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Vocab Review

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Vocab Review. Questions Put your words to use! Put it on paper!. Fixin ’ Fest: Fatal Flaws ( Now available with alliteration). The Deal. 20 point essay Detractions for each fatal flaw – 2 points for the first, 1 point for each one after These strengthen your writing!.

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vocab review
Vocab Review
  • Questions
  • Put your words to use!
  • Put it on paper!
the deal
The Deal
  • 20 point essay
  • Detractions for each fatal flaw – 2 points for the first, 1 point for each one after
  • These strengthen your writing!
1 triflin titles
1. Triflin’ Titles

The Rules


This counts for EVERY TIME you discuss the piece of literature

  • Major Works and “Minor Works”
2 sentence starters
2. Sentence Starters

The Rule

Fix This:

The death of the mockingbird represents the unnecessary death of Tom Robinson. The mockingbird symbolizes this because Tom Robinson is killed despite having been proven innocent by Atticus Finch.

  • Do not start sequential sentences or paragraphs with the same word
3 ambiguous authority
3. Ambiguous Authority

The Rule


When you edit your paper, check each pronoun to ensure that there is a noun beforehand to which the pronoun refers

  • Do not use unclear pronouns.
  • “They” must always refer to a group of people (not a single person).
  • “One” is usually not what you mean to say – you are being vague!
4 juvenile generalizations
4. Juvenile Generalizations

The Rule


These are often called “weasel words” and are a sure sign that someone is trying to fake knowledge or authority

  • Don’t make vague generalizations
  • Most people, some people, oftentimes, typically
  • If you have research you should use it, but don’t just assume!
5 pronoun problems
5. Pronoun Problems

The Rule:


You? Me?!

Example: “Until Atticus neutralizes Tim Johnson, you wouldn’t even know that he could shoot a rifle.” – Oh, yes I would! I know all kinds of things that you don’t think I know!

  • No first or second person pronouns.
  • Period.





6 referencing your writing
6. Referencing (your) Writing

The Rule

Fix This:

“… bird” (Lee 37). In this quote, Atticus demonstrates his value for innocence.

  • Don’t reference your own writing!
  • “As mentioned previously” or “in this quote” or “the previous quote”
7 despicable diction
7. Despicable Diction

The Rule:


Atticus Finch is not your homie

Nobody gets the “crap beaten out of them”

  • No slang, profanities, or contractions
  • This language should be more formal than class discussions
8 ridiculous rhetoricals
8. Ridiculous Rhetoricals

The Rule:


Essay: Where does racism come from?

Brain: Is this paper going to answer that question? I hope not. That wasn’t the assignment. Ruh-roh...

  • Don’t ask questions to the reader!
  • Gives them a chance to say no!
9 fragmented phrases and run on writing
9. Fragmented Phrases and Run-on Writing

The Rule:


Remember the semicolon! Complete your ideas!

  • Every phrase should have a subject and a predicate
  • Clear noun and verb!
  • Bigger sentence does not mean it is a better sentence!
10 sorry hamlet not to be
10. Sorry, Hamlet: NOT “to be”

The Rule:


Mr. Rivers is being awarded the Heisman Trophy

Mr. Rivers wins the Heisman Trophy.

Fix This:

Tom Robinson is judged unfairly by the court system.

  • No more than 4 conjunctions of the verb “to be” in any single paragraph

What are the conjugations of the verb to be?

11 preposition placement
11. Preposition Placement

The Rule:


MayellaEwell is so nervous that has to find something to look at.

The death of Tom Robinson is something that they have to live with.

  • Do not end a sentence with a preposition!
  • To, up, with, about, as, in, without, etc.
12 questionable quotes
12. Questionable Quotes

The Rule:

  • No “air quotes”
  • All quotes will be part of a sentence
13 suspect sources
13. Suspect Sources

The Rule:

This also goes for #14

If it is unrelated – DON’T RELATE IT!

  • No quoting the dictionary, encyclopedia, or unrelated sources
15 terrible typos
15. Terrible Typos

The Rule:


I have to read these, ya know

  • Misspellings, incorrect punctuation, misplaced words, missing words, capitalization errors, etc.