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Similarities vs. Differences

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Similarities vs. Differences - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Similarities vs. Differences. Chinese Yi ji Japanese Geisha Korean Giseng. Similarities Low class Both are assumed to be derived from the unequal treatment of women Both were looked down upon. Differences

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Similarities vs. Differences

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    1. Similarities vs. Differences Chinese Yi ji Japanese Geisha Korean Giseng

    2. Similarities Low class Both are assumed to be derived from the unequal treatment of women Both were looked down upon Differences Yi ji’s main duty was prostitution, whereas Giseng’s was performing various arts for males. Both were sometimes coerced into becoming gisengs or yi ji’s. Yi ji’s were not educated with arts, musics, and dances Yi ji’s were involved in sex trade Yi ji’s are still prevalent in China because poverty eradication has not taken place yet. Yi ji’s are divided into 7 classes Yi ji was never legal but Giseng was. Average age for Yi ji increased from 22 to54 Giseng vs. Yi ji

    3. Similarities Female entertainers for high class males Government and business use Low class Legal (although geisha became illegal) Accomplished in arts, dances, songs, prose Trained for years before becoming professionals Schools were established to train beginners Both were inherited jobs at times; but they were able to acquire the job through training Differences Giseng started from 16th century but geisha started a century later Geisha is categorized into two groups: One that served men in night, the Yoo Nyos (遊女), and one who only performed art and served in business seats Giseng is now extinct; some geishas still remain Side skills for giseng: needlework and medical care; geisha: housekeeping and conversational skills Some girls were sold into giseng Giseng vs. Geisha

    4. Similarities Both were divided into different groups; 7 for Yi Jis and 2 for Geishas Both earned profit off from their work Both were considered low class Illegal Both still exist Differences Yi ji’s were basically sex slaves and were not educated Geisha started before Yi ji. Yi ji’s had nothing to do with art; solely for the purpose of selling oneself to males. Yi ji’s clients included males of all social standings as long as they were able to pay for sex Geisha vs. Yi ji

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