the 8 conditions of quality life
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The 8 Conditions of Quality Life

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The 8 Conditions of Quality Life - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The 8 Conditions of Quality Life. Belonging.

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Booker belonged to a family that was always special to him.When he was still a slave,his masters weren’t cruel with him as much as other slave owners were to other slaves.When he was at Hampton,he was special because he was the first person in his family to get an education.Also,he was the first former slave to attend Hampton.


Booker had many heroes throughout his life.They include his mother,Ms.Ruffner, Ms.Mackie,and General Armstrong.Thesepeople helped him throughout his life.They all believed that he would get an education and go far in his life.

sense of accomplishment
Sense of Accomplishment

Booker had a sense of accomplishmentin many occasions.One would be when he graduated from Hampton.Another would be when he finished the school in Tuskegee.

fun and excitement
Fun and Excitement

Booker always found a way to have fun and excitement whether he was at work or at school.On example would be when he was building the school in Tuskegee.He managed to teach and have fun with the children at the same time.

curiosity and creativity
Curiosity and Creativity

Booker always had a sense of curiosity and creativity.One example would be when he was still a slave and he always wondered about going to school every morning.Another example would be when he went on vacation with is wife.The last example would be when he was going to Hampton and explored all the way there.

spirit of adventure
Spirit of Adventure

Booker had a spirit of adventure.One example would be when Booker tried to read for the first time.He always wanted an education and tried hard when he got his first book.

leadership and responsibility
Leadership and Responsibility

Booker always had a sense of leadership and responsibility.One example would be when he was building the school in Tuskegee.Another example would be when he gave his earnings to his family every week so they could pay the household expenses.

confidence to take action
Confidence to Take Action

Booker always had a sense of confidence to take action.One example would be when he set a goal of getting an education.He first started with reading a book and then attending school.Later in life,he attended Hampton.