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Your Future in Human Services. Afterword. Trends in Jobs and Earning. Occupation Outlook Handbook By 2018 there will be 431,500 jobs in HS, an increase in 23% increase from 2008 Average salaries: between $25,000 and $35, 000 Other Occupational Info

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Trends in jobs and earning
Trends in Jobs and Earning

  • Occupation Outlook Handbook

    • By 2018 there will be 431,500 jobs in HS, an increase in 23% increase from 2008

    • Average salaries: between $25,000 and $35, 000

  • Other Occupational Info

    • One in four HSPs employed by state and local governments

    • Half are employed in health care in in social assistance industries.

    • There will be a large number of existing jobs for human service

    • practitioners and new job titles.

Choosing a career in the human services
Choosing a Career in the Human Services

  • Is Human Services a “Fit” for you?

    • Examine job characteristics of human service professionals a O*NET Online:

    • Examine your interests by seeing a career counselor

    • Do Activity 1, p. 315

Choosing a career in the human services1
Choosing a Career in the Human Services

  • Choosing a Career: A self-Analysis

    • Reflect on your childhood

    • Socioeconomic issues: How much do you want to make?

    • Parents’ career development: How do you parents’ careers impact what you want to do

    • Emotional problems: Are there issues that will affect your ability to be a HSP

    • Situational issues: What environmental issues (e.g., job availability) can impact your desire to go into the human services

    • Developmental level: Where are you in your career path? Will you take “any” job or are you read to settle into a career path.

    • Worldview and beliefs about self: Does the field of human services fit your sense of self?

Select items to consider when choosing a graduate program
Select Items to Consider When Choosing A Graduate Program

  • Items to Consider

    • Whether or not the program is accredited

    • The kinds of specialties and degrees offered

    • The philosophical orientation of the program

    • Entry requirements

    • The size of the program and university

    • Faculty-student ratios

    • Diversity of the student body and of the faculty

    • The cost and number of available scholarships

    • Location

    • Job placement possibilities

Select items to consider when choosing a job
Select Items To Consider When Choosing a Job

  • Items to Consider

    • Specific requirements necessary to fulfill the job

    • The philosophical orientation of the setting

    • The number and type of clients one is expected to see

    • Other job roles and functions

    • Salary

    • Diversity of co-workers

    • Possibilities for job advancement

The application process of school or jobs
The Application Process of School or Jobs

  • Select Items to Consider

    • Complete all necessary forms and meet all application deadlines.

    • Make sure you address each item asked of you in the graduate application or in the job advertisement.

    • Do not submit cookie cutter applications to different jobs or different graduate schools. Make sure that your application “speaks to” the school or job to which you are applying.

    • Take and be prepared for any necessary tests (e.g., GREs)

    • Write a great essay or statement of philosophy.

    • Find out if an interview is required and prepare for it.

    • Find out about faculty members’ research or be knowledgeable about your employer’s background and find an opportunity to ask questions about what they have accomplished.

    • Provide a well-written résumé.

    • Consider submitting a portfolio.

    • Use spell check and check your grammar.

    • Be positive, focused, and prepared.

    • Don’t be negative or cynical.

The r sum
The Résumé

  • Select Items to Consider

    • Make it readable, attractive, grammatically correct, and to the point.

    • Do not use gender bias words or phrases.

    • Don’t be overly concerned about length.

    • Do not make the résumé too word or too chaotic.

    • Tailor your résumé to the requirements of the program or job.

    • Do not add detail that could eliminate you from the selection process (e.g., your age, marital status, etc.).

    • Do not sell yourself short.

    • Brag about yourself, but don’t sound narcissistic.

The portfolio
The Portfolio

  • Portfolio

    • Hard copy or electronic?

    • Portfolios have become more popular these days

    • May include things like:

      • View of human nature

      • How to build a multicultural work environment

      • Strengths

      • A major paper

      • Examples of how you worked with clients (keeping client anonymity, of course)

      • Other?

Finding a job
Finding a Job

  • Things You Can do

    • Networking

    • Going on Informational Interviews

    • Responding to Ads in Professional Publications

    • Interviewing at National Conferences

    • College and University Job Placement Services

    • Other?

Finding a graduate program
Finding a Graduate Program

  • Where?

    • See list of places on pp. 320-322

      • Masters programs in social work

      • Master’s and doctoral programs in counseling

      • Doctoral programs in counseling and clinical psychology

      • Master’s programs in rehabilitation counseling

      • Master’s programs in marriage and family therapy

      • Clinical pastoral programs

      • Master’s programs in art therapy

Being chosen being denied
Being Chosen, Being Denied

  • You may be “denied” your favorite job or graduate program

  • However, this is not uncommon

  • Persevere

  • Find another program or job

  • Apply again

  • If this is your dream, you will get there.