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Internships In Political Science

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Internships In Political Science. Overview of Internships Internship Program I: Sacramento Semester Internship Program II: Cal State DC Dr. Rich Haesly, Internship Director, Department of Political Science. Overview of Internships In the Department of Political Science, CSULB.

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internships in political science

Internships In Political Science

Overview of Internships

Internship Program I: Sacramento Semester

Internship Program II: Cal State DC

Dr. Rich Haesly, Internship Director, Department of Political Science

overview of internships in the department of political science csulb
Overview of InternshipsIn the Department of Political Science, CSULB
  • 3 Ways to Fulfill Practicum Requirement for POSC majors:
  • 1) Internships (POSC 447/448/498) and Judicial Apprenticeship (POSC 418)
  • 2) Moot Court (POSC 417) or Model UN (POSC 378)
  • 3) Service Learning: Women in Political Theory (POSC 401) and
  • Comparative Political Movements (POSC 450)
  • Not required for Minors, but Minors May Enroll in Any Practicum
  • Up to 6 units of Internship toward POSC; up to 9 units for degree
  • Internship courses are run as Independent Study
  • 1) 120 hours of interning, verified by internship supervisor
  • 2) Written Internship Journal
  • 3) 12-15 Page Internship Analysis Paper
tips on finding an internship
Tips on Finding An Internship
  • Department Website has Useful Information about Internships:
  • Other Resources
  • Career Development Center (250 BrotmanHall)
  • Clearinghouse for internships advertised on campus
  • Workshops, Resume Tips, Interview Advice, etc.
  • Internship Essay Writing Contest
  • Idealist (Non-Profit Organizations):
  • APSA (American Political Science Association):
  • Start Search Early. Find an internship that you want, not one you are forced to do!
  • Contact Internship Director (Dr. Rich Haesly) before accepting an internship to make sure it will work for our department requirements.
sacramento semester overview
Sacramento Semester: Overview
  • Run by Dept. of Political Science at CSU, Sacramento
  • Started in 1976
  • Excellent Placement Opportunities: Legislative, Executive, Judiciary, Media, Pressure Groups
  • 30 interns/Spring Semester
  • Last year, 10 of the 30 Participants Received Job Offers
  • Exciting Time to be in Sacramento
    • CA is Governable again: “California Sees Gridlock Ease in Governing” New York Times (10/20/13):
    • 43 new members of the State Assembly and State Senate
sacramento semester basics
Sacramento Semester: Basics
  • Open to all students at any CSU campus. Open to all majors.
  • Spring semester only
  • Juniors, Seniors and Graduate Students (when enrolled in program)
  • 3.0 GPA (or greater) preferred
  • 12 unit course of study (can enroll in more courses at CSUS for more units if you want)
    • 6 units internship (CR/NC): 25 hours/week
    • 6 units of graded coursework: Count as Upper-Division, Law, Politics and Policy Courses
sacramento semester cost of program
Sacramento Semester: Cost of Program
  • Enroll as a Visiting Student at CSU, Sacramento
  • Fees are about the same as a full-time student at CSULB
  • Student Aid (grants and loans) typically transferable
  • Cost of living in Sacramento is lower than in Southern California
  • 10 $4,000 Scholarships Are Available
    • Competitive, but financial need is primary
    • CSULB has a great track record winning full- and partial-scholarhishps
sacramento semester application process
Sacramento Semester: Application Process
  • Applications are due the first week of November (This year: November 1, 2014)
  • Two-page Application Form
  • One-page Scholarship Form
  • Waiver to Release Financial Aid Information to CSUS
  • Writing Sample
  • Application is Used to Find Internship Placement that Fits Your Needs
  • Campus Representative (Dr. Haesly) Writes a Letter of Recommendation
    • No other letters of recommendation are needed
    • Worth coming to see me (review your application and to get to know you better so I can write strong letter)
  • Decisions: Acceptance (Early December); Scholarships (Mid-December)
sacramento semester finding out more
Sacramento Semester: Finding Out More
  • From Sacramento Semester
    • Dr. Michael Wadlé, Director Sacramento Semester: (916) 278-4012
  • At CSULB
    • Dr. Rich Haesly, Internship Advisor and Internship Director: (562) 985-4700
      • Email me with questions or to set up a meeting (for more information, review your application, etc.)
internship program ii cal state dc internship program
Internship Program II: Cal State DC Internship Program
  • Cal State DC Student Testimonials
cal state dc overview
Cal State DC: Overview
  • Run by CSU, Fullerton
  • Started in 2006
  • Spring and Summer Programs (May add Fall semester soon)
  • Similar types of Placements as Sacramento Semester (Legislative, Executive, Interest Groups, Media, Political Parties)
  • You are interning in the nation’s capital!
  • Important Difference: For Cal State DC, you are responsible (with their help) for finding your internship
    • If you apply (resume, cover letter) for at least 5 internships, you will be guaranteed an internship.
    • Semester prior to entering Cal State DC, you must attend a handful of mandatory meetings at CSUF
cal state dc basics
Cal State DC: Basics
  • Open to select CSU campuses (CSULB were invited this year)
  • Open to all majors. Juniors, Seniors and Graduate Students
  • 3.0 GPA (or Better) Preferred
  • Spring Semester: 12-15 units
    • 6 units of internship
    • 6-9 units of other courses (Taught by CSU faculty), not simply POSC courses (e.g., Comm Studies, Creative Writing): Varies by semester.
  • Summer Session: 6-9 units
    • 6 units of internship
    • 3 units of applied course (topics vary by session)
cal state dc cost of program
Cal State DC: Cost of Program
  • CSUF Visitor (Spring); CSUF Extension (Summer)
  • Fees similar to CSULB
    • Remember, Summer courses are more expensive/unit (both at CSULB and CSUF)
  • Financial Aid (Grants and Scholarships) Generally Transferable
  • Housing
    • Excellent, Furnished Corporate Apartments near Union Station: $4,000 (Spring), $3,000 (Summer)
    • Can live with family or friends, or find own accommodations
  • Airfare to DC (approximately $400-$500)
  • Some Scholarship Are Available. Contact program for details.
  • Fundraising Encouraged
cal state dc application process
Cal State DC: Application Process
  • More extensive than Sacramento Semester
  • Application
    • GPA, major, etc.
    • Extracurricular activities, relevant skills, previous internship experience
    • Essay: What personal qualities and skills would you bring to an internship in Washington, DC? How does participation in such a program into your academic and career goals?
    • One letter of recommendation
    • Sample resume and cover letter that you would send out to apply for internships
  • Scholarship Application
  • Due Date: Rolling Admissions; Scholarship Consideration: October 7 for Spring 2014 Program
cal state dc finding out more
Cal State DC: Finding Out More
  • From Cal State DC
    • Dr. Sarah Hill (Director, Assistant Professor of Political Science, CSUF, (657) 278-2504,
  • At CSULB
    • Dr. Rich Haesly, Internship Advisor and Internship Director: (562) 985-4700
      • Email me with questions or to set up a meeting (for more information, review your application, etc.)