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Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina

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Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina. Dr. Diane S. Reed 11 th Annual Conference Columbia, South Carolina. Taking Charge of Your Own Professional Development. Dr. Diane S. Reed, Vice-President, Mid-Atlantic. Welcome Teachers!.

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public charter school alliance of south carolina

Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina

Dr. Diane S. Reed

11th Annual Conference

Columbia, South Carolina

taking charge of your own professional development
Taking Charge of Your Own Professional Development

Dr. Diane S. Reed, Vice-President, Mid-Atlantic





Taking  charge of your own  learning requires a process of assessment, goal-setting and planning. No matter where you are in your career your continued growth will benefit your students.

Come and join the discussion and start your plan today.

about me diane reed
About me . . . Diane Reed
  • Retired from Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia
  • Taught high School for 25 years
  • Worked in central office with technology and Professional development
  • Doctorate from the University of Virginia in Education Evaluation.
  • Spent two years at the U. S. Department of Education as the Technology Teacher in Residence. 1991-01
  • Currently: Vice-President, Mid-Atlantic at CaseNEX- DataCation. Charlottesville, VA.

Self-Assessment of My Professional Practice

  • Assessing your current skills and capabilities.
  • Are you up to date on your content area?
  • Do you need to strengthen any area of your content?
  • How are your technology skills?
  • What does student data tell you?
  • Do you need to work on your classroom management?
  • How is your personal and classroom organization?
  • Any other areas?
resources to help with your self assessment
Resources to help with your self-assessment.
  • Technology Standards
  • Classroom checklists
  • Student Data
  • Practice Guides
  • Government and associations
technology standards for teachers
Technology Standards for Teachers

International Society for Technology in Education

nets for teachers
NETS for Teachers
  • ISTE's NETS for Teachers are the standards for evaluating the skills and knowledge educators need to teach, work, and learn in an increasingly global and digital society.
  • As technology integration continues to increase in our society, it is paramount that teachers possess the skills and behaviors of digital age professionals.
  • Moving forward, teachers must become comfortable being co-learners with their students and colleagues around the world.
iste nets for teachers 2000
ISTE NETS for Teachers - 2000
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
  • Planning and Designing Learning Environments
  • Teaching, learning and the curriculum
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Productivity and Professional Practice
  • Social, Ethical, Legal and Human Issues.
iste standards family
ISTE Standards Family
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Administrators
  • Coaches (tech)
  • Computer Science Educators

Why are NETS important?

The National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) are the standards for learning, teaching, and leading in the digital age and are widely recognized and adopted worldwide.

technology standards for students
Technology Standards for Students
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making.
  • Digital citizenship
  • Technology Operations and concepts
materials from the u s dept of education what works clearinghouse
Materials From the U. S. Dept. of Education – What Works Clearinghouse
  • The institute of Education Sciences reviews research and prepares reports.
  • IES insures that materials and research are up to the “gold standard” of scientifically based research.
  • Materials to help with your self assessment
    • Practice Guides
    • Videos and webinars (free!!)
    • Research
look through the practice guides
Look through the practice guides
  • For example:
    • Organizing Instruction and Study to Improve Student Learning.
    • Page 4 has a checklist! Check it out.
    • You can download the articles and guides (free!!)
OR. . . .
  • Maybe you want to think about . . .Assisting Students Struggling with Reading.
    • See page 9– A checklist!!
Or . .
  • Reducing Behavior Problems in the Elementary Classroom
  • See Page 13 – a checklist with Recommendations!
do you need to improve your use of student data
Do you need to improve your use of student data?
  • Another Practice Guide for the Dept. of ED.
    • Using Student Achievement Data to Support Instructional Decision Making
    • And on page 9 – A Checklist!!
are you up to date on your content

Are you up to date on your content?

Any Area you need to strengthen?

setting goals things to think about
Setting Goals – Things to think about . .
  • What are your favorite parts of teaching?
  • What are your least favorite parts of teaching.
  • Identify your personal strengths
  • Identify your weaknesses.
  • Consider where would you like to be as teacher in three to five years?
more on goals
More on Goals
  • What specific changes would you like to see?
  • List the steps it will take to accomplish each of the changes you want.
  • Assign a realistic timeline for each step.
smart goals
Smart Goals

S = SpecificM = MeasurableA = AttainableR = Results OrientedT = Time Bound

working toward mastery
Working Toward Mastery

Achieve Mastery

Get Experienced

Projects Worked On

Get Familiar

Time Spent

planning to achieve your goals
Planning to Achieve Your Goals
  • Make an action plan
  • Know your resources
  • Take ACTION
  • Set a Time Frame
  • Review your progress regularly.
resources for professional development
Resources for Professional Development
  • Conferences
    • ISTE 2012 – June 24-25 San Diego
    • EdTech 2012 – Greenville, SC Oct. 24-26
      • Http://
    • Florida Educational Technology Conference
      • FETC 2013 – Orlando, FL January 29- Feb 1 2013
    • Content Area Conferences
what i do
What I do . .
  • We have a partnership with Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina.
  • We will be offering courses on a regular basis
  • Keep checking back.
  • Local colleges and universities – face to face
  • Online Courses

Links to the resources are available on my website: