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Social security

Social security

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Social security

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  1. Social security Adrià Recort Júlia del Rio Joel Altés Javier Espino Nil Jiménez Joan Pont

  2. Introduction: • Social Security of Spain is the main social protection system of the state. Its purpose is to guarantee specific benefits and individualized to meet contingencies that may put the person in need.

  3. Thehistory of welfarestate Changed attitudes in reaction to the Great Depression (1929) were instrumental in the move to the welfare state (The state government in development assistance and social welfare) in many countries services became a reality after the poverty of the Depression.In the period following the Second World War (Germany, Italy, France Poland, Great Britain),  and many countries in Europe moved .The state provided social services for the majority of the population The state raised money to create the social security

  4. EXAMPLES OF SOCIAL SECURITY Healthcare Standards: helping people with problems (both medical and work). Rules on pharmaceutical benefits: social security covers a part of the price of medication. Rules of Temporary Disability: When a person is unable to do their job, social security is responsible to pay your salary while you can not work.

  5. Standards about risk during pregnancy: women who are pregnant have a special time to nurse the baby, etc.. Permanent Disability Standards: These cover the loss of salary or professional income suffered by a person. Performance standards about death and survival: to compensate the economic hardship that produces, for some people, the death of others. Safe Schools: school safety is insurance that protects students under 28 years.

  6. Social Security benefits: • The recipients of health care for common illness, maternity and non-work accident. • The recipients of health care by accident or occupational disease of the employees.

  7. Social Security of France: To be a French social security member, you can simply start working there, and if we can accomidate resources to CMU, which is a special coverage are those who can not afford a private mutual. If for example we have a flue and we decide to visit the doctor, we know that there are no outpatient Social Security, but we can go to any doctor. The problem, is that after the consultation we will pay the price for this, which typically ranges between 20 and 30. If you want to visit a specialist, until 2005 one could see directly without going through the GP, but now we must go before the general.

  8. Social Security of Germany: The social security in Germanycovers 5 main categories - the "five pillars" of the social security system:1-healthcare 2-disability 3-retirement4-unemployment 5-accidents at work If you are a restricted employee, for example, you work within 50 days or two months in a year, or if you have a job that pays € 400 (with incomes below than 400 € / month) you don’t pay social security or German taxes. However, you must be registered for health care. Students: all students must have health insurance if not, you can enroll at a German university or college. EU citizens working in Germany may continue to pay social security abroad for a year.

  9. Social security in USA: • The doctors in the United States think that social security in Spain is much better. • The doctors are the lowest paid in the EU, which have more work and less time to dedicate to their patients. • By law, all workers who are employed by more than 32 hours aweek, must have compulsory insurance.