the importance of technology in physical education n.
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The Importance of Technology in Physical Education PowerPoint Presentation
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The Importance of Technology in Physical Education

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The Importance of Technology in Physical Education

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The Importance of Technology in Physical Education

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  1. The Importance of Technology in Physical Education By: Ashley Adams

  2. Televisions • Televisions are a excellent tool to have in a physical education class because students can follow a fitness video or other fitness components from a TV • It is easier for students to follow along with someone else rather then teaching themselves. • Makes it more exciting for the students. • Allows the students to pay attention.

  3. How Televisions would be used? • To show different fitness tapes or DVDs on the television. • To engage students in exercises. • Make it fun for the students when they come to class.

  4. *Benefits* • Exercise Videos/DVDs give students a great work out. • Helps students to pay attention to all the body movements on the video/DVD. • Works different muscles • Gives step by step directions as you are working out on what to do.

  5. P90X • This is a great workout video that has many different fitness components on different DVDs. • Not only does it focus on exercising, but it also gives diet tips. • It is a rigorous workout that improves physical fitness in the matter of 90 days. • It can be used at home, in a physical education class, or physical fitness class.

  6. How P90X would be used? • To increase students heart rates in physical education class. • To increase muscle strength and endurance. • To teach students to eat a healthy diet

  7. ~Benefits~ • Weight loss • Calorie Burner • Educational based on different exercises that can be done and how to maintain healthy eating habits. • Can be used anywhere • Great for kids to get involved in • Great workout!

  8. Heart Rate Monitors • Great tool to see what your heart rate is after a good workout. • It shows how hard you have worked and depending on your heart rate it tells that you worked hard or not hard enough. • It is the tool to find the “sweet spot” of your heart beats per minute.

  9. How heart rate monitors would be used? • Can be used for many different exercises such as -Joggers -Runners -Hikers/climbers -Cyclists -Walkers • It is used to help people stay in their optimal target heat rate zone through your workout. • Can put a heart rate monitor on your wrist like a watch, chest strap, or finger sensor model.

  10. Benefits • Helps you to see the level at which you are burning calories • Improves metabolism • Shows how intense your workout is • Heart rate monitors also help you to stay in the aerobic zone you are looking for.

  11. Pedometers • Pedometers are a good tool to count how many steps you take by detecting the motion of the hips. • Pedometers are a benchmark to see how many calories and fat you burn per day. • Great for sports and physical fitness • Its an everyday exercise measurer and motivator.

  12. How Pedometers would be used? • Motivation tool to get people physically active. • Helps to increase physical activity and reduce blood pressure. • Helps people set goals for themselves. • Used for any kind of exercise. • Clip it to your shirt of pants and your good to go!

  13. :Benefits: • Weight loss device • Shows how many steps you take per day • Physical Fitness motivator • Reduces blood pressure • Reduces body mass index • Helps people to track their progress

  14. Dance, Dance Revolution • This is a fun game that students can play in class to get a good workout in as well as having fun. • It is a video game designed to concentrate on different movements that involve moving your feet to a specific pattern. • It has different levels: Beginners, Basic, Difficult • Only one person can play at a time. • Part of play station

  15. How DDR would be used? • This game would be used to get students heart rate up • Competition between each other • Burn Calories • Used to concentrate on the different steps and pay attention at all times. • Used to get students attention and interest

  16. <Benefits> • Works on coordination between eyes and feet • A lot of Fun! • Gets people up and moving instead of sitting on the couch playing a video game • Great Cardiovascular workout • Exciting to play and watch

  17. THE END!!!