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The 1 iPad Classroom

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The 1 iPad Classroom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The 1 iPad Classroom. To help you integrate technology into a room with little to offer. From management techniques to teaching apps. FREE. Educreations.

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the 1 ipad classroom

The 1 iPad Classroom

To help you integrate technology into a room with little to offer. From management techniques to teaching apps.



  • The perfect app to turn your iPad into a smartboard. You can insert picture, type words as well as add symbols all while recording you speak. Great for explaining a concept and adding it to your website for students and parents o view over and over again.

All subjects and grades



  • View some of the most popular magazines right on this app. Integrate articles into your World Issues, Science, Art, or English class. Easy to use and very a large variety of magazines.

All subjects and grades

three ring


Three Ring
  • An app and a website. Take pictures, voice recording and video of students work then can then be uploaded to the online site. Comments and a grade can then be added to provide up to date evidence of students work to parents. Secure site to ensure students privacy.

All subjects and grades

mad libs


Mad Libs
  • Great for filling time at the end of a busy Friday to end the week off or if you are supplying to fill an empty space in the day. This is highly educational and great to get the kids thinking about language with a fun spin.

Primary/ Junior

snag film


Snag Film
  • Has many documentary films for you to show your class depending on the subject area. All films are free of charge and DVD quality. Be sure to watch ahead of time to ensure it is appropriate for your class. It does require the internet to view the films.

Junior, Intermediate, Senior



  • Great classroom management tool
  • You are able to transfer your students from many board run databases
  • Can record anecdotal notes, grades, attendance, student information, send reports and export all of the information to your computer when needed.

All subjects and grades



  • Download to your computer and display your iPad, iPod or iPhone screen right to your computer. Is highly recommended to best utilize many of the mentioned apps.
  • Promo Code for 15% off: RFLIKEFOR15

All subjects and grades