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August 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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August 2012

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August 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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R G B ‘101’ ( An intro course of RGB technology in decorative light applications ) Presented by Minleon International (your provider of LED replacement bulbs). August 2012. R G B ’s Presentation Structure Introduction RGB Basics RGB Products Questions and Closing. R G B ’s

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Presentation Transcript

RGB‘101’(An intro course of RGB technology in decorative light applications)Presented by Minleon International(your provider of LED replacement bulbs)

August 2012



Presentation Structure

  • Introduction
  • RGB Basics
  • RGB Products
  • Questions and Closing


The Future in Decorative Lighting

  • In the “World of Minleon”
    • First - there were decorative LED’s,
    • Then - came decorative ‘dimming’ LED’s,
    • Now – there are decorative RGB-LEDs.


A Point of Clarification

  • RGB’s have been in the Market place for years.
  • The critical different is the current ability to maximize their extreme use at a reasonable cost.
  • To date, this ability has been limited to larger venues given RGB design complexity and high cost.
rgb basics
RGB Basics
  • RGB’s are a type of LED, they have been characterized as LEDs on steroids.
  • RGB is short for;
    • Red– Green– Blue.
rgb basics1
RGB Basics
  • Each RGB light (aka nodes, or pixels in the industry) consist of 3 LED light channels;
    • one red,
    • one green,
    • one blue.
      • For example, if you have a 25 RGB light string, the string consists of 75 channels, this is important because as one desires to use 3rd party ‘light design’ software, some providers define their software limitations by the number of channels in use.
rgb basics2
RGB Basics

1 RGB channel=256 ‘levels of intensity’

(given the industry standard 8B RGB chip)

  • For example, the ‘red’ RGB channel has 256 ‘color-levels’ ranging from 0% color intensity to 100% color intensity. The ‘green’ and ‘blue’ channels have the same intensity levels.
  • By employing components typical in an RGB lighting system, each 3-channel RGB can be ‘color-blended’ with one another, to create a limit-less array of colors. These components follow:
    • A micro-chip resident within each RGB light,
    • An RGB light controller,
    • RGB light design software, and
    • Data communication wiring.

…brief details of each component follow

rgb basics3
RGB Basics

The RGB micro chip

  • Each RGB light embodiment includes a micro-chip that receives software instructions from it’s light controller thru the data line.
  • So, if you buy a 25 RGB light set, you’re buying 25 individual micro-chips. This is one reason RGB bulbs cost more than traditional LED bulbs. But, the positive offset is the extreme added value, which is you have one bulb that can change, at will, into an array of different colors, and an unlimited number of effects.
rgb basics4
RGB Basics

RGB Light Controllers and Software

  • A light controller is needed to operate an RGB light.
  • A light controller is a device including a micro-processor that runs the software required to operate the RGB lights, similar to how a computer runs its software programs.
  • An RGB light controller controls more than just a string of lights; it controls each and every bulb, of each and every string, within a light design.
rgb basics5
RGB Basics

The Wiring Component

  • An RGB light string typically consists of 3 or 4 wires. Minleon RGB light strings are designed with the cost-efficiency of 3 wires, one for positive current, one for negative current, and one transmitting the software data.
rgb basics6
RGB Basics

Data Communication

  • As users have issues with power requirements when configuring a larger light design, users may also have issues with RGB data lines when configuring a larger light design. The solution for this data communication problem is properly placed data booster (sender/ receiver) cards,which enhance the software’s data signals thru the wiring, over longer distances.
minleon rgb products
Minleon RGB Products

The Future of Decorative Lighting will be Driven by RGB Technology

  • Minleon is committed in being one of the major players in RGB holiday light offerings.
  • Minleon’s RGB products are ‘vertically integrated’;
    • Manufacturing our own RGB lighting products,
    • Manufacturing our own RGB light controllers, and
    • Owning and maintaining our RGB light show software.

......brief details follow,

minleon rgb products1
Minleon RGB Products

RGB Light Offerings

  • RGB Light Strings
    • Finishes - Faceted, Frosted/Opaque, Clear
    • Shapes – C9, C7, G50, G40, G30, G20, F7, M10 and more will follow
    • Bulb Counts- string sets of 25, 50, 100 lights, w/ connectibility
    • Bulb Spacing – 12” standard (custom spacing available)
    • Wiring Finishes – black, green, white
  • RGB Light Tubes
    • Finishes – Clear
    • Lengths – 1’, 2’, 3’ (longer ‘custom’ lengths available)
  • RGB Light Bars
    • Finishes – White
    • Lengths – 6”, 9”, 12” (longer ‘custom’ lengths available)
  • And other really neat Products are Under Development
minleon rgb products2
Minleon RGB Products

RGB Light Controllers

(small-larger-largest / good-better-best)

  • The Minleon ‘Mini-Controller’
    • Very Compact Design
    • ‘Controls’ up to 125 RGB lights independent of each other
    • ‘Operates’ an unlimited # RGB lights and light strings (with proper assessory’s)
    • Includes ‘Built-in’ Software to control lights, including
      • 23 different mini-sequences in varying speeds and brightness levels
      • Such as, rainbow colors, colored chasers, color patterns for holidays and many more
    • Operates by Remote Control
    • Includes USB Port access for custom programming thru Minleon ‘RGB light show software’
minleon rgb products3
Minleon RGB Products

RGB Light Controllers

(small-larger-largest / good-better-best)

  • The Minleon ‘Effects-Controller’
    • Compact Design
    • ‘Controls’ up to 4,200 RGB lights independent of each other
    • ‘Connecting’ effect controllers will control virtually an unlimited # of RGB lights independently
    • Includes ‘built-in’ software similar to the mini-controller
    • Custom programming available thru Minleon ‘RGB light show software’ and SD card, where no on site computer is needed
    • Specifically made to create ‘light shows’ of any size, with options for integrated texting and low-resolution imaging
minleon rgb products4
Minleon RGB Products

RGB Light Controllers

(small-larger-largest / good-better-best)

  • The Minleon ‘Network-Controller’
    • Under development
    • Will include the functionality of the Minleon ‘Effects Controller’ and more, including,
      • The latest ‘ArtNet’ protocols
      • Wireless functionality
minleon rgb products5
Minleon RGB Products

RGB Lighting Software

  • 100% focused on RGB technology and functionality.
  • Windows based. Easy light design style incorporating Microsoft excel ‘row and column’ methodology.
  • Minimizes redundant light design data entry thru‘copy-and-paste’, ‘drag-and-drop techniques .
  • Provides for importing and automaticsynchronized MP3 music.
  • Includes a wide array of popular effects which are easily drag-and-dropped into a light sequence such as a scrolling USA flag, star- bursts, and color pin wheels.
  • Allows for custom texting in light sequences.
  • Allows for low-resolution image importing from digital cameras, smart phones, movie files, and the like.
  • And even provides for live ‘Wii style’ musical instrument integration.
r g b 101

Before Closing,


r g b 1011

In Closing,

A sincere Thank You

From Minleon.