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Achievements of CELEP. Meeting June 2009 at Cordaid Present in June + members: ACTED, Oxfam GB, REGLAP, IIED, Kimmage, PA, Farm Africa, LPP, RELPA/USAID, WISP, ASC, Both Ends, IWGIA, Reconcile, IKV Pax Christi, VSF Belgium, MRG, ACORD, EPARDA, ITC, JOLIT, Entree, Cordaid: 23

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Achievements of celep
Achievements of CELEP

  • Meeting June 2009 at Cordaid

  • Present in June + members: ACTED, Oxfam GB, REGLAP, IIED, Kimmage, PA, Farm Africa, LPP, RELPA/USAID, WISP, ASC, Both Ends, IWGIA, Reconcile, IKV Pax Christi, VSF Belgium, MRG, ACORD, EPARDA, ITC, JOLIT, Entree, Cordaid: 23

  • 20 Pledges made in June meeting 2009.

Pledges first year
Pledges first year

  • Core group and focal point (IWGIA, REGLAP/Oxfam GB, Kimmage, WISP, HoA network/PACAPS, FARM Africa and IKV Pax Christi. Cordaid focal point.

  • Formulation mission statement and name: CELEP!

  • Drafting 4 one page position papers: 3 finished

  • IIED and Farm: meeting with UK agencies.

Pledges first year1
Pledges first year

  • 5. Kimmage link with Irish agencies and then link up with UK agencies.

  • 6. Cordaid start Dutch agency cooperation.

  • 7. Start up lobby trajectory in relation to South Kenya/Northern Tanzania.

  • 8. Entree and Reconcile work out strategies multi level lobby on East African Communiy Working Group on Pastoralism.

Pledges first year2
Pledges first year

  • 9. VSF Belgium with other Belgium NGOs’ influence the new policy on aid of DGCD.

  • 10. IWGIA, Development Pinnacle and MRG lobby African commission on Human + Peoples rights.

  • 11. IWGIA with Reconcile will lobby Danish strategy for development in Kenya

Pledges first year3
Pledges first year

  • 12. LPP and Acted via Life Network partners awareness on livestock keepers rights in Karamoja.

  • 13. IKV/Pax will have meeting with WISP and Seeds of Peace.

  • 14. IKV Pax and Farm Africa wil share knowledgde and have meeting in Nairobi.

Pledges first year4
Pledges first year

  • 15. IKV Pax and Cordaid will share on CMDRR approach.

  • 16. Different actors: improve networking in relation to Karamoja cluster and develop lobby strategy.

  • 17. Oxfam GB, VSF Belgium, Reconcile and Cordaid continue working on REGLAP.

Pledges first year5
Pledges first year

  • 18. WISP, Oxfam, MRG, Eparda, Farm, Reconcile meeting on networking for regional lobby EAC and AU.

  • 19. Kimmage and WISP share info on the new MA program.

  • 20. LPP will multiply info on this coalition via mailing lists and networks.

Other actions taken
Other actions taken

  • Lobby on evictions in Tanzania (IWGIA, Kimmage, Cordaid, LPP).

  • Contacting MPs and Officers at EU via Govert/contacting and write-ups on pastoralism

  • March 2010: Meeting with MPs: Book launch Modern and Mobile.

  • Written input on consultation EU foodsecurity policy

Other actions taken1
Other actions taken

  • Meetings EU MPs of Dev committee in Brussels with M. Odhiambo postponed to June.

  • Organised a first meeting with Dutch organisations in May (with ETC and Agriprofocus).

  • Developed proposal for CoCoon with ASC, IUCN/WISP, Moi University and Cordaid

  • Send CELEP updates (4) to participants.

  • Next CELEP meeting by Kimmage.

Some more plans
Some more plans:

  • Via AWEPA: side event related to the ACP parliamentarians meeting, autumn 2010 or spring 2011 on pastoralism.

  • Karamoja meeting in October in Nairobi on policy influencing. PA will organise.

  • Have next meetign with Dutch actors to further work out cooperation (a. Both Ends, ASC, IKV/Pax, VSF, ETC, Agriprofocus)

Some positives
Some positives:

  • There is interest for issues related to pastoralism with EU MPs.

  • Cooperation and joining forces does make a good impression and influence.

  • Potential to link Southern actions with Northern ones and have greater impact.

  • Policy influencing via own European governements creates multiplier effects (example Tanzania)


  • How to balance the CELEP work and focal point work with “normal” work?

  • Most CELEP participants are field or program staf: not so much lobby capacity.

  • Not all participants involved and or active: how to do this? Remain broadly owned/carried.

  • Functioning of the Core group.

  • Changes of staff and contacts.

Some challenges
Some challenges:

  • How to keep balance between informal networking and a formal network: how formal do we want to get?

  • The link with the South and the North (Europe): representation.

  • Formulating shared opinions/positions.

  • Voluntary versus need to have funds for some activties/meetings.

  • If/not/how to broaden the “membership”


  • How to learn from the challenges?

  • Any other findings by participants?

  • How to improve our Coaliton/networking?

  • How to facilitate the Coalition?

  • Need to change some things?