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1911-1920. Stephanie Thompson April 2010 AP US . Thesis Statement. Although the United States was making significant strides economically and socially, politically, the government was changing in drastic ways. Being in a war lead to many changes that lead to a new United States.

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1911 1920


Stephanie Thompson

April 2010


thesis statement
Thesis Statement
  • Although the United States was making significant strides economically and socially, politically, the government was changing in drastic ways. Being in a war lead to many changes that lead to a new United States.
Sports were becoming a major form of entertainment as more spectators came to watch sports. Baseball was becoming a national pastime.

1918 was the Boston Red Sox’s last world series win in 86 years

women s rights
Women’s Rights
  • Women’s role in society was becoming more significant.
  • Women reformers believed that women deserved the right to vote and fought for it.
  • Many groups were formed to right for women’s suffrage

Carrie Chapman Catt led NAWSA and worked for women suffrage along with other reforms such as Susan B. Anthony, Jane Addams, Margaret Sanger, and Carrie Nation.

african americans
  • More than 85% of African Americans lived in southern states during 1911-1920. Jim Crow laws were followed as African-Americans were denied civil and political rights, and their labor was exploited.
  • Higher Education enrollment doubled as scholarships were significantly increased. Specialization in schools lead to separation between the humanities and science.

Harvard University in 1911

  • Muckrakers were journalists who changed American society by informing the public of social issues. The success of the progressive movement in the United States is partly to the muckrakers, who provided evidence that social reforms were vitally needed.

“The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair, used numerous muckraking techniques by showing the ‘evils’ of the meatpacking industry.

constitutional amendments
Constitutional Amendments
  • The 18th amendment was passed in 1919 and prohibited alcohol. The 19th amendment lead to women's suffrage in 1920 after endless protesting for equality.
  • Conservation was becoming a big issue and saving the environment and natural resources was a major concern. Woodrow Wilson did a lot for conservation helping many acts that benefited the environment.

National Park Service Act of 1916 was an act passed by Woodrow Wilson that helped preserve parks and land across the United States

labor rights
Labor Rights

City life was becoming very popular as many America was becoming more industrialized. Many workers joined Labor unions to get the rights they deserved. Labor Acts were passed, including Child Labor Laws. Through these acts, it helped improve living conditions for the working poor.

Labor Unions Strikes were becoming more popular and effective in 1911-1920

woodrow wilson
Woodrow Wilson
  • Woodrow Wilson was the 28th president of the United States. He became known for his fourteen points. His campaign strategy in was “He kept us out of War,” however, eventually he eventually lead the US into World War I after declaring war on Germany in response to them sinking US ships.
world war i
World War I
  • The Zimmerman Note gives the US a reason to declare war against Germany. The US joined the Allies and the war ended in 1918 with the Treaty of Versailles

Lusitania sunk by Germany

new technology
New Technology
  • There were many new technological advances made. Many of these advances were involved with cars, telephones and scientific management.

Another technological advancement was with ships. The Titanic was one of these ships and it sank in 1912

economic stabilization
Economic Stabilization
  • Woodrow Wilson attempted to make the economy more stable with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The Federal Reserve Act was intended to prevent a national finical crisis to and promote economic stability.
  • The 1911-1920 time period had rapid business growth, primarily on railroads. Immigrants played a large part of this because they provided inexpensive labor that fueled the growth.
economic power
Economic Power
  • Dollar Diplomacy is a term was originally thought of by President Taft. Its goal was to further its aims in Latin America and East Asia through use of its economic power by guaranteeing loans made to foreign countries.


liberty bonds
Liberty Bonds
  • Liberty Bonds were sold in the United States. These were used during World War I to support the allied cause. Buying bonds showed patriotic duty in the United States
  • The United States was able to change the country through political changes due to World war one, however, there were also many economic and social changes.
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