Emergency procedure
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Emergency Procedure. A Survival’s Guide.

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Emergency procedure

Emergency Procedure

A Survival’s Guide

Emergency procedure

Anytime the bell rings while students are outside, this will signal that students will need to come into the building (possible reasons could include: weather such as rain, extremely cold temperatures, weather warnings such as high winds/tornado, and/or possible external danger(s) such as a stray dog or unknown stranger). Staff supervising students outside will direct all students to line up at their usual location and that teachers/staff that are inside the building will be at the appropriate entry doors to let them in.

Emergency procedure

  • In the case of a Lock Down Drill – An announcement will be made over the PA system, indicating that we need to assume/carry out the procedures for a Lock Down.

  • Emergency procedure

    • W made over the PA system and will indicate that we need to follow the procedures for a tornado drille will most likely never have a real fire, tornado or lock down threat. However, it is important for us to be prepared in the event that there was a real one. We will be practising each of these drills during the coming months.

    • Please note: we are required to do 2 lockdown drills and one tornado drill each school year.

    Emergency procedure

    • Close and lock (class)rooms made over the PA system and will indicate that we need to follow the procedures for a tornado drill.

    • Turn out lights

    • All classroom windows and blinds should be closed.

    • Portable students will need to use some of the desks (placed down with desk legs facing out) to create a circle in the centre of the room – students will huddle down inside the circle of desks.

    Lockdown procedures
    Lockdown Procedures: made over the PA system and will indicate that we need to follow the procedures for a tornado drill

    • PA Announcement will be made to initiate lockdown:

      “Attention please. This school is now in a lockdown. Stay in your classroom or go to the nearest safe area now. Follow all lockdown procedures. Repeat. This school is now in a lockdown. Stay in the classroom or go to the nearest safe area now.”

    Emergency procedure

    • Support staff will direct students in the hall to the nearest secure location

    • Students in the library will remain with library staff and go inside the Literacy storage room

    • Students in the gymnasium will go inside the equipment room (and in the Servery/Kitchen if there are 2 classes in the gym at the time of the lockdown).

    Emergency procedure

    • Gather to an area away from the doors and windows, huddle and stay quiet.

    • Teacher will take attendance – noting students who are present and those who are not (e.g. bathroom, library, etc)

    • Students using the washroom in the primary hall should go directly to room 9 and remain there.

    • Students using the washrooms in the other hallways should go directly to room 14 and remain there. If room 14 is empty, students should go to room 13, which is the next closest safe area.

    Emergency procedure

    • Custodian will lock all external doors and stay quiet. .

    • Allow no one to leave the classroom/safe area until the ‘all clear’ signal has been given.

    • All cell phones need to be off.

    • DO NOT respond if the fire alarm is activated during a lockdown – students and staff are to ignore the fire alarm unless given a direction from the principal.

    Emergency procedure

    Tornado drill procedures
    Tornado Drill Procedures to return to their assigned classrooms

    • In the event of a practice (or actual) tornado drill, staff and students will be informed by an announcement over the PA system.

      “At this time (due to current weather conditions), all students and staff are directed to follow the procedures for a Tornado Drill.”

    Emergency procedure

    Emergency procedure

    Emergency procedure

    Emergency procedure