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Rotary International Student Protection Policy

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Rotary International Student Protection Policy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rotary International Student Protection Policy. Updated March 2013. Statement of Conduct for Working with Youth. 2.110.1 . Rotary International strives to create and maintain a safe environment for all youth who participate in Rotary activities.

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statement of conduct for working with youth
Statement of Conduct for Working with Youth

2.110.1. Rotary International strives to create and maintain a safe environment for all youth who participate in Rotary activities.

To the best of their ability, Rotarians, Rotarians’ spouse, and partners, and other volunteers must safeguard the children and young people they come into contact with and protect them from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. (November 2006 Mtg., Bd. Dec. 72)

failure to comply with youth protection laws
Failure to Comply with Youth Protection Laws

Upon obtaining information that a club has failed to address an allegation against a member in connection with a Rotary-related youth program for violating applicable law regarding the protection of youth, the board may suspend or terminate the membership of the club in accordance with RI Bylaws section 3.030.4. (June 2007)

sexual abuse and harassment prevention
Sexual Abuse and Harassment Prevention

RI has a zero-tolerance policy against abuse and harassment.

An Independent & thorough investigation must be made into any claims of sexual abuse or harassment.

Any adult involved must be removed from all contact until investigation is complete.

All allegations must be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

sexual abuse and harassment prevention1
Sexual Abuse and Harassment Prevention

Any adult convicted or admitting to abuse or harassment is not allowed to work with youth, and must be removed from Rotary membership.

what is abuse or harassment
What is Abuse or Harassment?
  • Sexual Abuse
    • Intercourse, masturbation, oral sex, fondling
    • Viewing pornographic materials
    • Taking part in making pornographic materials
  • Physical Abuse
    • Hitting, shaking, squeezing, biting or burning
    • Excessive training
  • Neglect
    • Failure to meet basic physical needs
    • Constantly leave alone or unsupervised
    • Failure or refusal to give affection or attention
    • Left in an unsafe “at risk” environment
  • Emotional Abuse
    • Persistent lack of love and affection
    • Frequent shouting
    • Taunting
    • Over-protection
    • Constant criticism, bullying or unrealistic pressure to perform to higher expectations
  • Financial Abuse
    • Misappropriation of student’s funds
    • Overt illegal use of funds by other than student
cultural differences
Cultural Differences
  • Need to think Internationally – Not USA
  • Be aware of cultural differences – refer to:
    • ProQuestCultureGrams
  • Touching/Hugging is perceived by different cultures in different ways
  • Body language means different things
  • Be aware of your students culture and make sure family members and others are sensitive to potential pitfalls
what to do if you feel that you are being abused or harassed
What to do if you feel that you are being abused or harassed.

Tell your host parent

Tell your Rotary Counselor

Tell your Student Protection Officer in the Host Country

Contact Nancy Loughlin, D7120 Student Protection Officer.

Contact Your D7120 Country Officer

Contact Your D7120 Vice Chair

Contact Your D7120 Chairman Mark Wyse

travel by youth
Travel by Youth

Clubs and districts must:

Obtain written permission from the parents or guardians of all youth participants for travel outside the local community in advance;

Provide parents with specific details about the program, location of the event, travel itineraries, sleeping accommodations.

Provide insurance when traveling 150 miles or more away from the home.

travel by youth1
Travel by Youth
  • Travel is under the control of the host district.
    • Host Districts must get the permission from the natural parents for travel outside the host district.
  • Some districts will require the permission of the sponsoring district.
    • In cases requiring the permission of the sponsoring district chair, the requests must be reasonable. An example of a not reasonable request: Running with the Bulls.