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Ecology Public Service Announcement PowerPoint Presentation
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Ecology Public Service Announcement

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Ecology Public Service Announcement - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ecology Public Service Announcement. How to get started. Step One. Watch the PSA provided . Examples of a PSA Discuss what you like and don’t like about the article. Review the PSA Outline handout with the Teacher. Watch the PSA once more. Look for the following:

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Ecology Public Service Announcement

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    1. Ecology Public Service Announcement How to get started

    2. Step One • Watch the PSA provided . Examples of a PSA • Discuss what you like and don’t like about the article. • Review the PSA Outline handout with the Teacher. • Watch the PSA once more. Look for the following: 1. How the actors portray the message. 2. The persuasive techniques used in the video 3. The use of voiceovers (if any) 4. How the PSA uses text on the screen

    3. Step Two • Pick a topic from the list provided (slide 9) and inform your teacher. (first come first serve) • Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper. What did you find in your research about the ecological issue that surprised you?How does this information conflict with your beliefs?How are the facts different than you expected? How can you explain (your topic) What steps can you take to find explanations?What rationale can you give for this issue? What are some other ways to promote ________________? What would you do if you were in charge of a national ____________ campaign?Can you imagine all the benefits the world would have is there was_________________________ awareness?

    4. Step Three • Complete Section 1 (Scenario) in the PSA Outline with your group of 3 or 4. • The entire PSA must be 30 seconds! After the scenario and skit are complete think of a slogan or saying that best depicts the PSA

    5. Step 4 (Computer Lab) • Use the Persuasion Map to plan the rest of your storyboards. • When you are done cut and paste to a word document and save under your student number.

    6. Step 5 • Use the information from your Persuasion Maps to fill in your outlines as follows: • Section 1: What type of words should flash across the screen to put across the message or your goal? Think of a catchy phrase or slogan. • Section 2: How could you discuss the reasons in the video? How do you convince people to listen to your message? • Section 3: What are your facts? How will you share these facts dramatically?

    7. Step 6 • Visit the Let's Make Movies! website. • Use the outlines they created to make a storyboard and shot list for their video. • Rehearse for filming. • Film your PSA

    8. Step 7 • Work on your PSAs in your groups. You should follow the instructions on the Using Movie Maker to Create Public Service Announcements (PSAs) handout to edit and render their PSAs.

    9. Environmental IssuesPlease use other sources besides the ones below NO WIKIPEDIA or BLOGS! • Save the (endangered animal) Loss of Biodiversity and Extinctions • Save the (endangered plant) Climate Change Affects Biodiversity • Save the Coral Reefs • Stop Climate Change and Global Warming or Global Warming and Population • Stop the depletion of The Ozone Layer and Climate Change • World Hunger Population and Feeding the World • Support wildlife sanctuariesNature and Animal Conservation • Save the trees Deforestation (you will need to google these topics) • The Alien Species • The effects of Human warfare on Ecosystems • Recycle, Reduce, Reuse • Why go Green? • Energy Conservation

    10. Step 8 • Movie Day • All videos will be completed by April 20th and shown to the class. • Students will fill out the Evaluating the Products and the Reflecting on the Process sheets.