chapter 3 lesson 3 cowboys and miners l.
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Chapter 3, Lesson 3 Cowboys and Miners PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapter 3, Lesson 3 Cowboys and Miners

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Chapter 3, Lesson 3 Cowboys and Miners - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 3, Lesson 3 Cowboys and Miners. 5th Grade. Essential Question. How did cattle drives and a search for gold offer new opportunities and lead to changes in the U.S.?. Places. Dodge City, Kansas Chicago, Illinois Denver, Colorado Virginia City, Nevada. People. Charles Goodnight

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essential question
Essential Question
  • How did cattle drives and a search for gold offer new opportunities and lead to changes in the U.S.?
  • Dodge City, Kansas
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Virginia City, Nevada
  • Charles Goodnight
  • Nat Love
  • Luzena Stanley Wilson
  • Levi Strauss
  • Mark Twain
  • Cattle drive
  • Gold Rush
  • Entrepreneur
cowboy life
Cowboy Life
  • Longhorn cattle sold for $4.00 in Texas but $40.00 in the east.
  • Cowboys began the cattle drive or guiding herds of cattle north to the railroad.
  • The cattle drive began in Texas and ended in railroad town like Dodge City, Kansas.
  • The cattle was then placed on trains and sold in the east.
cowboy life7
Cowboy Life
  • Ranchers like Charles Goodnight established cow trails.
  • Cowboy life was hard but offered adventure.
  • Cowboys had to care for the animals both cows and horses.
  • Freed slaves like Nat Love found a life as a cowboy.
the end of the drives
The End of the Drives
  • Cattle drives came to an end in the late 1880’s
  • One reason was a conflict between farmers and ranchers.
  • Farmers used barbed wire to keep the cattle away from their crops and water.
  • Railroads in Texas also helped end the cattle drives.
the end of the drives9
The End of the Drives
  • Although the cattle drives were over the cattle business was still a big business.
  • The railroads made places like Chicago, Illinois important to ranchers.
  • The cattle was delivered to Chicago and from there fresh meat was delivered all over the country.
dreams of gold
Dreams of Gold
  • People who moved to the west helped change the country.
  • People like Luzena Stanley Wilson moved her family to California to look for gold in 1849.
  • During the gold rush, thousands of people went to California to look for gold.
  • People felt that gold may be found in other parts of the country as well.
dreams of gold11
Dreams of Gold
  • In a small creek near Denver, Colorado, gold was also found.
  • People from all over began moving to all parts of the west.
  • Miners scooped sand from the bottom of streams looking for “gold dust.”
boomtowns and blue jeans
Boomtowns and Blue Jeans
  • Miners were quick to rush to towns were gold was found.
  • As people rushed into towns it created a boom or a period of quick economic gain. Boomtowns offered many opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurs began opening business in these boomtowns.
  • One such entrepreneur was Levi Strauss
boomtowns and blue jeans13
Boomtowns and Blue Jeans
  • Levi Strauss found that miners wanted sturdy pants. He made pants out of blue denim and rivets to hold the pants together.
  • These were the first blue jeans.
  • One of the biggest boomtowns was Virginia City, Nevada when gold and silver was discovered there.
boomtowns and blue jeans14
Boomtowns and Blue Jeans
  • A writer named Mark Twain arrived in 1862, years before he became famous.
  • The boomtowns did not last, creating a bust or a ghost town.
review questions
Review Questions
  • Why did ranchers decide to drive cattle from Texas to towns along the railroad?
  • What changes brought cattle drives to an end?