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Validata Advanced Testing Suite (ATS)

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Validata Advanced Testing Suite (ATS) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Validata Advanced Testing Suite (ATS). The leader in Automated testing for T24. Agenda. 1. Business Challenges. Validata Advanced Testing Suite. 2. 3. Validata Testing Approach. Validata Testing Methodology. 4. 5. Product Overview. 6. Benefits. Business Challenges.

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validata advanced testing suite ats

Validata Advanced Testing Suite (ATS)

The leader in Automated testing for T24



Business Challenges

Validata Advanced Testing Suite



Validata Testing Approach

Validata Testing Methodology



Product Overview



business challenges
Business Challenges
  • Traditional test automation systems originated in a world that moved at a much slower pace, where waterfall development was the only game in town and no-one attempted to tackle automation of fast moving, mission-critical applications – they knew that the technology simply couldn’t keep up.
  • These products all get their capabilities from powerful scripting languages, something that sounds good but has become a horror in the real world, requiring a cult of highly skilled and highly paid test automation engineers to communicate with the complex and mysterious deity, the test automation tool.
  • Business Challenges:
  • Need to test complex interaction between processes and systems
  • Generic model for the organisation – encompassing all applications
  • Multiple location support
  • Multiple team support (over multiple locations) e.g. TAM, Test Centres
  • Multiple environment support (for multiple applications)
  • Referential integrity across environments
  • End-to-end regression testing
validata advanced testing suite ats1
Validata Advanced Testing Suite (ATS)
  • Validata Advanced Testing Suite (ATS) provides a full end-to-end automated testing capability that adapts easily to changes in the application under test, ensuring higher quality and reduced costs and effort.
  • Validata ATS is a truly integrated and business process management solution.
  • Validata ATS is the first model – driven testautomation tool for Functional, Technical and Continuous Regression Testing.
  • Validata focuses on the analytics (the context and the content) thus providing root cause analysis linking requirements and testing. Full reporting is on-demand from the Executive Dashboard Module.

Project Success

validata unique testing approach
Validata Unique Testing Approach
  • Throughout many projects involving many applications and integrated systems, the differences between the intended methodology and the practical delivery of a solution are greatly underestimated.
  • Our unique approach offers a Truly Integrated Testing Framework to ensure our clients can implement Validata ATS seamlessly and with immediate effect.
  • Validata Group believes in delivering true business value. Our approach, whilst technology driven, is focused on the businesses needs by:
      • Enabling business change without business disruption
      • Aligning the business with IT

This way, usual stated benefits can be aligned to quantifyable business outcomes

  • Business Outcomes
  • Faster-to-Value
  • Enhanced ROI
  • Fast to Market
  • Optimized Resources
    • Staff
    • Capex
    • Opex
  • Benefits
  • Faster
  • Cost Efficient
  • Smarter
  • Simpler
  • Agile
  • Consistent
validata testing methodology
Validata Testing Methodology
  • Testing Techniques:
  • Model Driven
  • Data Driven
  • Key Word Driven
validata risk based methodology
Validata Risk-Based Methodology

Risk is the possibility that future events may cause adverse effects. Risk management is a discipline for understanding and mitigating these possibilities.

Risk mitigation and compliance reduces costs and protects reputation. In the current business climate both “cost containment” and “reputation management” are high on Boardroom agendas.

  • VALIDATA stores and links Risk related information to calculate risk assessment metrics.
  • Risk Management in VALIDATA is utilized in impact production reports and on demand regression testing.
  • VALIDATA’s risk-based approach to testing ensures that operational risks are identified and prioritized to ensure the issues are fully addressed.
business process driven testing
Business Process Driven Testing

Many financial institutions are now regulated to demonstrate that not only are their business applications tested but that their operational processes are also aligned to the systems they use. Validata ATS is providing Business Process Testing, through its Business Flow Modeller (BFM) module.

Business Process

Business Flow Modeller provides the ability to import business workflows from external systems such as ARIS Workflows, store, edit and visualize them in Validata’s repository. Once the Business Process have been captured we are able automatically to generate test cases and link them with the related business processes.

Test Cases

Test Cases


So, Validata BFM enables end-to-end testing aligned with the business processes.

This way, Validata user can ensure the qualitative and quantitative coverage of testing.

Loan Origination

Banking Application



model driven testing
Model Driven Testing

Businesses that need to test complex interactions between processes and systems often find that their testing capabilities are not as robust as they would want them to be.

Significant benefits are to be found using a rigorous approach to clearly define the boundaries of both processes and systems that need to be tested effectively.

Unlike other testing tools available, in Validata ATS, in order to create the Test Cases, the Application Model as well as the Test Data remain separate from the Test Case structure. All information is brought together during the execution time and run against any test environment.

Faster, easier and more efficient maintenance is achieved when changes occur on the application or the test data level without effecting the total test case structure and providing to the user maximum flexibility and re-usability.


Test Cases designed for use with any T24 Release

Test Data (created or imported)

T24 Application Data Model


T24 Rx Under Test

Validata Database

data driven testing
Data Driven Testing

Most IT departments make direct copies of their production systems for non-production. This inefficient (and expensive) process lacks focus and increases test cycles immeasurably. As production databases slowly grow, the longer it will take to make a complete system copy. As a result, your test team struggles, you come across compliance challenges, your hardware costs rise and the overall quality of your testing (and test data) remains poor.

Validata ATS offers an end-to-end test data management solution which is flexible, fast and easy to use. Test Data Manager not only creates or generates synthetic data from scratch, it can also create subset databases, de-identify (mask or obfuscate) your existing data and bulk up data for performance testing.

product overview test types
Product Overview: Test Types

Validata ATS has the ability to perform Parallel Testing on multiple environments using the unique test engine adapter

product overview capabilities
Product Overview : Capabilities

Validata ATS consists of several modules which manage and monitor an End-to-End project from Planning, Preparation, Execution, Analysis till Project Readiness.

  • Meta Data Model Driven testing from clients application
  • End-to-end Testing driven from Business Processes, Requirements and Change Requests
  • Manual and Automated testing
  • Integration Testing with associated systems, such as: SWIFT & ATM
  • Full incident management capability, audit trail and history reports
  • Comprehensive tool-based approach for SOA testing.
  • Risk Management
  • Data Privacy
  • Built Reusable Test Assets
  • Instant Traceability Reports
  • Integrated Defect Management System
  • Storage of all Projects Assets in one repository
product overview t24 test builder
Product Overview : T24 Test Builder

Business users can now be directly involved in creating Test Cases with the minimum effort. No need for technical knowledge is required.

Team productivity is now boosted up its limits!



  • Simple and Fast test steps creation
  • Composite screens support
  • Automatically generate required steps against actual results comparisons
  • Easily select the correct T24 Versions for testing
  • New drop down selection of T24 modes
  • Visualization of the T24 screen version
  • Automatic validation of the Test data during the test case creation
  • Automatic import test data from T24 environments
  • Enhanced automatic calculations engine
  • Automatic verifications of T24 status records
  • Custom verification rules supporting data transformations and override messages
  • Improved interface to support T24 enquiry testing
  • User friendly GUI
  • Test case productivity improved by 80% compared with the previous interface
  • Test case quality improved by 60%
  • Test cases creation deskilled by 76%
  • Reduces the learning effort by 82% ( assuming that the user has minimum T24 knowledge)
  • Test Data management improvement by 50%
  • Automation level reaches 85 % in a common project
  • Higher user productivity and support of automated testing through the Script Librarian feature
product overview performance tester
Product Overview : Performance Tester

Perform Continuous, Flexible and Scalable On demand Performance Testing

Fully integrated with Temenos T24

Script less and User Friendly

Easy & Accurate Result Analysis

Reduced execution time, risk, cost and effort

Cross Platform Testing

COB Testing Daily, Monthly, Quarterly

Batch Offline Testing

Online Testing

product overview message testing msg
Product Overview : Message Testing (MSG)

Validata MSG provides an innovative automated testing framework with best practices and proven methodologies for testing of SWIFT, ATM, SOA and generic interfaces.



Validata MSG verifies that the transaction in the Banking application has been generated according to the incoming swift message type and the proper mapping SWIFT rules

Carrier Control









Banking Application

product overview workflow
Product Overview: Workflow

Automation Test Suite Process Flow

Business Requirement Gathering

Test Case estimation / Effort Estimation

One Time Setup for any Project

Validata Setup (Typical creation as per Version

of T24 to be Tested)

Requirement Definition

Define Project

Map Resources

Set Up Environment

Select Adapters

Test case Creation


Statistic Data

Generatetest cases

Link test cases

via calculation

Execution of Test Cases

Reusable for any Geographic

release with minor modification


Defect Management

product overview t24 model bank accelerators
Product Overview: T24 Model Bank Accelerators

Our testing accelerators allow Validata ATS to jump start our clients implementation by having up to 80% of the core Test Cases and Test Steps available immediately testing begins.

The structure provides a ‘ready-to-use’ set of test scenarios, grouped into logical functions and based on the major banking business functions (i.e. Loans, deposits, FX...), providing re-usability.

Reusability is the key driver in reducing costs. As a limited amount of customization will be required, the cost of implementing Validata is significantly reduced.

Significant investment has been made in both the development of product functionality and relevant content, re-usable test cases to be packaged and delivered to clients as part of the overall product solution , to ensure full test coverage when it counts!

Extend your test coverage with Validata ATS!

product overview validata adapters
Product Overview: Validata Adapters

An Adapter is a component which connects Validata ATS to external systems and data sources to enable quality automated testing:

  • Validata ATS acquires appropriate information from the software application under test using our unique adaptor technology
  • Our adapters enable the mapping between Validata objects and system under test objects
  • No development / scripting is required

Globus Desktop Adapter

SOA Adapter

MS Project Adapter

T24 Web Adapter

SQL Adapter

T24 OFS Adapter

Generic Adapters

ISO-8583 Adapter

SOAP Adapter

SWIFT Adapter

Performance Adapter

product overview defect management
Product Overview: Defect Management

Validata ATS provides an integrated Defects Management system that stores defects identified from every execution. It also manages the changes to requirements and processes and as soon as the fixes are available, redirects a new cycle of testing based on the impact analysis reports provided.

  • Catch defects early during targeted integration / regression testing
  • Change analysis impact report
  • Ability to integrate with external system
  • Audit, trail and history reporting
  • Alert mechanism based on user customized workflows
  • Monitor defects found through the Executive Dashboard and user- customizable reports, offering full visibility
product overview on demand reporting
Product Overview: On Demand Reporting

Achieve end-to end traceability across multiple projects

  • Get real time on demand reporting
  • Develop these reports for internal use
  • Build in your own KPI measurements
  • Understand where your project is heading

The Critical Differencies

Efficient Testing

Effective Testing

  • Reduced Testing time - Less time to develop, Shortened application life cycle and Faster time to market
  • Reduced QA Cost - Upfront cost of automated testing is easily recovered over the lifetime of the product. The cost of performing automated testing is much lower, many times faster and with fewer errors
  • Greater Coverage -The productivity gains delivered by automated testing enable more and complete testing. Greater coverage reduces the risk of malfunctioning or non-compliant software
  • Improved testing productivity - Test suites can be run earlier and more often

Improve Process

Better Use of resources

  • Consistent test procedures - Ensuring process repeatability, resource independence, eliminates manual errors
  • Replicating Testing - Across different platforms is easier using automation
  • Results Reporting - Automated testing produces convenient reporting and analysis with standardized measures allowing more accurate interpretations
  • Using Testing Effectively -Testing is a repetitive activity. Automation of testing processes allows machines to complete the tedious, repetitive work while resources are diverted to perform other tasks
  • Test team members can focus on quality
cost effectiveness automated testing

Typically Three

Test Cycles

within Upgrade






Aggregated Effort (hours)




Validata Automation

Testing Suite













Validata ATS

ROI within 2 test cycles

Traditional Automation

ROI within 6 test cycles

Cost Effectiveness: Automated Testing



# of Test Cycles

Total Effort Per Approach (Hours)

(Assumption: 35 Business Processes)

effort overview test creation phase
Effort Overview: Test Creation Phase

Systems Integration Testing

Continuous Regression Testing

Performance Testing

Functional Testing


-30% Faster on test case creation

-60% Faster than manual

  • Limitations
  • No Low level testing.
  • Lack of Knowledge and Complex test transactions and enquiries.
  • No qualitative test cases.
  • No reusability

-40% Due to Test data and scenarios reusability

  • With AcceleratorsHighest Automation Required:
  • Enquires
  • Advanced Enquiries
  • Test Data
  • Automatic Business Rules
  • Comparison Rules

-70% less effort by reusing the test artifacts from SIT

  • Highest Automation Required:
  • Enquires
  • Advanced Enquiries
  • Comparison Rules
  • Automatic Business Rules

-60% less effort by reusing the test artifacts from SIT

  • Highest Automation Required:
  • Automatic Business Rules
effort overview test execution phase
Effort Overview: Test Execution Phase

Systems Integration Testing

Continuous Regression Testing

Performance Testing

Functional Testing


-60% Faster on every cycle

-70% Faster in any cycle

-80% Faster on every cycle

Same Effort for all Cycles

Cycle 1

Cycle 1

Cycle 1

Cycle 2

Cycle 2

Cycle 2

Cycle 3

Cycle 3

No comparison to manual as it is only automatic

Cycle 3

Cycle 4

Cycle 4

roi based on re usability
ROI based on re-usability




% Reusability


Automation Design




% Reusability

% Reusability





Test Case Creation

Automation Design


Automation Design

Test Case Creation

On boarding

Test Case Creation




Automation – RUN 3

Automation - RUN 2

Automation – RUN 1



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