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Interdisciplinary Group Wiki Project. Triangulated Student Outcomes.

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Interdisciplinary group wiki project

Interdisciplinary Group Wiki Project

Triangulated Student Outcomes

"To reflect is to look back over what has been done so as to extract the net meanings which are the capital stock for intelligent dealing with future experiences.  It is the heart of intellectual organization and of the disciplined mind" (DEWEY 87)

Different disciplines
Different Disciplines

“The project as a whole was great because it not only allowed me to sit back and reflect on my own personal metamorphosis into adulthood, but it also enabled me to apply psychological terms to experience”

Student #5

EN102 / Psychology

Denbo / Jankowski

11.7% Increase in Always

What i need to learn
What I Need to Learn

“One of the students from education informed me that I am on my way to self-actualization which means that I continually try to be the best by satisfying my cognitive need through reading books and articles. It actually makes sense, I strive for knowledge.”

Student #3

Basic Skills - Kemmerer

13.4% Increase in Often

Media the internet
Media & the Internet

“I could not help but be humbled by the positive reaction when I presented my digital story to the class….great things come from small beginnings.”

Student #10

EN101 Counihan

18.3% Increase Often & Always

Think learn and understand
Think, Learn and Understand

“In the beginning I thought ‘wow’ this is hard. Then as one step led to another I saw it was easy. This project made me see I can do more than I think.”

Student #7

EN101 - Darcy

20.6% Increase Often & Always

Group work
Group Work

“This project helped me have more trust and belief in people.”

Student # 4

Denbo / Jankowski

“It was an honor to interview the CLIP student.”

Student # 11

EN101 - Counihan

14.8% Increase in Always

Queensborough digital storytelling example
Queensborough Digital Storytelling Example:

  • The process followed during the Interdisciplinary Wiki Collaboration Project:

  • English 103 Student – writes an essay and shares it with an Acting student

  • The Acting Student "PRESENTS" the composition

  • The English Student REFLECTS on the collaboration process

  • Based on the project's collaboration, the English Student revises/finalizes his essay and creates a DIGITAL STORY