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Students Given Choice

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Students Given Choice. UDL Study of Impressionism 15 Day Project. Goal/Objectives Students will be able to. Identify what is and what is not Impressionism Learn about the history and historical relevance of the time period during Impressionism.

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students given choice

Students Given Choice

UDL Study of Impressionism

15 Day Project

goal objectives students will be able to
Goal/Objectives Students will be able to
  • Identify what is and what is not Impressionism
  • Learn about the history and historical relevance of the time period during Impressionism.
  • Learn difference of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism.
  • Learn researching skills to benefit independent knowledge.
  • Encourage thinking, organizational skills, and time management skills.
  • Create an open environment for discussion and critiques.
potential challenges
Potential Challenges
  • Conceptual understanding of material
  • Students staying on track, not being distracted with technology, and not falling behind.
goal of the project was to introduce impressionism and post impressionism
Goal of the project was to introduce impressionism and post Impressionism.
  • Discussion of the historical relevance of The Industrial Revolution to the art world.
  • Students were given access to various examples of impressionism via YouTube, Google image Search, individual websites, books, poster, past student work. (note: use of cells…ALL students had cell phone and many have smart phone...even with the option to use the school laptop…all prefer to use their own devices). The use of personal devises was much easier due to printing issues and internet access.
  • Student chose the direction which they wanted to go…i.e.. Impasto painting, pointillism, painting with pallet knives, and/or combination of any.
  • Follow research, student we tasked with producing their own impressionistic or post impressionistic piece.
udl analysis reflections
UDL Analysis & Reflections
  • Through CHOICE increase engagement, motivation, product quality.
  • Through observation, students in general were highly motivated to research because of the use of their own cell phone.
  • Student enjoyed having the choice of the subject matter and embraced it…it was clear because of the level of engagement and productivity.
  • By giving choice students were able to exceed my expectations by showing different methods of producing and impressionistic drawing. For example, one student created a product that was advance…more than I would have thought to show them. On the other end of the spectrum, two student who aren’t artistic and tend to fail and are often frustrated with art actually enjoy this project because they weren’t restricted by any guidelines so they were able to understand the concepts with not having to worry about the final product and got high grades. Due to the overall success of this project I’ve decided to model choice again for our next project. Interesting finding, for this final project student get choose an artist or art period and recreate anything in that style…25% chose impressionism I think because they experience ownership and they know their unlimited options.
udl assessment
  • Representation
    • Initial lessons with regards to research and awareness.
      • YouTube videos, visual Representation of example work, step by step online tutorials, traditional lecture, small group instruction and collaboration.
  • Expression
    • choosing different projects, various ways of execution, Choice of material and subject.
  • Engagement
    • Preliminary sketches, developmental process, various levels of difficulty, there is no limit to the students’ creativity.
end note
End Note:

This class by far handed in way better work then any other class in the past. I contribute a lot of this to the use of technology. The kids where able to access YouTube videos and step-by-step tutorials that where not available in the past. Students where handing in much more advances pieces that I would have even thought to teach them.