Increasing Accountability and Oversight
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Increasing Accountability and Oversight - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Increasing Accountability and Oversight. CDBG Reporting Requirements. What’s new Coming attractions Tips. What’s New. Code enforcement Multiple addresses for Housing Activities Lead-based paint Housing services matrix code 14J Neighborhood cleanup (05V) and Food Banks (05W) matrix codes.

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Presentation Transcript

Cdbg reporting requirements
CDBG Reporting Requirements

  • What’s new

  • Coming attractions

  • Tips

What s new
What’s New

  • Code enforcement

  • Multiple addresses for Housing Activities

  • Lead-based paint

  • Housing services matrix code 14J

  • Neighborhood cleanup (05V) and Food Banks (05W) matrix codes

Increasing accountability and oversight

  • Important to demonstrate the results of code enforcement activities

  • Important to verify compliance

Multiple addresses for housing rehab activities
Multiple Addresses for Housing Rehab Activities

  • HUD still encourages Grantees to report each housing unit in a separate activity

  • Important to show where CDBG funds are going

  • Not required but strongly encouraged for State grantees

  • Multiple addresses are not required for activities that are limited to installation of security locks or smoke detectors, to tool lending libraries, to painting supply programs, or graffiti removal

Tips for entering addresses for cdbg activities
Tips for Entering Addresses for CDBG Activities

  • Place of performance

  • Not the address of the administrative offices

  • For infrastructure activities, use a street address range

  • No P.O. Boxes

New data elements for lead based paint compliance
New Data Elements forLead-Based Paint Compliance

  • For housing rehabilitation activities, except for:

    • Installation of smoke detectors or safety locks

    • Tool lending libraries

    • Painting supply programs

    • Graffiti removal

Applicable lead paint requirement
Applicable Lead Paint Requirement

  • Housing constructed before 1978

  • Exempt: Housing constructed 1978 or later

  • Otherwise exempt:

    • 0 bedrooms

    • Elderly/disabled with no children under 6

    • Certified lead-based paint free

    • Used no more than 100 days per year

Lead hazard remediation actions
Lead Hazard Remediation Actions

  • For acquisition— Visual assessment/paint stabilization

  • For rehabilitation activities:

    • Lead safe work practices

      (Hard costs < 5,000)

    • Interim controls or standard practices

      (Hard costs $5,000 - $25,000)

    • Abatement (Hard costs > $25,000)

New housing services matrix code
New Housing Services Matrix Code

  • 14J: Housing Services

  • 24 CFR 570.201(k)

  • 105(a)(20) of the Act

  • Using CDBG funds for Activity Delivery Costs for HOME activities

New housing services vs housing rehabilitation administration
New Housing Services vs. Housing Rehabilitation Administration

  • Housing Rehabilitation Administration 14H

  • Housing Services 14J

New public service matrix codes
New Public Service Matrix Codes Administration

  • Neighborhood Cleanup (05V)

  • Food Banks (05W)

Report accurate data for public services activities
Report Accurate Data for Public Services Activities Administration

  • Use most specific matrix code to accurately describe use of funds, not 05

  • Insert a new program year for multiyear activities

  • Strive to report unduplicated persons served

Report accurate data for public facilities improvements activities
Report Accurate Data for Public Facilities & Improvements Activities

  • Use most specific matrix code to accurately describe use of funds, not 03

  • Avoid combining different public facilities under one activity

  • Report performance measures when activity completed/benefit realized

  • Strive to report unduplicated persons served

Coming attractions
Coming Attractions Activities

  • Tracking of accomplishments and expenditures in response to the OIG audit

  • Section 108

    When? September 30, 2012

Thank you
THANK YOU Activities

  • You have erased over half of the errant CDBG activities identified by the OIG

  • You are providing detailed documentation to help resolve remaining issues

  • Our resolution of the OIG audit findings will be a strong determinant of the future of CDBG

Tracking long standing open activities
Tracking Long-Standing Open Activities Activities

IDIS will track activities that:

  • Have no draws within a year’s time period

  • Have no accomplishments after 3 years and every year thereafter

    Grantees and field offices will be notified by email when either of these situations occur

Tracking long standing open activities1
Tracking Long-Standing Open ActivitiesActivities

Grantees will enter into IDIS:

  • An explanation of the problem causing the delay

  • The actions to be taken to resolve the situation, along with dates by which those actions will be completed

  • Confirmation of completion of action items

Cancelling activities with draws
Cancelling Activities with Draws Activities

  • Need to minimize the number of activities that are cancelled with draws.

  • Approval of Field Office required

  • Do not cancel program administration or planning activities with draws, unless there has been an ineligible use and all funds are being returned to the grantee’s line of credit.

Cancelling activities with draws1
Cancelling Activities with Draws Activities

For all activities, except planning and program administration, when the cancelled button is pressed, the grantee will select either:

  • Return of All Funds

  • Request for Field Office Approval

    • Provide justification

    • Emailed to field office

    • Field office approves or disapproves

Revising draws
Revising Draws Activities

  • A justification will be required on the Revised Voucher Line Item screen

  • All revised draws with justifications will be sent to your Field Office for review

Quick tips
Quick Tips Activities

Report accomplishment data that are:

  • Complete

  • Accurate

  • Timely

Quick tips1
Quick Tips Activities

  • Report as Frequently as possible

  • When to Report

    • As benefits are realized

    • Quarterly recommended

    • Annual reporting is required

    • Understand Data Needs Upfront

Quick tips2
Quick Tips Activities

What to Report

  • All benefits realized during Program Year

  • Eligible Activity/National Objective compliance

  • Accomplishment and beneficiary data

  • Performance measurements

  • Leveraging

  • Report complete information for each activity

Quick tips3
Quick Tips Activities

  • Review the progress of your activities at least annually

  • Ensure agreements with your State grant recipients have strong clauses about providing data at least annually within given timeframes

More quick tips
More Quick Tips Activities

  • Especially for economic development activities, agreements should secure, as much as possible , a strong position for the recovery of CDBG funds, in the event a business fails.

  • As much as possible, have all other funds for an activity legally committed prior to start up.

  • Fund only what you can manage.

Tips for correctly reporting data for economic development activities
Tips for Correctly Reporting Data for Economic Development Activities

  • Direct financial assistance to for-profits

    • Separate activity for each business assisted

    • Do not aggregate

  • Report jobs in correct program year

  • Report only the number of jobs created/retained; do not report LMI population or the total population of a jurisdiction for activities with a LMJ national objective

Enter leveraging data
Enter Leveraging Data Activities

  • High degree of interest among stakeholders

  • Demonstrates that CDBG funds generate additional investment in communities

  • Accurate-Grantees in California, Michigan, and Montana do not receive ARC funds

Grantees need to monitor idis data quality
Grantees need to monitor IDIS Data Quality Activities

  • Poor quality, incomplete data under-report or misrepresent program results

  • Public, HUD, Congress can see program results via HUD web reports generated from data entered into IDIS

  • Grantees can use IDIS data to assess their CDBG program performance

Helpful tools
Helpful Tools Activities

  • CDBG IDIS Training webcast and

  • CDBG IDIS Training materials are available at

  • Review IDIS reports:

    • Performance Profiles PR54

    • Expenditure Reports PR50

    • Selected Accomplishments PR51

    • Performance Measurement Report PR83

    • Exception Report PR52