word study lesson 9 l.
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Word Study Lesson 9

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Word Study Lesson 9. Latin bases Serv,Servat = “save, keep, serve”.

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word study lesson 9

Word StudyLesson 9

Latin bases

Serv,Servat = “save, keep, serve”

Most of you will recognize such words as serve, servant, and service. You may have even encountered the words serf and servitude in history lessons. The Latin noun servus means “slave,” referring to a person who “serves” a master.
Serv and servat have two different meanings so they produce words with a variety of meanings. By focusing on this, we will better understand that the same word can have multiple meanings. The meanings often depend of the context in which the word is being used. For example, to make reservations at a restaurant is to “keep” a table “back” for yourself, but to have reservations about doing something is to feel doubts that “keep” you “back.”
Use these clues to figure out the two meanings of serv, servat.

A life preserver can save the life of someone drowning.

The job of a waiter or waitress of to serve food to customers.

Can you and your partner figure out which of these serv, servat words means “save, keep” and which means “serve”?

Join the armed services

Strawberry preserves

Wildlife conservation

Reserve a library book

Serve a meal

1 reserve
1. reserve

I need to reserve some seats to that we will have a place to sit during the performance.

2 conserve
2. conserve

You need to conserve your energy since you have an important game this afternoon.

3 servile
3. servile

Even today, according to the UN, 200 million people work in servile conditions throughout the globe.

4 preserves
4. preserves

My granny used to make the best strawberry preserves.

5 conservation
5. conservation

I would like to travel to a wildlife conservation in Africa and see the gorillas.

6 subservient
6. subservient

Before the Civil War, slaves had to be subservient to their masters.

7 reservoir
7. reservoir

During the summer, when there is very little rain, the reservoir can get dangerously low.

8 observatory
8. observatory

Some brave scientist chose to place an observatory on top of a volcano so that they could study it before it erupts.

9 servitude
9. servitude

Southern plantation owners relied on the servitude of purchased people for their crops to thrive, and make money.

10 unreserved
10. unreserved

We are not going to be able to make it to dinner on time; we need to call and make sure our table gets unreserved.