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September 7, 2013 @ 2 pm ET Call: 888 409-6709 PowerPoint Presentation
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September 7, 2013 @ 2 pm ET Call: 888 409-6709

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September 7, 2013 @ 2 pm ET Call: 888 409-6709 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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RESULTS the power to end poverty. Guest Speaker: Dr. Paul Farmer, Founder of Partners in Health. September 2013 Global National Conference Call: Global Fund Action, Book Parties, Challenging Ourselves for Change. September 7, 2013 @ 2 pm ET Call: 888 409-6709.

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the power to end poverty

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Paul Farmer, Founder of Partners in Health

September 2013 Global National Conference Call:Global Fund Action, Book Parties, Challenging Ourselves for Change

September 7, 2013 @ 2 pm ET

Call: 888 409-6709

opening the call executive director dr joanne carter
Opening the Call:Executive Director, Dr. Joanne Carter
  • Key Points:
  • Welcome
  • Global Fund replenishment and the opportunity to end these diseases.
legislative update legislative director john fawcett
Legislative Update:Legislative Director,John Fawcett
  • Key Points:
  • Update on Global Fund Replenishment
  • Global Fund media opportunity: Cost of Inaction briefing
  • Child Survival Congressional Briefing
grassroots caf global grassroots manager ken patterson
Grassroots Café:Global Grassroots Manager, Ken Patterson
  • Key Points:
  • Challenging ourselves to think differently
  • Thinking differently on the EFA Act
  • Share from Beth Wilson, South Kitsap/Gig Harbor WA
  • Share from Lenny Chorazy, Northern VA
  • Sam Daley-Harris and the release of the 20th Anniversary Edition of Reclaiming Our Democracy
  • Grassroots board nominations due by 9/24
  • Polling questions for you
grassroots shares
Grassroots Shares

Lenny Chorazy

RESULTS Northern Virginia

on engaging old friends as new activists

Beth Wilson

South Kitsap/Gig Harbor, WA

on making fundraising & outreach one in the same

grassroots share
Grassroots Share

Beth Wilson

South Kitsap/Gig Harbor, WA

on making fundraising & outreach one in the same

Events in public venues make it easy and comfortable for new people

People coming to a fundraiser are "pre-screened" because they are already expecting to donate to RESULTS

You will have them with you for a few hours surrounded by other people who like RESULTS, too

Special speakers often draw a higher number of guests and add credibility in guests' eyes

Great leaders who have come from fundraisers: Board Member Beth Wilson, RC John Hornby, and Grassroots Expansion Associate Myrdin Thompson

our founder sam daley harris
Our Founder: Sam Daley-Harris
  • Release of Reclaiming Our Democracy
  • Book parties
  • Book Tour
  • Reclaiming Our Democracy as an opportunity for more people to learn about RESULTS, leading with the model
guest speaker dr paul farmer founder of partners in health
Guest Speaker:Dr. Paul Farmer, Founder of Partners in Health
  • Key Points:
  • The achievements of the Global Fund
  • The importance of the Global Fund in supporting the public sector to reach the poorest
  • What about the Global Fund model makes is particularly effective.
  • The opportunities for progress if the Global Fund is fully funded. 
  • Q&A
post call group meeting agenda
Post Call Group Meeting Agenda

Tweet the Call: Use the hash tag #RESULTScall and include @results_tweets

Powerful Speaking: Practice the laser talk while it's fresh

September 21 Book Parties: Will we host a book party? If not, how can we use Reclaiming Our Democracy to engage more people?

EFA Act & Nutrition Res.: What can our group we do differently to create a bipartisan EFA Act & Nutrition Resolution? What can RESULTS do?

Global Fund Media Briefing: Who will pitch? When?

Child Survival Congressional Briefing: Who will invite? When?

Set up Recess Meetings: Which Reps. & Senators have we not yet met with this year? Who will set up a recess meeting n Sept. or Oct?

Group Reporting: Hey, let’s catch up on our group reporting. 

Grassroots Board Nominations: Who do we want representing us?

Next meeting Time: When will we meet next as a group?

laser talk on inviting results founder sam daley harris
Laser Talk on Inviting: RESULTS Founder, Sam Daley-Harris
  • Do you have a moment to talk?  Great!
  • I want to invite you to an exciting event with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus. 
  • A 20th anniversary edition of Reclaiming Our Democracy written by RESULTS’ founder Sam Daley-Harris will be released this month.  We will have a book party that will be connected by conference call with Muhammad Yunus, Sam, and RESULTS executive Director Joanne Carter. 
  • Let me give you an example of what the book’s about.  On one page of the book there is a small circle labeled “your comfort zone” and on the other side of the page is a much larger circle labeled “where the magic happens”.  
  • The book and RESULTS are about moving out of our comfort zones to where the magic happens.  Would you like to come to the book party, hear Muhammad Yunus and learn about RESULTS and Reclaiming Our Democracy?