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Review: Sudan/Iran Divestiture PowerPoint Presentation
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Review: Sudan/Iran Divestiture

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Review: Sudan/Iran Divestiture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Iran. Review: Sudan/Iran Divestiture. Sudan. June, 2007. Brief History of Divestitures. March 1, 1928 – Pioneer Fund launched; excludes tobacco and alcohol companies, “sin stocks”

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Review: Sudan/Iran Divestiture

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review sudan iran divestiture


Review:Sudan/Iran Divestiture


June, 2007

brief history of divestitures
Brief History of Divestitures
  • March 1, 1928 – Pioneer Fund launched; excludes tobacco and alcohol companies, “sin stocks”
  • 1980s – public pensions and university endowments divested companies doing business in South Africa during apartheid
  • 1997– Congress passed sanctions preventing US companies from doing business in the Sudan
  • January 27, 2006 – Illinois first state to pass Sudan Divesture Legislation (Illinois Public Act 94-79)
  • February 23, 2007– Federal court strikes down Illinois law
  • June, 2007– California, Florida and Ohio pass legislation to force their Pension Systems to divest from Sudan and Iran.
statistics sudanese investments
Statistics: Sudanese Investments
  • 81 US Public Pension portfolios with over $91 billion in assets believed to be exposed to Sudan1
  • Northern Trust has attracted over $7 billion to Sudan-free investment vehicles
  • The state of Texas’ two major pension funds, which together total $132 billion, hold about $700 million in shares in companies on various Sudan watch lists

1Northern Trust

2Social Investment Organization

estimates iranian investments
Estimates: Iranian Investments

Data on the extent of Iran-linked investments is difficult to obtain. The issue develops daily. We found the following published estimates of exposures for several large State Pension Systems.

Ohio: $4 billion

CalPERS + CalSTRS: $2 billion to $24 billion

Florida: $1 billion

New York: $1 billion

CalPERS officials estimate a ban on Iranian investments could cost the fund $20 million in fees and commissions and $66 million in associated transactions costs. Exposure to companies that could be affected by the bill generated $725 million in returns over the past five years.

state by state activity
State by State Activity

Source: Sudan Divestment Task Force

As of June 1, 2007

companies facing divestiture
Companies Facing Divestiture
  • Over 160 foreign companies
  • Less than 10 domestic companies
  • Representative list of companies
    • Alcatel - Sudan
    • ENI - Iran
    • Gazprom - Iran
    • Halliburton - Iran
    • Indian Oil - Iran
    • INPEX - Iran
    • Lukoil - Iran (20% owned by ConocoPhillips)
    • Norsk Hydro - Iran
    • OMV - Iran
    • Petrobras - Iran
    • Repsol - Iran
    • Royal Dutch Shell - Iran
    • Schlumberger - Sudan
    • Siemens AG - Sudan
    • Statoil - Iran
    • Total SA - Sudan
  • Implementation
    • Complex, expensive, and time-consuming
    • Compliance issues - particularly commingled vehicles and partnerships
  • Legal
    • Constitutional challenges
  • Cost
    • Investment performance
    • Limits investment manager access
  • Fiduciary
    • Potentially undermines duty to seek best return for beneficiaries
current legislative activity
Current Legislative Activity
  • Illinois public funds are working with legislators to gain relief from the more challenging elements of their divestiture legislation
  • Texas State Senate approved a bill forcing the State’s Pension Plans to sell or transfer any current investments tied to Sudan
  • Trustees of Arkansas Teacher Retirement System rejected a nonbinding resolution from legislators encouraging the divestment of Sudan-linked companies
  • The California Assembly passed a measure that would force the state’s pension funds to divest their holdings in Iran-linked companies despite trustee opposition
  • Ohio’s public pension funds will divest half of their investments in companies with links to Sudan and Iran
proposed federal legislation 110 th congress 1 st session h r 2347
Proposed Federal Legislation: 110TH CONGRESS 1ST SESSION H. R. 2347


(1) PUBLICATION OF LIST.—Not later than 6 months after the date of the enactment of this Act and every 6 months thereafter, the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of Energy, the Secretary of State, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the heads of other appropriate Federal departments and agencies, shall publish in the Federal Register a list of each person, whether within or outside of the United States, that, as of the date of the publication, has an investment of more than $20,000,000 in the energy sector in Iran. The list shall include a description of the investment made by each such person, including the dollar value, intended purpose, and status of the investment, as of the date of the publication.

california public employees retirement system
California Public Employees’ Retirement System

"We are gravely concerned about terrorist activities throughout the world. But we hold pension dollars in trust, andit is our obligation to invest those dollars for the exclusive purpose of paying benefits for our members.

Once we divest from a company, we lose the opportunity to constructively engage that company to bring about positive change.”

Rob Feckner

President of the Board of Administration


third party vendors
Third Party Vendors
  • Compile socially conscious and “terror free” lists
  • Lists are published and purchased monthly
  • Investment management firms must continually purchase lists
  • Leading firms:
    • KLD Research and Analytics
    • Institutional Shareholder Services
    • Conflict Securities Advisory Group
  • This activity may become obsolete if H.R. 2347 passes (Iran only)
divestiture resources
Divestiture Resources

Sudan Divestment Task Force:

Institutional Investment News:

Third Party Screening Tools:

Our Weblog:

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