pride and prejudice maria pack n.
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Pride and Prejudice Maria Pack

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Pride and Prejudice Maria Pack. Elizabeth Bennet’s Diary Entry. June   15,  1813

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Elizabeth Bennet’s Diary Entry

June  15,  1813

What a fair night, tonight was indeed.  Although seated for two dances, I was quickly intrigued with a conversation between the much admired Mr. Bingley and his acquaintance Mr. Darcy.  Throughout tonight, Mr. Darcy made it quite easy to define him as an overly-proud man.  For not once did he dance, for none of the women pleased Mr. Darcy. I overheard him saying to Mr. Bingley that it would be a punishment for him to stand up with any of the women in the room, and that my eldest sister Jane was the only handsome lady in the room. I was quite flattered when Mr. Bingley bought me into the conversation as a potential partner for Mr. Darcy to dance with, yet taken aback when he said I was not handsome enough to tempt him. Upon first entering the room, Mr. Darcy was a striking figure. Stood out among the rest of the gentlemen. A very handsome face indeed, with a tall , striking figure.  Quite an agreeable man. My sisters and I agreed that he was much handsomer than Mr. Bingley himself, but Mr. Bingley’s composer and the way he conducted himself was much more pleasant. My eldest sister Jane was asked to dance by Mr. Bingley. Not only once, but twice. For I was not surprised by him asking her for a second dance. Jane was by far the most handsome creature within the entirety of the ball room. Jane expressed her admiration towards Mr. Bingley quite excitedly. In her words he was sensible, good-humored, lively, and said she had never seen such happy manners. Mr. Darcy has made it apparent that he will never have interest in me, for I am not handsome enough for his liking. For this has no affect on me. I do not want a man like Mr. Darcy. One so arrogant and proud. For there is nothing wrong with pride, yet there is a thing as too much pride, and that, does not appeal to a lady. 

Elizabeth Bennet


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Quote from the novel “Pride and Prejudice”

"A lady's imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment." —Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice)

This quote very well explains the theme of the novel “Pride and Prejudice.” The whole novel is about these girls finding a man, falling in love, and becoming his wife.