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Globalize Your Engineering Education at Penn State. Can Engineers Study Abroad?. YES! And here’s why you should…. Why Participate in an International Experience?. Why would you recommend this experience?

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Can engineers study abroad

Can Engineers Study Abroad?


And here’s why you should…

Why participate in an international experience
Why Participate in an International Experience?

Why would you recommend this experience?

“You see differences among group members as a really beneficial tool when working on any kind of project. It gives everyone the opportunity to teach, learn, and create something innovative by pulling together everyone’s diverse experiences, talents, and knowledge.”

-H.S., Study Abroad, Singapore

“It really prepares you for a future in a global industry and to work with people from all over the world.”

-Z.K., Study Abroad, Ireland

“You gain experience working with people with different cultural backgrounds.”

-K.S., Study Abroad, Turkey

What was the most important thing you learned?

“Knowing about different cultures is something that comes in handy in all parts of life. The only way to achieve that is to live with that culture and this is one of the great things that can be gained from studying abroad.”

-G.H., Study Abroad, Italy

“…to be accepting of a different county’s lifestyle. There are many things that countries do differently than the U.S. but you just have to learn to accept it and learn from it. A slogan we were taught while in Australia was ‘It’s not wrong, it’s just different’.”

-C.W., Study Abroad, Australia



Broaden your understanding of the world

Gain a global perspective of engineering

Take one more step to becoming a World-Class Engineer

What was the most important thing you learned?

“Both our similarities and our differences are huge benefits to engineering, learning, and life in general.”

-S.M., Study Abroad, Singapore

“I got to live near and study where all of the ideas and influence came from that shaped what engineering in America is today.”

-G.H., Study Abroad, Italy

“Having an engineering experience abroad gives you opportunities that simply cannot be found in a typical classroom. …It’s amazing to see how engineering connects people all over the world.”

-H.S., Study Abroad, Singapore

What did you like best about your experience?

“The people. I got to live and work with some of the most diverse, fun, and interesting students and professors I’ve ever known. The course was fantastic, but the people made the experience.”

-S.M., Study Abroad, Singapore

“During my trip, I got a chance to make great friends from both Turkey and the US, which we are still in touch.”

-K.S., Study Abroad, Turkey

“I really enjoyed not knowing anyone going to Australia, but leaving with 27 very close friends.”

-C.W., Study Abroad, Australia

What did you like best about your experience?

“The way each country has its own identity, history, and style is unlike anything I have experienced in the United States. All of the buildings and culture are unique in each country I visited. Italy is full of breathtaking cathedrals and sculptures created by brilliant engineers, Prague is possibly the most beautiful city I have ever visited in my life. It has amazing architecture, an incredible night life, and tons of things to see during the daytime as well as watching the sunset over the St. Charles Bridge.”

-G.H., Study Abroad, Italy

What was the most important thing you learned?

“Being in a country that is so different culturally, with a remarkably difficult language for strangers was a truly great experience. I learned Chinese, ate Chinese food, and saw a cultural and historical aspect of China and Chinese society that I can never learn from books or through friends.”

-S.B., Study Abroad, China

“I learned a great deal about myself from all of the new experiences, people, and places that I visited.”

-Z.K., Study Abroad, Ireland

  • Make friends from around the world

  • Learn more about yourself and another culture

  • See a foreign country

Global opportunities for engineering students
Global Opportunities for Engineering Students

  • Opportunities to Travel Abroad

    • Study Abroad

      • Semester Programs

      • Summer and Short-Term Programs

      • Courses with an International Travel Component

      • Service Learning

    • Work/Research Abroad

  • On-Campus Opportunities

    • Academic and Extra-curricular

Where do i start
Where Do I Start?

Do you wish to travel?

What type of experience do you want? Study, work/research, volunteer/service?

When do you want to go abroad? First year through senior year options available

How long do you want to be abroad? One week, a few weeks, a semester, a year?

What is your major/intended major or minor?

Will you fulfill major or minor requirements abroad, or take general education courses?

Do you possess any skills in a foreign language? Would you like to improve or learn a language?

What budget do you have for your travel abroad?

Do you prefer living with a host family, in an apartment, in a hotel, or in a dorm?

Where do you want to go? Do you have a specific country in mind? Would you prefer living in a busy city or quiet town?

Semester study abroad locations
Semester Study Abroad Locations

College of Engineering Partners

Other Schools offering Engineering Courses

All Penn State Education Abroad Programs

Engineering partners europe
Engineering Partners: Europe

  • University of Southampton

    • Southampton, United Kingdom


  • University of Navarra

    • San Sebastian, Spain

    • BIO E, E E, I E, M E

Engineering partners europe1
Engineering Partners: Europe

  • École Centrale Paris

    • Paris, France

    • CH E, C E, CMPEN, CMPSC, E E, I E, M E

  • Warsaw University of Technology

    • Warsaw, Poland


  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

    • Karlsruhe, Germany

    • BIO E, CH E, C E, E E, I E, M E

Engineering partners asia and pacific
Engineering Partners: Asia and Pacific

  • University of Auckland

    • Auckland, New Zealand

    • BIO E, CH E, C E, CMPEN, CMPSC, E E, E SC, I E, M E

  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    • Shanghai, China

    • M E, I E

  • Tohoku University

    • Sendai, Japan


Engineering partners middle east
Engineering Partners: Middle East

  • Middle East Technical University

    • Ankara, Turkey

    • AERSP, B E, CH E, C E, CMPEN, E E, E SC, I E, M E

  • Technion Institute of Technology

    • Haifa, Israel

    • AERSP, BIO E, B E, CH E, C E, E E, I E, M E

When where for semester study abroad
When / Where for Semester Study Abroad

  • Semester abroad generally 4th, 6th, or 7th semester, depending on major

    • semester plans in programs guide

  • Search Program Matrix for semester study abroad programs that offer engineering courses

Application deadlines
Application Deadlines

  • Academic Year – January 20

  • Fall – January 20

  • Spring – May 1

    • Some programs re-open with a later deadline of September 15

    • Apply by the May 1 deadline to be sure to get your first choice

  • Summer – February 1

    • Other summer program deadlines may vary for non-Penn State programs, and may be earlier or later

Summer and short term programs
Summer and Short-Term Programs

  • Can go anywhere from first year through senior year

  • Example Penn State Engineering Programs

    • Cultural Impact on Engineering in China

    • Engineering Design in Singapore, France, and Spain

    • Architectural Engineering summer programs in Italy and China

    • Engineers Made in Germany summer program in Germany

  • Example Non-Penn State Programs

    • University of New South Wales Energy Tomorrow program in Australia

    • Engineering for Sustainability in Germany

Courses with an international travel component
Courses with an International Travel Component

  • Can be entire course or portion of the course

  • Search Education Abroad website for “Embedded” courses

  • Common travel times are over Thanksgiving, Spring Break, Winter Break, or early Summer

  • A few engineering examples offered recently:

    • A E 498E (SP13): Design Build Solar in Honduras

    • ENGR 496 (SP13): Independent Study in Engineering Leadership Topics in Morocco, Senegal, and Benin

    • EDSGN 454 (SU13): Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship Field Experience in Kenya

    • ENGR 496A (SU13): International Leadership of Enterprise and Development Practicum in Hungary

  • Many non-engineering options as well

Service learning volunteer abroad
Service Learning/Volunteer Abroad

  • Programs through the Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship program

  • Student Groups

    • Engineers Without Borders – projects in Sierra Leone

    • Global Brigades – several chapters at Penn State

Work research abroad
Work/Research Abroad

  • Methods to find a work abroad experience

    • Fall Career Days, Spring Career Days

    • Engineering Career Week

    • Job postings on eCareer

    • Going Global online resource

    • Postings on company websites

    • Research connections through faculty

    • Personal networking

    • Combined study-work programs

    • Programs offered through organizations or other universities (e.g. RISE, NanoJapan)

    • Third party programs (e.g. CDS International, Cultural Vistas, IES) – generally for a cost

Opportunities on campus
Opportunities on Campus

Academic Programs

Beyond the Classroom

International Engineering Certificate

Second Major in Another Language or International Studies

Minor/Courses in Another Language or with Global Emphasis

Engineering Courses with International Focus

International Cultures (IL) Courses

  • International Student Groups, Engineering & University-Wide

  • International Engineering Envoy, Buddy, & Mentor Programs

  • Events, Activities, and Other Programs

Prepare yourself to be a better candidate
Prepare Yourself to be a Better Candidate

  • Apply for a Passport if you don’t already have one!

  • Learn about another culture

    • Participate in student groups with international focus

    • International events on campus

    • Take International Cultures (IL) courses

  • Academic Preparation

    • Take language courses

    • Take engineering courses with an international component

    • Perform well academically

    • Take ENGR 111, Introduction to Cross-Cultural Communication for Engineers, the semester before you go abroad (self-paced, online course through ANGEL)

  • Gain work experience through an internship or co-op

People to help you through this process
People To Help You Through This Process

  • Open Office Hours (Students):

    • International Engineering Envoys – Top Floor Kunkle Lounge (see website for hours)

    • Education Abroad Peer Advisers – 313 Boucke (Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm)

  • Appointments Needed/Preferred (Faculty/Staff):

    • Kim Baran – Coordinator, Global Engineering Education – 205 Hammond

    • Departmental Study Abroad Contacts – varies by department (see next slide)

    • Education Abroad Advisers – 410 Boucke

Www engr psu edu global international@engr psu edu

International Engineering Envoys

Meet with the envoys to discuss Study Abroad, Work Abroad, and On-Campus Globalization Opportunities

Office Hours in Cubicle on Top Floor of Kunkle Lounge

See website for schedule

Where will you go

Where Will You Go?