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Entering School-Based Assessments

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Entering School-Based Assessments - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Entering School-Based Assessments. A beginner’s guide on to using the School-Based Assessments data-entry application. What is the School-Based Assessments application?.

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Entering School-Based Assessments

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entering school based assessments

Entering School-Based Assessments

A beginner’s guide on to using the School-Based Assessments data-entry application

what is the school based assessments application
What is the School-Based Assessments application?
  • It is a data-entry application that allows teachers and school administrators to input and store their own assessments and see the results instantly in MyData.
  • Using selection filters, you can identify the groups of students you want to input scores for. Your selection can be as broad as the entire school or as specific as a teacher’s classroom.
  • You can go in at any time and update or edit information.
who can access this application
Who can access this application?
  • Teachers and administrators, including those with school-wide MyData access, can access this application and enter school-based assessments for their students.
can we see a demo
Can we see a demo?
  • Let’s begin!
  • Click to move through the following slides…
accessing the application
Accessing the Application

Type mydata in the address field of your browser, then press Enter.


Type the URL in the address field of the browser, and press Enter.


Login using your SSO username and password, then click the Login button.




Use the selection filters on the left-hand side of the screen to select those students for which you need to enter data.


School site administrators will have to select the Preferred Location, or campus, before making any other selections.

Teachers will automatically default to a location.

Fields with * are required fields.


Once you select your Preferred Location, you can continue to narrow the list of students based on the other available filters.


After selecting Preferred Location, the Track and Teacher filters will refresh with information specific to the school.


For secondary schools, if you want to select students in a particular course, you must select the associated Department first.


All the other filters display the same values regardless of the school. If no student records return after selecting your criteria, it may be because the choices do not apply to your school’s population (e.g., selecting “Filipino” and “Limited English Proficient”).


After identifying the students you want, you need to select the assessment for which you need to enter data.


Once you have set your Selection and Assessment Filters, click Search to display the selected students.


To move several pages, type a specific page number.

To move to the next page, click the Next button.


Once all the data has been entered, click on Save.

TIP: Make sure to note down the required fields. In the event you have to search for, and/or modify your data, you will be asked to enter the exact information in these fields to access the data.














A white star indicates no changes. Green student ID indicates record was previously saved.

A yellow star indicates unsaved changes. Once saved, star will change to white and student ID will change to green.

A white star and a blue student student ID indicates an untouched record.

viewing the entered assessments in mydata

Viewing the Entered Assessments in MyData

Accessing the assessments on the reporting application


Log in to MyData using the login link on the left side of the screen, or click on the MyData icon.


Login using your SSO username and password, then click the Login button.





Select the School and Teacher you want to view.


Then click the Assessment you want to view.


Then click the Go button.


Select the Assessment Name, Subtest and Unit # and click Go to view your roster that shows the assessments you have previously entered from the data-entry screen.


To view another assessment, click on the School-Based Assessments tab and make the new selections.


This concludes the tutorial on the School-Based Assessment Application.For further assistance, please send an email to mydata@lausd.net or call 213.241.1113.