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Helping those in need and giving you a daily percentage of ALL company product sales PowerPoint Presentation
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Helping those in need and giving you a daily percentage of ALL company product sales

Helping those in need and giving you a daily percentage of ALL company product sales

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Helping those in need and giving you a daily percentage of ALL company product sales

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  1. Help us to build the most innovativeonline advertising company on the Internet Helping those in need and giving youa daily percentage of ALL company product sales

  2. The Internet “AdRevolution” is coming!

  3. And has been given the name:

  4. Do you have a website? If so, you would of course want to make it known? You want an INCREASING number of visitors to your site! Leading to more customers! We have an offer you can´t refuse when it comes to reaching an entire world with YOUR product or service!

  5. Perhaps you do not have a website? If so, there are many ways how to get one. This is just an example of hundreds of options: A mini course/book on which you will earnan entire 60% from each sale coming throughyour website, identical to the one you see here.

  6. This is our UNIQUE offer to you today: • We can show you how an increasing volume of traffic to your website can become 100% FREE! • Help you earn a truly exciting profit just from promoting your own website to a global audience! • By doing a 'job' which requires only 10-15 minutes of your time per day. • Help you earn an income between $35 and $500 per day (or more!) What we are referring to here is often known as: “The 15minute job!”

  7. Start promoting YOUR website with no obligations100% FREE! Join GoodleAdz as a FREE member and receive: 50 visitors to your website as a “Welcome to GoodleAdz gift!” Following this, you will receive ONE visitor to your site, each time you have visited TWO sites belonging to some of our other members & website owners.

  8. You have several options for joining GoodleAdz: As low as $10 per month, or up to $198 or $398 for the premier memberships, which give you the most profitable income opportunity! and you could... “Unzip” the truly exciting opportunity to earn a significant income with the GoodleAdz concept.. Ask for more details regarding this!

  9. This is how you start as an “Advertising Partner” Purchase membership for US$198 and Ad Credits for minimum US$100 or as muchas a maximum of US$10,000 Each Ad Credit gives you ONE visitor to your website and has a price of $1. Spend perhaps 10 minutes per day looking at a minimumof 20 websites owned by other members. You will be paidfor this through a daily calculated “rebate percentage”,based on the value of the total number of Ad Credits you have purchased in the system. $7.20 If you own Ad Credits for a total value of US$600 and the daily percentage is calculated to 1.2% you will be paid: Important: The daily rebate percentage willincrease significantly on the next three levelsof the "5Step POWER Plan".

  10. $7.20 for a 15 minute “job” US$7.20 x 6 (60 minutes in one hour) is equal to: US$43.20 per hour! But this is only a very modest start!

  11. This is how it works: First become an “Advertising Partner”: Purchase Ad Credits for $1,000 (example) You will get $1,300 paid back! (130%) With other words, you will be paid your daily percentage until a total of 130% is paid back to you! If the percentage is calculated to 1.22 % your payment will be $12 for that particular day. But again - this only requires approx. 15 minutes of your time per day!

  12. The POWER in a small %! Ad Pack 1 $1,000 Purchase more Ad Credits for the daily percentage! If, as an example, you start by purchasing credits for US$1,000: $100.13 The dailypercentage is1.2% $87.09 $74.19 $61.46 $48.87 $36.43 Ad Pack 2 $12 $24.14 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 2 Day 1 Day 3

  13. The POWER in a small percentage: If you purchase Ad Credits for US$1,000 and then, for the daily percentage you continue to purchase more Ad Credits for your website for TWO years: This is based on 1.2% daily average percentage. Of course, this also means that you would have had more than 60,000 visitors to your website during this period!

  14. Recruiting new customers: Earn commissions as follows: Rebate percentages and sales commissions m You will be paid 10% on 1st level sales: mmmmmm And 5% on 2nd level sales: mmmmmmmmmmmmm It is the combination between these TWO ways of earning money which TRULY turns GoodleAdz into a particularly effective income producing opportunity!

  15. It is important to understand this: With GoodleAdz you will not only make a onetime commission from a sale to a new customer. In most cases you will earn a commission every day after the initial purchase from ONE customer! You will earn commissions when your customer is using his rebate percentage to purchase more Ad Credits. & You will earn commissions when your customer is using his sales commissions to purchase more Ad Credits

  16. Example: A customer buys Ad Credits for US$1,000 Customer receives 1.2% per day = US$12 which is used to purchase more Ad Credits. FROMREBATE %: From ONE customer you will receive US$1.20 in commissions every day. FROM SALES COMMISSIONS: When an “Ad Partner” on your first level is paid 10% (i.e..$100) - you will be paid US$10 in commissions every day this happens! Even with a small group of only 3 - 5 “Ad Partners” on your first level: Based on actual experience, this will quickly turn into US$100 per day and MUCH more!

  17. How does it work? First of all: GoodleAdz takes up to 70% of its income from sales of Ad Credits and pays it back to its members! 50% in “rebate” payments and up to 20% in sales commissions!

  18. 50% For financing rebate pool 50% Sales commissions, admin costs and profit How does it work? Many ask the question: How is it possible for a company who promises to pay its customers back 100%, and even 130%, survive as a sound business into the future? First: The company is using only 50% of all Ad Credit sales to finance the daily rebate percentage.

  19. This information is then entered into our special algorithm which then provides the daily rebate percentage. As an example: 1.2% 1:Company total sales of Ad Credits last 24 hours? 2:How many “AdPartners” are Qualifiedfor rebatepayment? 3:How many Ad Credits did they own during this period? GoodleAdz special software The “engine” of the system is a special software program which monitors and “runs” the system 24/7 At midnight each day: The software is asking three questions: Answer: xxxxxxx Answer: xxxxxxx Answer: xxxxxxx

  20. A very important GoodleAdz difference! To insure long term sustainability our concept will be based on up to 10 different other advertising products and services. These will all contribute with additional funds to the rebate pool. Three of those will become effective in summer 2011: Many others will be coming in the future: For more information please refer to the “5 STEP POWER PLAN” presentation

  21. Purchase example Example: You purchase Ad Credits for US$1,000: o o o I want to purchase more Ad Credits US$1,000 1.2% = $12 I want to cash out XX % I want to pay XX% to FGF Remember this: choose to purchase more Ad Credits every day during the next 2 years to increase your earnings from the daily rebate percentage. Note: During this 2-year period you would have had more than 500,000 visitors to your website, and turned a good profit from what you are selling also. Furthermore: We have not yet looked at how a 10% commission from first level sales and 5% commission from second level sales,DRAMATICALY will improve this situation!

  22. Use the system for maximum results 20/80 rule: 20% out as income &80% in for increased traffic to your website! However, this graph shows what will happen with US$1,000 as a starting point, if you had followed the 20/80 rule and cashed out no more than 20% in cash income each and every day. This graph shows what will happen to an investment of US$1,000 over a 2-year period if all rebate earnings are reinvested into new Ad Credits. This means you are not withdrawing any cash from the system.

  23. Your purchase of more credits in the first day: $800! Your net cash withdrawal in the first day: $200! Let’s DREAM BIG! What if you owned Ad Credits for value $83,000? ! 1.2% of $83,000 = Approx: $1,000 80% of $1000 = $800 20% of $1000 = $200 This will add up to more than US$8,000per month! There is one problem: You do not have the US$83,000!? “No problem!" All you need is SOME patience!

  24. 1: 2: 3: Doing both: Combine a monthly savingsprogram with your salescommissions, and you will get to US$83,000 in 6 - 12 months without any problems! “A Savings program”: You will get access to a calculator to help you plan a monthly savings-program which will bring you to your goal. Recruiting other customers: Use the income from 10% sales commission on 1st level & 5% on 2nd level, and become surprised of how quickly you can do it. How long will this take? First: We have already agreed that with $1,000 in starting value it would take 2 years to achieve $63,389 in Ad Credit value in your account. Therefore: It will take morethan 2 years to get to $83,000! But: You do not have THAT much patience? You would like to see this result in only 6 - 12 months? In that case: You have THREE different possible solutions:

  25. Conclusion: The unique and almost incredible “power” to createsignificant results, both in terms of income and a waveof new visitors to your website with the GoodleAdz concept,is to COMBINE the following easy methods: 1: Follow the 20/80 rule! 2: Decide on a monthly additional purchase of Ad Credits (Also referred to as a “savingsprogram”). 3: Get yourself an “automatic repeating income” by recommending GoodleAdz to other advertisers.

  26. Two VERY important reminders: 1: Our only 100% secure promise: The company will each and every day take 50% of the income fom sales of Ad Credits and pay back to our advertisers as a “thank you” for you taking the timeto spend 10 - 15 minutes looking at the websites ofother advertisers in the system! 2: The daily rebate percentage paid. This will vary from 0% (only if there were zero sales during the previous 24 hours) and up to 2% when sales were very good!

  27. You can join for FREE here now: Or consider our fantastic GoodleAdz1000 Club offer. Become ONE of only 1,000 people worldwide to become a GoodleAdz1000 Club member

  28. Thank you!