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Bearstone . By Will Hobbs Kristina Voskes. CI 548. March 3,2010. Lesson 1. Character Analysis Analyzing the Literature (Homework). Character Analysis: Cloyd Atcitty. Analyzing the Literature.

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By Will Hobbs

Kristina Voskes. CI 548. March 3,2010

lesson 1
Lesson 1
  • Character Analysis
  • Analyzing the Literature (Homework)
analyzing the literature
Analyzing the Literature
  • What types of figurative language does Will Hobbs use in describing Cloyd’s experience on the Pyramid, and how effective is it?
  • What literary tool did you find most convincing about his writing in this chapter?
  • Cloyd thinks of revenge as a kind of poison. Using the new media, what are some examples from real life which support this description? How does the outcome of this example reflect Cloyd’s description of revenge as “poisonous”?
lesson 2
Lesson 2
  • Cycle of Revenge Discussion
  • Three Word Main Idea Pyramid
  • Object Character maze
cycle of revenge discussion
Cycle of Revenge Discussion

Individual Responses:

  • What examples of revenge did you identify in real life, and what news medium did you find it in?
  • In what way is the revenge “cyclical” or never-ending?
  • What is one way that your “cycle of revenge” could be stopped?

Group Responses:

What are some themes among the three articles that were shared?

Please prepare one written statement (about 1 paragraph in length) which describes the common theme among the three articles in your group. Please include the name of each group member at the top.

character maze
Character Maze



lesson 3
Lesson 3
  • Character Name Activity
  • Unit Writing Prompt
character name activity
Character Name Activity


Meaning of Name:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

unit writing prompts
Unit Writing Prompts

1. Have you ever owned something that you cared about? If so, describe it and write your feelings about it. Compare and contrast your feelings to the feelings that Cloyd seems to have about the bearstone.

2. As Cloyd stood at the peak of the Rio Grande Pyramid he wanted to tell Walter “that this was the heart of the mountain, up here in the light where you can see forever. Where you feel like you’re a part of it all, like the beating heart of the mountains is your own heart.

Have you ever felt that you were a part of it all? Write a narrative explaining where you were and why you felt that way.

3. Cloyd’s grandmother asked him if Walter “lived in a good way”. What do you think it means to live in a good way? Write a narrative and support your examples explaining what your feel this means, how you live it today, and how this might be lived in your future.