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Welcome To Mr. Schammann’s Class. Computers and Advanced Computers. Topics. Discipline Program Class Rewards Classroom Standards Classroom Rules Classroom Procedures Homework. Classroom Standards.

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Welcome to mr schammann s class l.jpg

Welcome To Mr. Schammann’s Class

Computers and Advanced Computers

Topics l.jpg


Discipline Program

Class Rewards

Classroom Standards

Classroom Rules

Classroom Procedures


Classroom standards l.jpg

Classroom Standards

Be seated before the bell rings (be ready to start when class begins). You have the first two minutes of class to copy the agenda.

Be prepared for class (have work, books, and equipment needed).

Be respectful of others ( use respectful language and behavior.

Complete all assignments follow directions listen to the teacher when he is addressing the class l.jpg

Complete all assignments.

Follow Directions. Listen to the teacher when he is addressing the class.

Classroom rules l.jpg

Classroom Rules

The three important elements we need for creating a great classroom environment are:




Classroom procedures l.jpg

Classroom Procedures

Bathroom Breaks

Pencil Sharpening

Speaking Out in Class

Calling on Students

Whole Group Responses


Classroom Dismissal

Teacher Instructions

Bathroom breaks l.jpg

Bathroom Breaks

Only to be taken in emergencies. If the privilege is abused then it will be taken away.

The school does not permit free time in the bathrooms.

A ticket must be provided to use the bathroom. Do not write on any tickets until the raffle.

Pencil sharpening l.jpg

Pencil Sharpening

Raise your hand to use the sharpener.

Do not over sharpen your pencils. This is a waste of classroom materials.

If you forget to bring a pencil you can buy one for a classroom ticket.

Can be done during individual or group work activities.

Speaking out in class l.jpg

Speaking Out in Class

Raise your hand to speak out or make a comment in class.

No talking while another student or the teacher is talking. We all must take our turns.

Calling on students l.jpg

Calling on Students

The teacher will call on the student that is sitting quietly with their hand up waiting to be called.

No yelling to try to get the teacher’s attention.

Whole group responses l.jpg

Whole Group Responses

Students will respond at this time with a thumbs up or thumbs down.

Please do not call out at this time.

Transitions l.jpg


Students have one minute to talk between activities.

Use this time to get where you need to be.

Classroom dismissal l.jpg

Classroom Dismissal

The teacher dismisses the class not the bell.

Students will be dismissed by row.

You must clean up around your work area before you leave.

Exit the room safely after you have been dismissed.

Teacher instruction l.jpg

Teacher Instruction

Never interrupt the teacher while he is speaking.

The teacher will get your attention by using a bell. If the class does not respond immediately to the bell the class will lose class points.

Homework l.jpg


Students will be graded on:

Group Projects

Individual Work

Paper format l.jpg

Paper Format

First, Last name in the top left hand corner.



Class Name

A point system will be used to grade work group projects 50 points activities 5 points l.jpg

A point system will be used to grade work:

Group Projects = 50 points

Activities = 5 points

Discipline program l.jpg

Discipline Program

Teacher pulls a classroom ticket. When tickets have been exhausted then the student moves on to step 2.


Parent Contact

Office Referral


Rewards system l.jpg

Rewards System in student events or suspension.

Class Rewards

Individual Rewards

Class rewards l.jpg

Class Rewards in student events or suspension.

The class is awarded 10 points at the beginning of each week. Points are also awarded for completion of assignments, classroom behavior, class spirit and cooperation. Class points are posted on the week at a glance.

Slide22 l.jpg

50 points = movie in student events or suspension.

75 points = game day

100 points = Ice Cream party

Voting for these events occur every Friday. The events themselves occur on Friday.

Raffle l.jpg

Raffle in student events or suspension.

A raffle will be held on the last Friday of the month. At this time tickets will be passed out to the class. Five tickets will be given to each person in the class. Only place your name on the tickets when you are turning them in for the raffle.

Materials you will need l.jpg

Materials You Will Need in student events or suspension.

2 Glue Sticks

Box of Pencils

2 Red Pens

2 Black Pens

Scotch Tape

Pencil Sharpener With Cover


Color Pens or Pencils

3 Ring Binder

White Lined Paper

Flash drive and Floppy with case

What is a flash drive and why do i need it l.jpg

What is a Flash Drive and why do I need it? in student events or suspension.

Before we answer that let’s take a look at different types of portable memory.

Floppy disk l.jpg

Floppy Disk in student events or suspension.

This type of memory carries 3 mega-bites of memory that can be stored on this small disk.

It can be easily damaged which means that work you have completed can be lost.

Not much can be stored on this especially “Power Point” presentations.

These disks can be purchased for 20 for five dollars.

Flash drive l.jpg

Flash Drive in student events or suspension.

These can be plugged into any drive and are almost break proof.

The standard is approximately 128 mega-bites. It will store everything including your pictures and music and does not require a burner.

They range in price from $20-$75 dollars.

This form of portable memory is highly recommended over the other suggestions.

To answer the question why do i need a flash drive l.jpg

To Answer the question why do I need a flash drive……. in student events or suspension.

Flash drives will be used to store “Power Point” Presentations and all other electronic documents. All oral presentations will be on “Power Point”.

All back assignments will be stored on disk just in case you lose them.

School internet site l.jpg

School Internet Site in student events or suspension.

If you miss a lecture, all the “Power Point” lectures are posted on the Johnson Middle School website. You can visit it at: www.jms.warriors.com

Click on teacher’s corner to find Mr. Schammann’s class.

Mr schammann s email l.jpg

Mr. Schammann’s Email in student events or suspension.


All teacher emails can be found on the school website at: