sponsorship letter visa4uk for family visit visa n.
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Sponsorship Letter For family visit visa to the UK PowerPoint Presentation
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Sponsorship Letter For family visit visa to the UK

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Sponsorship Letter For family visit visa to the UK - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sponsorship Letter For family visit visa to the UK
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  1. Sponsorship Letter VISA4UK For family visit visa If you are planning on an extended stay in the United Kingdom, you may want to have a family member or friend write a letter of sponsorship to include with your visa application to the VISA4UK. It is not required, but it can be very beneficial to your visa process. A person who writes a sponsorship letter means that person is agreeing to support you financially during your stay. This can include and is not limited to food, lodgings and care so that you do not need to depend upon government funds. This is different than an invitation letter for a United Kingdom visa. If you are a citizen of the United Kingdom, or if you have eligible status, you may have people from various parts of the world visit you. To do this, you may need to provide a sponsorship letter is different from a formal declaration of sponsorship. A sponsorship letter will contain specific information of both you, and your guest. You will need to include the full name, date of birth and the passport number of your guest. Please also include their married name, and their employment status. You should also make sure to include their contact information, including their address and telephone number. The sponsorship letter should also include your relationship to the guest. Are they a friend or a family member? Be sure to include the nature of their visit. Are they coming for a family reunion or a vacation? You will need to include the duration of their stay.

  2. Will they be there for four weeks or six months? Make sure to include their date of departure as well. You will want to include specific details regarding your living accommodations. Include specifics about your living arrangements. Include details about your home, the location and the size, and number of bedrooms. Do you own your own home? If so you may want to include the proof of ownership as well as copies of utility bills. You will also need to include information regarding the living expenses of your guest. How will you provide financial support for them? This can be done by showing proof of employment. Include copies of your pay checks and copies of your bank statements. This will provide ample proof that you can provide financial support for your guest. In addition to this information remember to include your full, legal name and your date of birth. Include your address and phone number as well. If you didn’t include the information with your financial information, include your occupation as well. You will also need to include your status in the UK, and any documentation you may have to prove your status in the United Kingdom. The process is not difficult, provided you include the proper documentation. Make sure any information you have is as current as possible. Bank records need to very current as balances can fluctuate and you want to be able to provide ample proof that you are financially stable and can provide for your guest.