could enter into a bad diplomatic event, the company could be facing a lawsuit, or the government could place new restrictions on your company or pass new laws that would hurt the company. So these external events could hurt the company or help it that is why you always need to pay attention to the news if you have money invested in stocks.

In my two companies AT&T and Morgan Stanley an external event that could influence the stock prices of the both companies would be higher interest rates. If the interest rates in the nation are higher less people will borrow money from the bank to invest in the stock market. On the other hand if interest rates are low people would be eager to invest in the market because they would not have to pay back as much so it would not be such a tough decision to borrow money from a bank to invest in the market.

For my research I used the newspaper (Florence Morning New) and the internet ( These are very helpful tools in deciding which stocks to pick, because information is available every day. I used the stock section of the newspaper and a news website to decide which stocks to pick. I picked my stocks because they traded at a very high price, and had minimal losses.

In closing I found that the stock market world is very complicated. I used proper research in picking my stocks and writing this essay. With the right amount of research and basic knowledge I believe you will soon be able to invest to. Just remember you have to know when to buy, when to sell, and when to hold

what i learned by playing the stock market game
What I learned by playing the Stock Market Game:
  • I learned how external events can effect stocks.
  • I learned how to use a spread sheet to organize things.
  • I learned how to research stocks.
  • I learned how hard it is to be successful in the stock market world.
  • I also learned that having a laptop really helped make the process of the game much easier.