kg1a s secret reader thank you mr clark n.
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KG1A’s Secret Reader Thank you Mr. Clark!

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KG1A’s Secret Reader Thank you Mr. Clark! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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KG1A’s Secret Reader Thank you Mr. Clark!. KG1A’s Secret Reader Thank you Mr. Clark!. Thank you to Leila’s Mom for participating in a cooking activity with KG1A. If you would like volunteer in a cooking activity, please email us at in order to plan accordingly.

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Thank you to Leila’s Mom for participating in a cooking activity with KG1A. If you would like volunteer in a cooking activity, please email us at in order to plan accordingly.

music time
Music Time

I have spent the month of September visiting the KG1A classroom with a few recorders in my basket. The students are all interested in playing, so we have been taking turns, 2 or 3 students playing at a time. Sometimes the other students in the class come to tell us we are too loud, which has opened the door to thinking about how to play the recorder: the children have begun to experiment using both gentle breaths and big breaths; they suggest playing one at a time, then all together, or going outside to play. They explore in a variety of other ways too, playing songs they know, and ‘making songs that nobody knows’, by blowing the rhythm of the song; they make bird sounds and cat sounds; some use their voices at the same time as playing; some march or dance while playing. The students have also noticed that the fingers are involved in making sound on the recorder, so they wiggle their fingers as they play. One child ‘presses this button and a new song comes’. A few try to place their fingers carefully over a hole and discover that they have made a new sound. They share their discoveries with their friends. We will continue to explore and discover the recorder, making music and learning by watching and listening to one another.

Ingrid Thornton

pe time
PE Time

This month during PE we focused on Building a foundation which include the following aspects: Personal space, Locomotor skills, Directions, Tempos, Pathways and Levels. During our warm up time the students leant static movements e.g.: tree, caterpillar, butterfly, soldier, starfish and their favorite movement is superhero. Many of these movements are easy enough for you to do with your children at home, so I encourage you to ask them and join in.

Coach Kim

the atelier
The Atelier

Warm greetings from the atelier! This first month has been dedicated to building relationships and establishing trust with your children. In order for creativity to flourish, it’s incredibly important to feel that you are in a safe space- a space that encourages risk-taking, and one that embraces failure as a normal part of the process. I spent the first few weeks working in the centers of their own classroom, and have just started to slowly introduce them to the atelier in small groups. I’m thrilled to see how eager they are to explore the atelier’s materials and how generously they share their ideas with each other. (Sharing initial ideas can actually be very difficult for adults, especially artists, so it’s inspiring to watch.) Many thanks to those of you that have already begun to send me recyclables for use in the atelier. It’s never too late to send these along with your child. Some example items would be: glass jars and lids, empty cans/tins of any size, ruined clothes/old sheets, cardboard, cereal boxes, tubes from paper towel rolls, broken electronics, etc. Feel free to snap a phone photo and email it to me at if you’re unsure.

Wishing you all a wonderful fall break,