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Collaborating to Start an Online Nursing Research Journal Club

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Collaborating to Start an Online Nursing Research Journal Club - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nursing Research Committee. Library. IT Department. Collaborating to Start an Online Nursing Research Journal Club Rose Campbell, MLIS, MS, AHIP, Medical Librarian; Sherrie Schuldheis, PhD, RN, Director, Nursing Research;

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Presentation Transcript

Nursing Research Committee


IT Department

Collaborating to Start an Online Nursing Research Journal Club

Rose Campbell, MLIS, MS, AHIP, Medical Librarian; Sherrie Schuldheis, PhD, RN, Director, Nursing Research;

Christine Valdez, RN, MN, CNS, CNOR. VA Medical Center Library, Portland, OR.


Barriers to

Utilization of a Traditional Face-to-

Face Journal Club


• Nurses often don’t have free time to attend the

meeting when it is scheduled, even if they may have

downtime during other times during their shifts

• Night shift nurses are simply not on site during the

regularly scheduled journal club meetings


• Nurses may have down time, but are unable to leave

the patient’s bedside during the scheduled nursing

journal club meetings

• Because of scheduling, nurses may be off during the

traditional nursing journal club meetings

• Nurses at remote clinic sites may be interested in

journal club topics, but are unable to come to the

main hospital for the journal club meetings


In order to lower spatial and temporal barriers, the Nursing Research Committee along with the library and the hospital’s IT department, is developing an online nursing journal club. By offering synchronous and asynchronous interaction, the online nursing research journal club can be integrated with the traditional meetings to allow nurses to participate remotely both during and after the face-to-face journal club meeting.

Outcomes . . . so far

The nursing research journal club has a website on the hospital’s intranet

Background and


The Portland VA Medical Center (PVAMC) is a 303-bed consolidated facility and serves as referral center for Oregon, Southern Washington, and parts of Idaho. The medical center is comprised of the main hospital in Portland, OR, as well as clinics in Vancouver, WA; Portland, OR; Salem, OR; Bend, OR and Warrenton, OR.

The PVAMC is one of

only three VA Hospitals

nationwide to have achieved the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) Nursing Magnet Hospital status. The PVAMC’s

Nursing Research Committee (NRC)

was instrumental in the hospital

achieving magnet status.

One of the goals of the NRC’s

continuing strategic plan is to

enhance evidence based

nursing practice.

One of the first steps to increasing evidence based practice among nurses is to train them to find, read, critically appraise and use nursing research. In an effort to enhance nurses’ skill in these areas the Nursing Research Committee instituted a journal club to help prepare nurses for evidence based practice.

More to come . . .

• Integration with face-to-face journal club

meetings using MeetingPlace

• More content on Nursing Research

Journal Club webpage: canned PubMed

searches on hot topics, RSS content,

interactive research evaluation tools such

as online polls, and more!

• Promotion and testing of online nursing

journal club . . . creating an online


• Evaluation


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St. Pierre J. Changing nursing practice through a nursing journal club. MEDSURG Nursing. 2005;14:390-392.

Platforms Considered

• Free, Hosted Wiki site such as Wikispace

• WebEx

• SharePoint

• MeetingPlace

• VA’s Content Distribution Network (CDN)

• NetMeeting

• Blackboard

• WebCT

Platform Selected

• SharePoint (for discussion board and document


• MeetingPlace (for live meeting interaction and


Lessons of Collaboration

• Scheduling: coordinating with many busy people

makes it difficult to schedule meetings; the process

may take longer than expected.

• Nurse Staffing: nurses primary focus is patient care.

Nurses are staffed at a level such that if there is

somebody out sick, secondary activities get


• The IT department is not a single point of contact:

be sure to talk to many different people to get the

entire picture. What might be recommended as a

solution by a webmaster may not be a good idea

from a security viewpoint.

• Get people invested in the project, not yourself:

get people excited about the project, then you can

frame requests as “this project needs your valuable

input” rather than “I need your help”.

• Patience and persistence are essential.

Step one: Identify a platform:

Desired Features

• Ability to post articles

• Discussion board

• Integration with face-to-face meeting

• Ability to record, post, and playback a live meeting

Potential Issues

• Security Issues

• Does the platform require a server?

• Is there server space available?

• Does the platform cost money?

• Is the platform already licensed by the organization?

• Ease of use

And an online discussion forum with ability to post