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How to Be A Successful Brand Ambassador PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Be A Successful Brand Ambassador

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How to Be A Successful Brand Ambassador
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How to Be A Successful Brand Ambassador

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  1. How to Be A SuccessfulBrand Ambassador Tips to Help You Represent Your School, Build and Utilize a Referral Network And Profit

  2. You have been selected to represent your school because: • We believe you can successfully get our message to hundreds of students via email, flyers and student organizations • Your demonstrated commitment to excellence convinces us that you will work hard to keep these students motivated and productive • Your hard work deserves a just reward.

  3. The Role of the Brand Ambassador You represent SignPay University at your school. You: • Distribute and post our flyers across campus and at popular off-campus locations • Convince as many students as you can to log on to the SPU website and get involved • Help students maximize their success when talking to business owners by directing them to the marketing section of the website, offering ongoing encouragement and remembering to say thank you. • Use our website to refer your own business contacts. • Recommend future Brand Ambassadors at your school and others.

  4. Getting Started Here is all you have to do to be successful: • Go to and create an account for yourself. • Familiarize yourself with all the information on the site. In the marketing section you will find scripts, emails, flyers and other materials to help you succeed. • Check your mailbox for your welcome kit: an assortment of flyers, hand-outs and brochures that will help you recruit student referrers, and help them talk to business owners. Copies of these can be found in the marketing section of our website: print additional copies or use them as email attachments. • Follow the steps on the next page.

  5. Making it Work • Think of all the places on campus and in town where students congregate: dorms, classroom buildings, the student union, the gym, etc. Put your Brand Ambassador ID# on as many flyers as possible and distribute them in these places. Post them on bulletin boards, leave them on tables, put them on windshields, hand them out. • Ask a few of your friends to hand out your flyers in their classes, dorms and clubs. • Create a massive email list and send an announcement to every student you know. A sample announcement can be found in the marketing section of our website. Keep your list so that you can send occasional updates. Make sure your ID# is on all your communications. • Talk to anyone you know who works for a restaurant, retail store, or professional business and ask them to talk to their bosses about changing processors. • Update your profiles on Facebook, Twitter and any other site you use to recruit students. Sample status updates can be found in the marketing section of our website. • Talk to people at your newspaper and radio station to see if they will help you promote the program. Sample ads and articles can be found on our website. Make sure you fill in your name and contact information. • Create a list of business you can refer, and your plan for reaching them.

  6. Maximizing Success Once you have generated all the buzz you can, you have approximately 2-3 months to ensure your success. • Keep replenishing posted flyers and looking for places to post new ones. • Check the marketing section of our website every week for new materials that will help you spread the word. • Send email updates and reminders to those on your mailing list, and post them on your social network profiles. • Congratulate those who do contribute, and encourage them to share their experiences with others.

  7. Getting Paid • Any time you like, you can check the status of your referrals on our website, • Under “Personal Referrals” you will see the names of all the businesses you have referred directly, the status of our efforts with them, and the outcome. For every referral marked “Processing,” you will receive a check for $100. • Under “Brand Ambassador Referrals” you will see the status of all referrals made by students who entered your BA ID number. • At the end of your term as Brand Ambassador, you will receive additional compensation based on the total number of businesses signed under your ID. Your compensation will be: • $100 for a total of 5-10 processing referrals • $200 for a total of 11-25 processing referrals • $500 for a total of 26-50 processing referrals • $1,000 if your efforts result in more than 50 deals • Additionally, if you produce more than 25 signed deals or more than 100 referrals, you will receive a signed, personalized letter of recommendation from us that you can use on job interviews.

  8. What You Should Know About The Payments Industry (before talking to business owners) • Any business that wants to accept electronic payments (i.e., credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, Internet or telephone charges, etc.) must do that via a registered a payments processor, also known as a merchant services provider. That is what we are. • Simply stated, a processor ensures that a business can accept all card payments, and handles all the behind-the-scenes work to make sure this happens accurately and effectively. To do this, processors charge a fee. • Traditionally, merchant services providers hire sales reps to knock on the doors of businesses and convince owner/managers to give them their payments processing business. They do that by offering better rates, better equipment, better service, or a combination of the above. • To change processors, a merchant must sign a number of complex forms and agreements, provide some credit information and, upon approval, set up a new terminal or have the existing terminal reprogrammed. This can be done over the phone or by email and causes no interruption of service.

  9. What Makes SignPay U Different • In this kind of business environment, smart business owners give their payments business to people they know and trust, assuming the pricing is competitive. • We believe that most college students have already formed “trusted” relationships with at least one or two businesses: from friends of family or family of friends, to neighbors, to businesses you have frequented, such as your doctor, dentist, vet, lawyer, accountant, hair or nail salon, sports shop, favorite restaurants, health club, etc. • By paying college students to refer these established relationships to us, we reduce the size of our sales force and overhead and pass on these real savings to our customers. • Students who participate in SignPay U are referral partners. We do not expect students to understand our business, get any signatures, or close any sales. • SignPay University is a division of a successful and established merchant services provider known as SignaPay. For more information about us, please

  10. Your SPU Campus Director Hi, my name is Nikki Morrison and I am a 2007 graduate of the University of North Texas. I live in Lewisville, Texas with my fiancée and two dogs, Lucky and Ringo. I enjoy traveling, eating Mexican food and being on the lake. I am here to help you succeed with this project, make some easy money, and have fun while doing it. So please get in touch with me any time you need help, have a question, or just feel like talking. I’ll be checking in with you, too. Good luck! Nikki Morrison 800.944.1399 ext. 5730