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  1. AMBA

  2. Brand ambassador • Professional figures such as good-will and non-profit ambassadors, promotional models, testimonials and brand advocates have formed as an extension of the same concept, taking into account the requirements of every company.

  3. Brand ambassador - Rise of brand managers • The concept of brands and brand marketing have evolved over decades

  4. Brand ambassador - Era of change • From the early- to mid-1950s to the mid-1960s, more firms moved toward adopting brand managers

  5. Brand ambassador - Era of change • Over the course of several years, brand managers continued to exist as a medium that would help boost company revenue. In the 1990s, Marketing UK highlighted that brand managers are a part of an "outdated organizational system" while "the brand manager system has encouraged brand proliferation, which in tum has led to debilitating cannibalization and resource constraints." As a result, this system ran its course and was termed as ill-suited for the current environment.

  6. Brand ambassador - Evolution of brand managers to brand ambassadors • From the 1990s to early 2000s, brand management itself evolved as brand asset management

  7. Brand ambassador - Evolution of brand managers to brand ambassadors • Since their inception, brand ambassadors have acted more as "endorsers" or "brand champions" which is still a relative and evolving term

  8. Brand ambassador - Evolution of brand managers to brand ambassadors • Along with profitability, brand ambassadors focus on establishing credibility of a product or service amongst the target audience. This concept is also known as customer engagement; by keeping the customers satisfied with their product or service experience, a brand ambassador ensures that these customers will be loyal to the brand. As a number of marketing strategies have moved into the digital sphere, so have brand ambassadors.

  9. Brand ambassador - Celebrity branding • Using celebrities as brand ambassadors is hardly a new concept. Creswell highlights that, "film stars in the 1940s posed for cigarette companies, and Bob Hope pitched American Express in the late 1950s. Joe Namath slipped into Hanes pantyhose in the 1970s, and Bill Cosby jiggled for Jell-O for three decades. Sports icons like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods elevated the practice, often scoring more in endorsement and licensing dollars than from their actual sports earnings."

  10. Brand ambassador - Celebrity branding • Cindy Crawford became the new face of Omega, introducing the age of the celebrity brand ambassador

  11. Brand ambassador - Celebrity branding • Celebrities are popular and followed by many people so it makes sense that marketers benefit from using them in order to get their message across

  12. Brand ambassador - Self-branding • On the other hand, branding one's own product/service creates an instant connection with the audience and helps the brand stand out in comparison to other known brands that use popular celebrities or hire brand ambassadors

  13. Brand ambassador - Goodwill ambassador • For example, the United Nations Goodwill Ambassadors include famous celebrities like Angelina Jolie for UNHCR, David Beckham, Shakira for UNICEF, Christina Aguilera for WFP and Nicole Kidman for UN Women.

  14. Brand ambassador - Promotional model • They may be required to promote the brand at simply one to many occasions while a brand ambassador is often tied down to one particular brand through the means of a contract over a period of time.Promotional models are required to be physically present at the venue as per the requirements of the marketing campaign, however brand ambassadors are most often referred to as the face of the brand

  15. Brand ambassador - Testimonial • On the other hand, a consumer could not always be brand ambassador, since the latter is more commercial and is often considered as a position bound by monetary and professional liabilities

  16. Brand ambassador - Brand advocate • A brand advocate performs functions higher than that of a testimonial and much lower than that of a promotional model or brand ambassador, since brand advocacy implies active participation with the brand involved

  17. Gambas • Gambas is the name of an object-oriented dialect of the BASIC programming language as well as the integrated development environment that accompanies it. Designed to run on Linux and other Unix-like computer Operating Systems, its name is a recursive acronym for Gambas Almost Means Basic. Gambas is also the word for prawns in the Spanish language, from which the project's logos are derived.

  18. Gambas • Gambas is included in the repositories of a number of Linux distributions, such as Debian, Fedora, Mandriva Linux and Ubuntu. A Microsoft Windows version of Gambas can run under the Cygwin environment, although this version is significantly less tested than its Linux counterparts and is command-line only; Cooperative Linux and derivatives have also been used.

  19. Gambas • Gambas from version 3.2 can run on Raspberry Pi, but offers no JIT there.

  20. Gambas - History • Gambas was developed by the French programmer Benoît Minisini with its first release coming in 1999. Benoît had grown up with the BASIC language, and decided to make a free software development environment that could quickly and easily make programs with user interfaces.

  21. Gambas - History • The Gambas 1.x versions featured an interface made up of several different separate windows for forms and IDE dialogues in a similar fashion to the interface of the GIMP. It could also only develop applications using Qt and was more oriented towards the development of applications for KDE. The last release of the 1.x versions was Gambas 1.0.19.

  22. Gambas - History • Gambas 2.x versions can load up and run Gambas 1.x projects, with occasional incompatibilities.

  23. Gambas - History • The next major iteration of Gambas, the 3.x versions, was released on December 31, 2011. Early benchmarks of the Gambas 3 development versions showed its Gambas scripting being significantly faster than Perl and Python equivalents. An independent contributor, François Gallo, has also ported Gambas 3.x to Mac OS X and says he will release packages for it.

  24. Gambas - Features • Gambas is designed to build graphical applications programs using the Qt or the GTK+ toolkit; the Gambas IDE is written in Gambas itself. Gambas includes a GUI designer to aid in creating user interfaces, but can also make command line applications. The Gambas runtime environment is needed to run executables.

  25. Gambas - Features • Functionality is provided by a variety of components, each of which can be selected to provide additional features

  26. Gambas - Features • With Gambas, developers can also use databases such as MySQL or PostgreSQL, build KDE (Qt) and GNOME GTK+ applications with DCOP, translate Visual Basic programs to Gambas and run them under Linux, build network solutions, and create CGI web applications.

  27. Gambas - Features • Gambas since version 3.2 IDE has integrated profiler and it started to use Just-in-time compilation technology.

  28. Gambas - Differences from Visual Basic • Gambas is intended to provide a similar experience as developing in Microsoft Visual Basic, but it is not a free software clone of the popular proprietary program. The author of Gambas makes it clear that there are similarities to Visual Basic, such as syntax for BASIC programs and the integrated development environment; Gambas was written from the start to be a development environment of its own and seeks to improve on the formula.

  29. Gambas - Differences from Visual Basic • Its object model and each class being represented in a file, the archiver to package the program is inspired by the Java programming language. Gambas is intended to be an alternative for former Visual Basic developers who have decided to migrate to Linux. There are also other important distinctions between the Gambas and Visual Basic. One notable example is that in Gambas array indexes always start with 0, whereas Visual Basic indexes can start with 0 or 1.

  30. Gambas - Adoption • White Island Software offers project hosting, program listing, forums and more for Gambas users.

  31. Gambas - Example code • Hello world program with GUI.

  32. Gambas - Example code • Program that computes a 100-term polynomial 500000 times, and repeats it ten times (used for benchmarking).

  33. Gambas - Example code • Private Sub Test(X As Float) As Float

  34. Gambas - Further reading • Mark Alexander Bain (Apr 28, 2006) An Introduction to Gambas, Linux Journal, issue 146, June 2006 (in print)

  35. Gambas - Further reading • Mark Alexander Bain (Dec 3, 2004) Gambas speeds database development,

  36. Gambas - Further reading • Mark Alexander Bain (Dec 12, 2007) Creating simple charts with Gambas 2.0,

  37. Gambas - Further reading • Free .PDF download of "A Beginner's Guide to Gambas, Revised for Version 3" , John Rittinghouse and Jon Nicholson

  38. Gambas - Further reading • Free .PDF download of How To Gambas 3 - Building GUI Applications, W.J.L. Raets

  39. Server Message Block - Samba • Samba4 installations can act as an Active Directory domain controller or member server, at Windows 2008 domain and forest functional levels.

  40. Server Message Block - Samba • Note in relation to Samba the use of the Linux cifs-utils package.

  41. Geraldine Ferraro - First Senate run and ambassadorship • Ferraro had relinquished her House seat to run for the vice-presidency

  42. Geraldine Ferraro - First Senate run and ambassadorship • Members of Ferraro's family were indeed facing legal issues

  43. Geraldine Ferraro - First Senate run and ambassadorship • Ferraro remained active in raising money for Democratic candidates nationwide, especially women candidates

  44. Geraldine Ferraro - First Senate run and ambassadorship • By October 1991, Ferraro was ready to enter elective politics again, and ran for the Democratic nomination in the United States Senate election in New York, 1992|1992 United States Senate election in New York

  45. Geraldine Ferraro - First Senate run and ambassadorship • Abrams spent much of the remainder of the campaign trying to get Ferraro's endorsement

  46. Geraldine Ferraro - First Senate run and ambassadorship • Following the primary loss, Ferraro became a managing partner in the New York office of Keck, Mahin Cate, a Chicago-based law firm. There she organized the office and spoke with clients, but did not actively practice law and left before the firm fell into difficulties. Ferraro's second book, a collection of her speeches, was titled Changing History: Women, Power and Politics and was published in 1993.

  47. Geraldine Ferraro - First Senate run and ambassadorship • Then in , Clinton promoted her to be United States Ambassador to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, saying that Ferraro had been a highly effective voice for the human rights of women around the world

  48. Clio Award - Ambassador • A CLIO press release on May 8, 2009 announced the CLIO International Ambassadors program to increase awareness of the Clio award outside the U.S. Organizations who represent advertising, communications, design, media and public relations interests in other countries are encouraged to associate with the Clio award and host screening parties or help provide a Clio presence on local Social Media. Reuters News, May 8, 2009

  49. Benjamin Franklin - Ambassador to France: 1776–1785 • In December 1776, Franklin was dispatched to France as commissioner for the United States

  50. Benjamin Franklin - Ambassador to France: 1776–1785 • Among his associates in France was Honoré Gabriel Riqueti, comte de Mirabeau—a French Revolutionary writer, orator and statesman who in early 1791 would be elected president of the National Constituent Assembly|National Assembly.[ The Book in the Painting: De la Caisse d'Escompte]