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Earth Worm Web Quest

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Earth Worm Web Quest - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Earth Worm Web Quest. Enter Here. Table of Contents. Introduction. Evaluation. Task Page. Conclusion. Process. Credits. Introduction. Welcome to the Earth Worm Web Quest! In this activity, you will be adequately preparing yourself for the dissection lab on the Earth Worm.

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table of contents
Table of Contents



Task Page





Welcome to the Earth Worm Web Quest! In this activity, you will be adequately preparing yourself for the dissection lab on the Earth Worm.

To Begin, select each of the buttons on this screen, starting with process, and read the directions.


Task Page


task visit each of these links and complete the assignments
TaskVisit each of these links and complete the assignments.

Annelida Phylum

Dissection Rules and Tools

Virtual Lab

Fun Stuff


phylum annelida segmented worms
Phylum Annelida(Segmented Worms)


  • Click on the video clip to learn about the different types of worms, including Annelids.
  • Discover the general characteristics of the Annelida phylum by advancing to the next slide and researching information using the web URLS.
questions to answer

For a printable copy, print this silde

Questions to Answer

On a separate piece of paper, copy down the following questions and answer them using the URLS listed on the next page.

Which kingdom of life does the Earth Worm belong to?

2. What are the general characteristics of the phylum Annelida?

3. Name at least 3 species that are found in the Annelida phylum.

4. How do worms demonstrate locomotion?

5. Explain the design of the circulatory system. Is it a closed or open looped system?

6. How are Earth Worms important to the ecosystem?

7. What is a cast?

8. Explain the role of water in an Earth Worms life.

9. In Earth Worm reproduction, what does the term hermaphrodite mean?

10. Write about 1 interesting fact you came across in your research.

research websites
Research Websites

Task Page


dissection rules and tools
Dissection Rules and Tools
  • Hear about lab safety and tools by clicking on the link below.
  • Once at the website, click the LAUNCH button and then choose the LAB EQUIPMENT and SAFE LAB PRACTICES from the table of contents. Learn about these topics then answer the questions on the following slide.

Rules and Tools

Task Page


List the safety equipment you should wear during the dissection?

In the event of an emergency, what should you do?

If you would cut your finger with the scalpel, what should you do next?

If someone in your lab is acting inappropriately with the lab equipment, what should you do?

virtual lab
Virtual Lab

You must email your Journal entries to me in order to receive credit for the Virtual Lab!

When prompted, enter your name, email address and fill in my email address. You DO need to fill in one for yourself. If you do not have one, type in mine twice.



Anatomy Diagram

Worm Dissection

Learn about the external and internal anatomy of an earthworm by virtually dissecting one.

Go to the above link and follow the directions.

Task Page

fun stuff
Fun Stuff

Dirty Jobs:

Blood worms

Worm Observations

Have you ever touched a worm? Experience how worms feel, look, and move.

Go to Lab table #1 with your worksheet and answer the questions for this section.

fun stuff1
Fun Stuff

Worm Life Cycle

Lab table #3

Task Page

  • Receive a copy of the Web Quest packet.
  • Read the release paper for dissections and sign your name at the bottom. Also have your parent/guardian sign as well.
  • Work on each task and write down answers in the corresponding areas in the packet.
  • Reference the evaluation page to check the requirements and quality of your work.

Task Page


Print out a copy of the rubric and turn it in with your completed work.


  • Annelida Phylum- 20 points
  • WebQuest - 12 points
  • Virtual lab journal- Quiz grade 20 points
  • Earth Worm dissection lab- Lab grade 48 points

Task Page




Now that you have completed the Earth Worm Web Quest, you are ready for the Earth Worm dissection lab.

Read over the lab manual in your Web Quest packets and see Ms.D to assign you into a lab group.

Working as a team, acquire the necessary materials and complete the dissection of the Earth Worm following the lab and safety directions.

Task Page



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phylum quiz
Phylum Quiz
  • The Phylum Annelida belongs to which kingdom of life

a. Plants

b. Protists

c. Eubacteris

d. Animal


One major characteristic of the Annelida phylum is

a. Body is divided into segments

b. Body is flat

c. Body has radial symmetry

d. Have true limbs


True or False

  • The Earth worm is a type of Annelid that can regenerate certain structures on their body.

4. True or False

Earthworms and their families dig into the soil or live around water weeds


5. True or False

Blood vessels, the nephridium, the nerve cord, the gut, and the coelom are found inside an earthworm

Task Page